Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/28/04

By Naomi
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As Doug and Julie talk about the evil that this killer is pouring down on Salem Doug recalls bumping into someone backstage. The person was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. He assumed it was a roustabout but now thinks it was the killer. They head off to tell John and Hope.

Rex, Mimi and Bonnie see Mickey and Bonnie rushes into his arms wondering wear he’s been. He explains that he took Alice home and then came back. Rex and Mimi talk about how badly Tony was injured and hope he will regain consciousness so that he can name the killer. Celeste overhears this and says that if the killer has anything to do with it Tony will never wake up again.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion Brady runs into Nicole. She says that she is too scared to go in but Brady assures her that he won’t let Victor or anyone else hurt her. When they step in the door they are surprised to see Officer Ruez waiting for Nicole. She thinks she is being arrested.

Shawn and Belle are talking backstage at the circus and Belle thanks Shawn for saving her life. He then starts coughing and Belle suggests a doctor check him out.

As John cleans his wounds, that the got when the tiger attacked him, Marlena walks in and offers to examine them but John says that he will be fine.

Hope continues to gather evidence and hands a syringe to a police officer. It is a large syringe, half filled with a green substance.

Marlena says that she wishes the killer would be caught and the whole ordeal would just be over.

Lexie is treating Tony in the hospital, his wounds are serious but it looks as if he will recover.

Julie and Doug tell John, Hope, and Marlena that Doug bumped into the killer backstage not knowing at the time that that’s who it was. Hope informs them that the police are still looking for the tiger.

Bonnie, still standing near Mickey, acts woozy and then faints. Rex kneels down to help her and Mickey goes to get smelling salts.

Doug overhears Marlena telling John that she was hiding the entire time in one of the backstage dressing rooms. He knows she is lying because he personally checked the dressing rooms while evacuating during the fire. When John leaves he confronts Marlena with the fact that she is lying.

While looking at a list of all women present at the circus John and Hope say that the only possible killer is Nicole.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Officer Ruez informs Nicole that she is not under arrest but she may be wanted for questioning and he would be keeping an eye on her from outside. Victor believes that Tony will name Nicole as the killer soon as he wakes up and says so to Brady and Nicole.

While Lexie continues to treat Tony in the emergency room she apologizes to him for doubting him and as she speaks his fingers begin to move.

Back at the circus Bonnie lays unconscious in Rex’s lap. Mimi says that she is faking it and when Rex snaps Bonnie flinches so they know that she is indeed faking her fainting spell. Mickey comes back with smelling salts and Bonnie “revives” very quickly. Mickey insists that Bonnie is taken to the hospital and Rex and Mimi go with them. Julie, who has watched the whole scene, rolls her eyes in disgust.

With Doug’s confrontation Marlena changes her story. She says that she was so upset she must’ve forgotten where she was and that she was actually in a supply closet on the other side of the tent.

John and Hope ask Marlena’s help with the list of women’s names. They want to know if she can think of anyone besides Nicole who could be the killer and Marlena says that Nicole seems to be the only option.

In the Kiriakis living room Victor continues to accuse Nicole of being the serial killer. Brady asks Victor for proof and when he goes to get it Nicole asks for a minute alone with her husband.

Shawn and Belle walk into the room backstage where John, Marlena and Hope are talking. Shawn is still coughing so Doug and Julie take him to the hospital. John decides to go as well to get his cuts looked at Marlena and Hope go with him. They are all hoping to be at the hospital when Tony wakes up.

Nicole threatens Victor by saying if he shows anyone the proof he has that she killed Colin Murphy that he will go to jail as well. She still denies being the serial killer.

Once at the hospital Marlena takes Shawn to be checked out and Rex and Mimi run in to Belle and share the amusing story of Bonnie’s “fainting spell.” Mickey gets the Doctor to examine Bonnie.

Julie asks Mickey why he is spending so much time with Bonnie saying that because he just lost Maggie he is vulnerable right now and wondering if Bonnie is his type.

A person in white latex gloves and a white lab coat uses a key to open the hospital pharmacy. When inside they retrieve the killer’s outfit from a black bag and place it in the industrial garbage container. They then use another key to unlock a cabinet containing vials of drugs.

John and Hope watch over Tony in his emergency room area, surrounded by curtains. John apologizes for doubting Tony’s innocence and Tony’s eyes begin to flicker and he tries to speak. John listens closely to Tony but can not make out what he is saying. Lexie comes in and tells John and Hope to get out, Tony needs his rest and they can talk to him later. Lexie then offers to look at John’s injuries and they leave the area.

Celeste overhears Lexie’s comments and says that Tony will never be stable enough to talk to anyone he, in fact, has very little time left.

Mickey explains to Julie that Bonnie is his friend and nothing else. Julie then apologizes for reading too much into it and Mickey leaves to go find Bonnie. When Julie is alone with Doug she tells him that she thinks Bonnie is a gold digger who is after Mickey.

After Bonnie pawns her bill off on the Horton foundation she begins pocketing loose hospital supplies like Band-Aids and cotton balls. Mickey walks in to get her.

The person dressed in the white coat and gloves inserts a syringe into the vial they removed from the cabinet. After drawing a syringe full of the serum they throw the rest of the vial in the garbage containing the killer’s outfit and place the syringe in their pocket. They then shut out the light and re-lock the pharmacy door using a key.

Rex and Mimi wonder why Bonnie is taking so long to finish appointment and Mimi goes looking for her.

Julie tells Doug that she needs to protect Mickey from Bonnie. Doug disagrees and tells Julie that things should be left well enough alone. Julie disagrees with Doug and you can see the wheels of thought turning.

Marlena comes into the waiting area and tells Belle that Shawn will be fine. Belle tells her that nothing will be fine until she and John are back together and Marlena agrees to talk to John.

Shawn finds Belle and tells her that everything will be OK, she tells him that nothing will ever be OK again.

John comes into the waiting room all stitched up and Hope informs him that the syringe they found by the tiger’s cage was filled with a very powerful drug. Celeste tells them that Tony will not be alive much longer.

Lexie tells Tony she will always be there for him. There is a silhouette of a person putting on gloves in the next curtained area.

Hope puts her arm around Celeste and tells her nothing bad can happen to Tony. Tony is being guarded by a police officer and only his doctor’s are allowed to see him. John informs Celeste that he is tired of her dire predictions.

Marlena tells John that the problems in their relationship are hurting Belle and they have to think of her right now when John asks to move back in to the penthouse she says no and that he will just have to understand. John, however, does not understand but Marlena just walks away.

Mimi walks into Bonnie’s room just as Bonnie was asking Mickey if she could come to his place. Mickey leaves to go get Bonnie’s release papers.

Lexie lets Hope know that Tony should wake up any minute and then they will all find out who the killer is. Celeste says to herself that time is running out. The person wearing the white gloves and coat is allowed into Tony’s room by the guard. Once in the room they pull the syringe out of their pocket.

Mickey notice there is no charge on Bonnie’s bill and Bonnie says that it must be her lucky day and gets Mickey to take her back to his place.

Victor tells Nicole to enjoy her last minutes of freedom. She swears to Brady that she is not the killer and Brady agrees to help her prove it.

Belle apologizes to Shawn for being so weak and admits that if she lost either one of her parents that she wouldn’t know how to make it.

Lexie leaves the waiting area to go and check on another patient.

Celeste yells out that the killer is about to strike again.

Tony’s eye’s open and he says, “I knew it was you.” The person with the white coat and gloves looks as if they are about to inject Tony with the syringe. The camera pans up and the killer’s face is revealed. It is none other than Marlena!


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