Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/27/04

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

As Tony is being attacked by the tiger pandemonium ensues.

John’s dart gun jams again and he grabs Tony’s fallen sword. Just as he is about to bring the sword down on the Tiger the killer pulls the main power cord and everything goes dark.

When the emergency lights come on Tony is gone. The tiger has dragged him off somewhere. John and Hope start working on getting the tent evacuated.

Bonnie rushes past Shawn, Belle, Rex and Mimi telling them she knows the perfect hiding spot and they should follow her.

John grabs a rifle and goes to hunt the tiger. When Julie sees the rifle she asks that the tiger not be killed, as he’s not usually like this he must’ve been provoked. Doug goes off to find John a dart gun that works.

Lucas, Sami and Will come down out of the catwalk and Lucas takes Will out of the tent. When Kate tells Sami that she is glad all three of them are safe Sami balks at that statement saying that Kate would rather she was dead. Kate reminds Sami that she was the one trying to kill her a few minutes ago. Sami says that she was only trying to frighten her if she’d wanted her dead she would be.

Marlena comes running into centre ring and John tells her the killer is there and will not leave until Tony is dead and can’t reveal his/her name. John says he loves her and Marlena responds with, “I know.”

Hope comes in and informs John that the family is safe and they run off in search for the tiger and the killer.

Marlena sees the tiger backstage.

Two circus workers pass Marlena and tell her to get out.

Bonnie, Mimi, Belle, Kate and Sami all hide in the tiger cage figuring that if they were safe on the outside when the tiger was inside they will be safe on the inside when the tiger is outside.

Lexie and Celeste continue looking for Tony.

Doug brings a working dart gun to John. The search party pairs off. Doug and Phillip take Julie to the tiger cage to be with the others. Shawn and Rex pair up to search and John and Hope stay together.

Celeste and Lexie are in the centre ring when they hear a growl behind them. They turn to face the tiger and start backing up slowly. When they hit the bleachers they turn around and see the looming mask of the Salem Serial Killer. They are now trapped between the tiger and the killer.

The killer pulls a knife and starts slowly towards Lexie and Celeste as the tiger continues to approach them from behind. Figuring they’ve nothing to lose Celeste starts yelling for help. John and Hope arrive and the tiger and killer leave. As Celeste is explaining where the tiger and Killer went Shawn screams for John and Hope and John head towards the yell.

Shawn has found a circus worker attacked by the tiger but still alive.

Meanwhile in the tiger cage Sami and Kate are fighting again. Sami accuses Kate of being responsible for her father’s death and Kate retaliates by saying that Roman was her life and she doesn’t know how to go on without him. Julie tells Sami that if she doesn’t shut up she will muzzle her and during the distraction Belle sneaks out of the cage and the killer sneaks towards it.

When the girls notice the killer Sami and Kate find a new focus for their rage and they both yell at the killer. Julie suggests that antagonizing a killer may not be the best course of action. Realizing they are all sitting ducks Sami locks the padlock on the cage from the inside so the killer can’t get in not thinking that now they can’t get out either.

Bonnie comes to an unlikely rescue with a hairspray flamethrower and chases the killer away. The women all start yelling for help now that they realize they are stuck in there and Shawn and Phillip arrive. They quickly depart saying that they will try and find a key.

Phillip, Rex, Shawn and John meet up and see a shadow. Assuming it’s the killer they give chase. Rex tackles Lucas who he thinks is the killer. Lucas had come back to help after getting Will to a safe place. Lucas, Shawn, Philip, Rex, John, Doug and Hope all head off together.

Bonnie borrows a cigarette from a passing circus worker and lights up. When Julie tells her to put it out she throws it on the ground. The straw on the floor by the cage then catches fire and the trapped women begin to scream for help.

The killer runs into an unconscious circus worker who has the cage keys in his hand. The killer picks up the keys and throws them across the room.

Lexie and Celeste continue looking for Tony. Celeste senses a presence and Lexie asks her if it is Tony. Celeste has a series of flashbacks of all the times she warned Tony against revealing the name of the killer at the circus. Celeste tells Lexie that she has a bad feeling and that the two of them should get to a safe place. Lexie will not abandon her brother again and insists on searching but tells Celeste to find a safe place to hide. Celeste will not allow Lexie to go on alone and they continue the search once again.

The group of “hunters” hears the ladies screaming for help and discovers the fire. When Shawn arrives at the cage he looks for Belle and they all realize for the first time that Belle is gone. Shawn takes off to find her while the others fight the ever-growing fire.

Belle has flashbacks of all the times she talked to Shawn about the killer and when she talked to John about the chances of him killing Marlena. She has a strange feeling that there is someone nearby and calls out for John or Shawn. The killer is lurking behind her.

When she turns around the killer hides behind some crates. Belle runs to the next room and now the tiger is behind her.

Rex comes back to the cage with fire extinguishers and the fire is put out.

Doug and Lucas check the backstage area to make sure that everyone is evacuated when they notice someone running off. They stumble on to the worker who had the key to the cage. Doug sends Lucas off to work on fixing the lights and he searches for the keys.

John tells Belle the tiger is behind her and to not move. As he tries to get a shot at the tiger Shawn comes in the room and make noise to distract the tiger from Belle. When John comes around the corner to get a better shot the tiger turns and attacks him. Shawn grabs a nearby spear and tries to get a clear shot on the tiger as Belle screams for him to do something.

As the fire goes out Doug rushes in with the key and unlocks the cage, freeing the women. Julie kisses Doug and the lights come back on. Lucas explains that the cord had been deliberately pulled out.

Everyone hears Belle screaming and runs.

Shawn picks up the dart gun that John had dropped and takes aim at the tiger. His shot misses but chases the tiger away. When everyone arrives including Marlena they are shocked to see John has been attacked. He brushes it off as a little scratch and then they hear Lexie’s scream.

Lexie and Celeste have found Tony unconscious and bleeding.

John says aloud that he hopes Tony lives at least long enough to tell him who the killer is. At this statement Marlena gets a strange look on her face.


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