Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/26/04

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Tony stands in the center ring dressed as a master of ceremonies and announces that he will reveal the name of the killer. Hope runs in and tells him, “not so fast.”

Celeste has a series of flashbacks about the tiger and agrees that the killer is in the big top.

Lexie shows up and when she sees the worried look on Celeste’s face she asks what’s wrong.

Victor and Brady are both looking for Nicole.

Will overhears Sami threatening to kill the killer once the name is announced, this upsets him and he runs off. Lucas, Doug and Julie follow after him.

Belle says she can’t watch anymore and leaves the viewing area, Shawn follows her.

The killer unlocks the Tiger cage.

John threatens to remove Tony from the building. Tony comments that if John was to do that the crowd would ask for their money back and there would be no money raised for the foundation.

The Tiger runs from its cage.

John and Hope tell Tony that he would be putting his life in jeopardy if announced the name of the killer in this forum.

The Killer is holding a remote control, when the button is pressed a large garbage can above centre ring, containing blood tips slowly forward. Blood drips on the floor and the tiger’s attention is turned towards centre ring.

Belle and Shawn are backstage and Shawn reassures Belle that if Tony is right and he announces the name it could all be over tonight. Belle is not appeased saying that even if Tony reveals the name the killer could try and retaliate and that no one is safe.

Bonnie has a one sided conversation with a mime about her days troubles. When she asks him he wants to go for a drink he takes her glasses and leaves. Bonnie crawls around the straw covered floor searching for them.

Tony tells John and Hope that is prepared to face the killer.

The tiger handler realizes the tiger is loose. When he tries to inform others he realizes that the batteries in his radio are dead and he runs out of the room.

Bonnie, still crawling on the floor, sees the tiger but thinks it is a regular house cat.

The killer pushes the button on the remote again and more blood drips from the garbage can.

Sami finds Will and Will explains to her that she can’t fly off the handle like that anymore.

Lexie and Celeste talk about Tony’s plan to reveal the killer’s identity.

The tiger keeper comes and grabs John and Hope from the centre ring to inform them about the tiger being loose.

Tony announces that the killer is a woman and a member of one of the most respected families in Salem and that she is in the big top.

Celeste tells Lexie that the killer is in the building and she is not about to let Tony reveal her name.

Brady is still looking for Nicole.

The killer keeps an eye on proceedings by looking out at centre ring through a cardboard cut out.

John tells the tiger keeper to evacuate the tent. John then tells Hope to find a rifle.

The tiger keeper talks to someone of camera who he obviously knows and tells them to get Mickey and start evacuating the tent. He turns around and is struck in the back of the head.

Brady finds Nicole backstage and asks her what she is up to.

Nicole is holding a bag and when Brady examines it he realizes it is a black hooded sweatshirt like the killer wears. They notice the Tiger is loose and hide in a wardrobe closet. The tiger attacks the closet and then gets away.

Doug and Julie are still looking for Will not knowing that the tiger is loose.

Shawn and Belle are backstage talking about the Serial Killer. Shawn reassures Belle that John would never kill Marlena.

John and Hope find an old dart gun and John is not sure it will even work because of how old it is. They assume the big top is being evacuated.

The worker responsible for starting the evacuation is still unconscious on the floor.

Tony starts explaining his theory on the killer warning everyone that Salem will never be the same. He then notices the blood dripping on him but thinks it is red paint.

John and Hope search for the tiger. They see him and have their guns trained on him when Marlena comes in.

After Lucas comes in and agrees with Will she tells him that he should support her. Lucas then explains that he thinks Sami’s actions are understandable. Lucas then explains to Will that no matter what Sami and he love him more then anything. Lucas apologizes to Sami for sounding like was jumping down her throat. They hug and Will asks them why they can’t act like this all the time.

Bonnie finds a flask in the pocket of the clown outfit she’s wearing and continues to look for her glasses.

Victor is standing on the side of the centre ring watching Tony. Tony then moves out of the way of the dripping blood and Victor says that if he doesn’t hurry and reveal Nicole’s guilt then he will do it himself.

Brady and Nicole find themselves locked in the wardrobe closet and Nicole asks Brady to make love to her because she’s never known real love.

Marlena starts crying when she sees the tiger and it comes after her. The dart gun John has jams when he tries to fire and so John dives at her and knocks her out of the way. When Marlena comes to they realize she has a cut on her head and worry about the tiger coming after her.

Sami and Lucas talk to Will backstage as he climbs a ladder. Sami hears something but has no idea what it is.

Tony asks for a moment of silence and lists all the dead. Saying the only one he can’t figure out is Roman he has no idea why Roman is dead.

Celeste sees blood on the death card and tells Lexie that Tony will die.

Will see the tiger and climbs up to the catwalk while Lucas and Sami hide in a clown car. The tiger attacks the car but then turns away. When Lucas goes to leave to warn people about the tiger Sami tells him that she loves him.

Bonnie trips over the unconscious tiger keeper and walks away not knowing what it was.

As Brady is refusing Nicole’s request Victor opens the door to the wardrobe closet where they are hiding.

The tiger comes back into the room where Marlena is. John tries again to fire at it but this time misses. Hope stands protectively in front of Marlena and Raises her pistol towards the tiger.

Bonnie finds the killers remote. Not knowing what it is she pushes the button on it causing the rest of blood to fall down on Tony.

The smell of the blood falling on Tony distracts the tiger and it heads out towards centre ring. Shawn runs into the room and tells them about Tony being covered in blood. They know this will attract the tiger and Hope runs towards the centre ring calling for John to follow her. When John says that he is staying with his wife Marlena says that will get somewhere safe and that he should go with Hope. He kisses her and leaves.

Brady leaves to alert John about the tiger not knowing that they already know.

Victor accuses Nicole of letting the tiger out of the cage and says that he will turn her in as the killer if Tony doesn’t.

Lucas kisses Sami before getting out of the car to get Will. Sami and Lucas follow the ladder up to the catwalk and they all look down on Tony covered in blood.

John, Hope, Belle and Shawn run into the centre ring and yell for Tony to get out because there is a tiger on the loose. Tony says that no blood or tiger can stop him and draws his samurai sword.

Lexie tries to run to him but Celeste stops her saying that it is too late.

The killer takes the remote from Bonnie and gives her back her glasses. By the time she puts them on the killer is already gone.

Tony yells for the tiger or killer to come and get him. Just then the garbage can fall son his head making him woozy. In his dizziness the tiger attacks him and his sword goes flying. As the tiger brutally mauls Tony the audience looks on screaming and the killer looks on from behind the bleachers.

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