Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/23/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/23/04

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By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

The circus continues in Salem as the serial killer uses a blow dart to inject drugs into the tiger. The tiger becomes restless.

Rex pulls Bonnie out of the dunking tank. She realizes she lost her contacts in the tank. When Mickey comes over, she throws herself into his arms.

The Hortons gather around the tiger. Julie and Hope tell Jennifer to go home and rest, but she has no intention of letting this pregnancy turn her into an invalid. The tiger continues to get more restless, Julie finds it odd to see a Horton so restless. Doug promises a big surprise for everyone.

Celeste recalls her vision of a tiger’s eyes. She turns to Tony and tells him he is going to die and he will take his secret to the grave. She tells him not to wait and to tell her the killer now.

Marlena fearfully walks around the tiger cage. She remembers her dream of a tiger attacking her. When John walks over, she runs away in a panic.

Kate screams for someone to help her as Sami throws knives at her. Brady thinks Kate is being a good sport, but Phillip can’t believe Kate would agree to do this with Sami. Lucas continues to try and escape the porta potty. Nicole watches with a smile on her face. Marlena walks around in a daze and is surprised to see Sami in the circus. Hope and Jennifer watch, but John doesn’t think this is a good idea. Sami throw the knife closer to Kate. Kate’s bleeding. Sami tells her to shut up, nobody can see the blood. John wants to put an end to it, but Marlena reminds him they are only rubber knives. She wonders why he thinks everything Sami does is evil. He asks if that’s not what she’s doing to him.

Mimi races over to Belle and Shawn and tells them Sami is throwing real daggers at Kate. They all go to watch.

Lucas finally breaks out of the porta potty and realizes Sami is going to kill his mother.

Celeste and Tony watch Kate and Sami in horror. Tony asks Celeste exactly who is going to die?

Sami tosses the final knife at Kate. Lucas grabs a whip and knocks the knife aside. Everyone thinks it’s part of the show and applauds. John picks up the knife. Marlena smirks and asks if it’s evidence. He thinks so, since it’s a real knife. Marlena envisions John using the knife on her.

Celeste turns to Tony. If the killer is a woman, is it Sami? Tony doesn’t want to endanger Celeste before he tells everyone the truth.

The police point a gun at Sami as she gets the next knife ready. Lucas steps in front of Sami. She tells him to move or she’ll use the knife on him. Everyone starts to realize this is no act. They all think Sami has finally cracked up. John tries to talk to Sami, but she turns the knife on him. She accuses him and Kate of killing her father for no good reason, but she has a reason to kill him. Marlena jumps in front of John. She reminds Sami that John was once her father, too. Deep down Sami still loves him. Sami cries that she just wanted them to feel what her father felt when he faced the killer. She tells Kate she’ll never be reunited with her father as he’s in heaven and Kate will rot in hell. Marlena takes Sami out of the circus and John follows.

Nicole thinks Sami should have killed Kate when she had the chance. She promises Victor that she won’t make the same mistake. She promises to show her victims no mercy.

Lucas vows to make Sami pay. Kate stops him. She tells him to let Sami be. Hope and Jennifer watch. They think Sami should have had help years ago and they can’t believe Marlena didn’t see it, considering she’s a psychiatrist. Jennifer realizes that Marlena might not have been able to see a problem with her own child.

Doug, Julie, Jennifer, and Hope decide it’s time for their surprise. The lights dim. They want to honor the founder of the Horton Foundation on her birthday. They all sing Happy Birthday to Alice. She’s quite surprised. She thought they all forgot.

Bonnie never recovered her contacts so she’s wearing huge red glasses and a clown suit as she wheels out Alice’s birthday cake.

Tony and Celeste continue to lurk around. Tony assures her that soon everything will be revealed. Celeste watches the magician. She thinks he will play a crucial role today.

Marlena points out that Sami is angry at the person who killed her father, not John or Kate. Sami said she’ll probably go to hell with Kate and never see anyone she loves again. She hasn’t been a good person. John sadly eavesdrops. Sami cries. Marlena tells her it’s never too late to change, but Sami thinks it’s too late for her. She’s not like the rest of the Brady family, she’s a bad seed. Sami tells Marlena not to take John back. He’s going to kill her and she can’t lose Marlena. They cry in each other’s arms as John walks away.

The Hortons blow out the candles on the cake as they honor Alice. Mickey reads a note that Maggie had written. She had been planning for this day before she died. Suddenly Alice has a vision of Tom. She asks what he’s trying to tell her. Julie asks Hope what’s wrong. She tells her that Alice has visions of Tom, which she thinks means someone else is going to die. Julie tells her Tom wants to be here for her birthday because he loved her so much.

Bonnie sees something drop on the cake. She hopes it’s not droppings from the birds. The killer is on a platform above the cake positioning a garbage pail which is dripping.

Celeste is upset that Alice is having visions of Tom. Tony tells her he appeared to Alice, not him. Maybe she’s having visions because he’s calling for his beloved wife.

John pulls Hope aside. He thinks they have a situation. The magician that was supposed to make Horton the Tiger disappear has disappeared himself.

Lucas tries to convince Kate not to let Sami get away with this. Kate feels that being married to Roman, even for a short time, changed her. She doesn’t believe Sami really meant to kill her. Kate thinks Sami is overcome with grief over the death of her father. Lucas would feel the same if anything happened to her. He loves her.

Bonnie sneaks a bite of the cake and spits it out. It’s awful. Doug carries a huge stack of gifts, but they are knocked down by someone wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. The person helps him, but Doug only sees the person from the back.

Celeste worries about Tony. When he returns, he tells her he had to take care of something before his big announcement. She reminds him about the magician she was suspicious about. He’s disappeared.

Horton the Tiger paces and growls. Julie tries to come him down. She tells him to “knock ‘em dead”. Nicole sneaks out from behind some haystacks. She mumbles that that lady has no idea who she’s dealing with. The tiger growls. Victor sneaks up behind her. No more lies, no more running and definitely no more Brady.

Hope and John desperately search for the magician.

Lucas and Kate tell Phillip everything that happened from the time Sami locked him in the port potty. Lucas says it was the worst ten minutes of his life. He didn’t know what was happening. Sami walks over and apologizes. Phillip asks Lucas how he can let her anywhere near his child. He then asks Sami how she can be Belle’s sister. She walks off crying. Lucas follows. Phillip wonders if his brother is just as crazy as Sami.

Shawn, Belle, Rex and Mimi think it’s been a very strange day. They hear a noise. Shawn goes over to inspect and is shocked by what he sees.

Tony takes the place of the magician in center stage. He announces he has more thrills and chills then they can imagine. The audience applauds. John and Hope go to Tony. She realizes his outfit belongs to the missing magician. Shawn and Belle call for an ambulance. Someone’s been hurt! John and Hope leave Tony’s side. He laughs.

The teens found the missing magician and he’s unconscious. John and Hope go to get the paramedics. Marlena arrives to lend a hand.

John confronts Tony. What did he do to the magician? Tony denies any involvement with the man’s accident. Once again, he’s being unjustly accused. The tiger growls. Celeste whispers, “It’s happening”.

Tony tells John that nobody is going to stop him from telling the truth. The serial killer’s reign of terror ends right now. Everyone takes a seat to learn who the identity of the killer is. Tony wonders why John is so opposed to everyone hearing the killer’s name. Sami knows why – John is the killer and now everyone will know it.

Tony advises John to make sure they don’t let the killer escape. The person they are searching for is at the circus. Tony prepares to make his announcement. Hope races to the stage. Celeste watches from the sidelines. She knows Tony is right, the killer is there.

The crowd gets restless. If Tony really does name the killer, Doug thinks it’s the greatest show the big top has ever seen. Sami vows to kill whoever the killer is and she means it this time. Brady frantically searches for Nicole and Victor.

Hope asks Tony if he has proof of who the killer is or is it just a theory. He’s certain and soon they will all be certain. He calls for a drum roll.

The killer lurks. He/she unlocks the tiger’s cage.

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