Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/22/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/22/04

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By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Doug and Julie admire their tiger and their plans for his retirement to Florida. They talk about the fact that they’ll never retire and work until they drop. Doug thinks the tiger needs a name and has the perfect idea.

The teens get ready for their circus act. Mimi feels like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. Rex, Shawn and Phillip embarrassingly walk out in black, sequined tights. The girls admit the guys are sex objects in tights.

Jennifer tells Hope that both Dr. Bader and Lexie think her pregnancy is life threatening and she could die. Abby overhears the possibility that Jenn might terminate her pregnancy and screams at her mother.

Later, at the hospital, Lexie does an ultrasound on Jennifer with Hope by her side. Alice, Doug, Julie and Abby wait outside for moral support. The news isn’t good. Lexie tells Jennifer the risk is now higher that she could die. Lexie advises her to be honest with Abby, but Jennifer refuses. Abby has gone through enough. She can’t put this on her shoulders, too. Jennifer overhears Abby tell Julie that Jack sent them this baby so they won’t be lonely. She’s convinced it was his way of sending his love and still being with them.

Hope gets a call from Bo. He hasn’t found Billie yet, but he’s determined to find her before someone else is murdered. Bo gives Jennifer his prayers.

Hope stand by Jennifer as she tells the family she has made a decision. She intends to have the baby and Jack’s love will protect the three of them. Abby is thrilled and runs into her mother’s arms. The others look concerned.

Sami taunts Kate about being at a circus when she’s supposed to be grieving. Lucas points out that Sami is at the circus, but she insists she is there for her son. Kate tells Sami that this charity meant a lot to Roman. Lucas has a way for Kate to earn money in Roman’s memory. They go off to discuss the plan without Sami hanging around.

Sami whispers that Kate will soon be mourning her own death. Brady overhears her and tells her she never changes. Sami thinks he’s just angry because her mother finally threw his father out. Brady tells her that true love will win out and they will get back together. Sami gags. Brady realizes why she can’t keep a guy for more than ten minutes and leaves.

Sami finds Lucas and Kate and eavesdrops. Lucas wants Kate to be part of a knife throwing act. He assures her he will throw the knives and she will be in no real danger. Sami smiles and makes plans of her own.

Later, she brings brownies for Lucas. Will made them. Lucas bites into one and it tastes horrible. Sami remembers seeing castor oil on the kitchen counter. She advises him to go right to the porta potty. Once Lucas is in the potty, Sami locks him in. Will walks over saying he knows just what she’s up to. Sami is nervous, but he was only hurt that she didn’t notice his clown costume. Shawn Sr. walks over dressed as a clown too and they get ready for their act.

Celeste is still surprised that Tony shipped himself to the circus in the small crate. He intends to tell everyone the truth about the serial killer. He tells her that shock waves will felt around the town for years to come. The killer will be caught and caged once and for all.

Max, Bonnie’s dog, sees the killer. The killer hides when Bonnie shows up.

Mimi and Belle are nervous as their high wire act is about to begin. Belle and Shawn start things off and are a huge success.

The killer lurks by the vetinary supplies. The killer overhears the animal workers getting some tranquilizers and discussing the other drug in the closet which makes the tiger act wild. After the workers leave, the killer takes the drug to make the tiger wild.

Celeste has a vision. The tiger is missing and she hears people scream. She shakes her head and sees the tiger safely lying down in his cage. She asks the worker to put an extra lock on the cage and he does.

The killer fills a syringe and prepares a blow dart.

Bonnie and Mickey watch the high wire act. Bonnie gets woozy thinking of Mimi up there. She hugs Mickey and asks him to be in the dunking booth, but he says no. Kate anxiously watches Phillip cross the high wire and is relieved when he makes it. It’s Mimi and Rex’s turn. She suddenly gets dizzy. Rex assures her she’s not going to die, but she passes out in Rex’s arms. He tries to balance while he carries Mimi across. Kate watches horrified. She can’t lose Rex too. Rex carries Mimi to safety. The audience thinks it’s part of the show and loudly applaud. The kids take a bow.

Bonnie runs over to her daughter and tries to convince her to be in the dunking booth, but Rex thinks Mimi has gone through enough. Mimi gets Bonnie into the booth and decides to throw the first pitch which lands Bonnie right into the water.

Belle and Shawn head over to the kissing booth and see a long line. They realize the couple selling kisses is the couple from the Average Joe reality TV show. Shawn and Belle take their place. After the first girl kisses Shawn, Belle shuts the booth down and buys all his kisses.

Kate’s act is about to begin. She is tied to the target and is blindfolded. When she realizes Sami has switched places with Lucas she screams. She doesn’t want to do this, but Mickey tells her it will be alright.

Lucas is still trying to escape from the potty but is not successful.

Sami throws the first knife which lands suspiciously close to Kate’s face. Kate realizes it’s real. Sami smiles. This time she won’t miss. Brady and Phillip watch. They know Sami and Kate hate each other, why are they working together in this act. Phillip tells him it was supposed to be Lucas not Sami.

Celeste assures Tony that the tiger’s cage is double-locked. Tony says the killer will be caught off guard. The killer listens and then goes off to the tiger cage. The killer uses a blow dart on the tiger and the animal goes nuts.


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