Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/21/04

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Tony and Celeste argue about Tony revealing the name of the killer at the circus. He wants the people of Salem to know that the DiMera’s are there to save them, not destroy them. Tony is holding the Tiger tooth and claw and Celeste sees blood on them. Tony believes that maybe the killer will die tonight.

Victor, Nicole and Brady are in the Kiriakis mansion living room studying the ad in the Spectator saying that the Salem Serial Killer’s name will be revealed at the circus fundraiser that night.

Belle and Shawn look at the same ad. Belle is worried that something horrible will happen at the fundraiser. Shawn tells Belle not to worry that he will make her day as beautiful as the one in her dreams.

Jan is standing outside Marlena’s office talking Shawn’s picture. She says that they are going to be together and Belle’s mom is going to make it happen.

Marlena and Sami are arguing over the ad in the Spectator in Marlena’s office. Marlena believes that Sami put the ad in the paper she denies but says she is glad that John will be revealed as the killer before he has a chance to kill Marlena. Sami leaves and Marlena sits behind her desk. When she looks at a picture of John it changes into a picture of a tiger and then back again.

The tiger is pacing in its cage at the circus when Rex and Mimi walk in. They run into Bonnie preparing for her act with her dog Max. Max is dressed like a bull and is supposed to jump through a hula-hoop. This practice is not successful.

Lucas and Phillip find Kate unconscious and believe she has taken a bottle of sleeping pills. She awakens to inform them that she threw out the pills but has in fact finished a bottle of vodka. They try to get her to come out to the fundraiser but she forces them out of the room and goes back to bed. Lucas and Phillip talk in the hallway outside of Kate’s hotel suite. Lucas has to get to the fundraiser to prepare but Phillip says he will stay and use some marine tactics on Kate to get her out of bed.

John, Hope, Belle and Shawn are at Bo and Hope’s. John and Hope are trying to figure out who placed the ad in the paper. John is sure that it is Tony. Shawn and Belle wonder if they should cancel their act in the circus that night but Hope and John tell them they should go ahead and try to have some fun but to be careful.

Brady leaves the mansion after calling for Victor and Nicole and getting no answer. He hopes they don’t kill each other while he’s gone.

Nicole comes downstairs and picks up the phone to eavesdrop on Victor’s phone call. She quickly realizes that Victor is talking to Tony and figures Tony is going to reveal her as the killer at the circus. Nicole hangs up the phone and threatens to kill them both.

Jan and Marlena are talking in Marlena’s office and Jan tells Marlena she has found a new friend.

Belle and Shawn are walking through the hospital on their way to check on Marlena before they go to practice for their circus act.

Mimi, Rex and Bonnie are in the centre ring when Max the dog decides to take off. Bonnie rushes after him

Lucas runs into Sami at the circus and she tells him that she still blames Kate for her father’s death. Lucas tells her that if she ever harms Kate she will go straight to jail and never see Will again. Lucas leaves and Sami says that if she can make it look like an accident she can take care of Kate and no one will ever know.

Phillip goes back into Kate’s room and tells she should go to the fundraiser to make Roman proud of her. Kate she can’t and makes him leave. After Phillip is gone Kate says that whoever killed her husband deserves to die.

John and Hope barge into Tony’s meditation room and accuse him of placing the ad. Tony confesses and Hope and John demand to know the name of the killer.

Jan and Marlena continue their appointment in Marlena’s office. Marlena suggests that Jan tell Shawn and Belle that she is back in town but Jan says she is still ready. Jan then asks Marlena questions about her personal life and shows Marlena the article about her and John in the Intruder.

John, Hope, Tony, and Celeste are still in Tony’s meditation chamber. Tony is informed that security will not let him in to the circus and he should give up his plan to reveal the killer. After John and Hope leave Celeste continues to try and persuade Tony to drop his plan.

Max comes across a box backstage at the circus that contains black clothing and the killers mask.

Lucas notices Sami holding an electric saw and she has a sly grin on her face.

Phillip and Brady are backstage at the circus and Brady asks Phillip if he thinks Victor placed the ad. Phillip asks Brady if he wants to know because he’s worried about Nicole.

Nicole and Victor confront each other just inside the front door of the Kiriakis mansion. He tells her that when the name of the killer is revealed that people will be calling for her head. She tells him that the only heads to roll will be his and Tony’s for trying to plot against her. Nicole leaves and pulls a gun out of her purse.

Celeste brings at tray into Tony and sees the tiger tooth and claw on the floor but there is no sign of Tony.

Kate is sitting in her room in the dark and looks at the ad in the paper.

Jan shows Marlena the Intruder article and she sees John’s picture on the cover turn into a tiger again. Jan looks at Belle’s picture and says something about how friend’s sometimes just wanted to steal the people that are important to you.

Jan leaves Marlena’ office after a near miss with Belle and Shawn and she runs into Nicole. Nicole says she needs her help. Jan is reluctant at first but eventually agrees to do a favor for Nicole that we don’t hear.

Shawn and Belle walk through the park towards the circus and discuss how excited they are about their upcoming high wire act.

Lucas and Phillip talk about Kate and how they wish she would come to the fundraiser.

Sami fantasizes about being in an act in the circus where she cuts Kate in half.

Max runs into the centre ring with a black glove in his mouth.

John and Hope run into her living room and Hope picks up the ringing phone, it is Bo and she asks him if there are any leads or if he knows who the killer is yet. Bo says the trail is cold. Hope does not tell Bo about the ad in the paper and when John questions her on that she tells him of her dream where she is standing by Bo’s tombstone.

Marlena is sitting at her desk wondering looking at a picture of her and Roman and then at the cover of the Intruder and asks herself how things could have gone so wrong.

Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Rex talk about their impending performance on the high wire.

Bonnie takes the glove out of Max’s mouth and tosses it aside.

Sami sees Kate show up at the circus and believes she can now make her fantasy a reality.

Two workmen lift a small but very heavy crate of a dolly on to the floor. After the workmen leave Celeste comes in and sees the lid of the crate moving on it’s own.

Marlena comes out her office and questions Jan on why she is still there. Jan tells her that she ran into her friend and if she does a favor for her then she will get whatever she wants. Jan leaves Marlena standing there with a bewildered look upon her face.

Victor looks at Nicole’s picture and says she knows what she’s up to and he will stop her “dead” in her tracks.

Nicole shows up at the circus and Brady goes running after her

Brady runs into Bonnie backstage looking for Max. Meanwhile Max is delivering the missing glove back to the killer who pats him on the head.

As Celeste watches Tony pops out of the crate backstage.

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