Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/20/04

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By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

John runs into Brady jogging and they get involved in a conversation about Victor and Nicole. Brady lets John know about their strange behavior and John asks if he really thinks they would hurt each other. John recommends that Brady moves out of the Kiriakis mansion and back into his loft or even into the penthouse as Marlena isn’t scared of Brady just of John. John also suggests that Brady leave well enough alone when it comes to Victor and Nicole.

Tony is lingering again by the Tiger cage Shawn confronts him about being the Salem Serial Killer. Tony is adamant that he is innocent and says that the real killer is out there planning to kill again. Just then Tony bounds off and Shawn follows him. Tony says that he noticed a black hooded figure behind the bushes and Shawn again accuses him of just trying to throw the suspicion off himself. They the find a large metal spike lying on the ground. The spike is the type that would be used to hold down a large circus tent. Tony picks it up and comments on how it would be a good murder weapon.

Bo, Hope and the ISA agent discuss Billie’s message to Bo and Bo struggles with the decision of whether or not to go try and find the missing Billie in Europe. Hope talks him into going thinking he will be safer in Europe then in Salem where two police commissioners have already been murdered.

John and Brady are still standing in the park when John asks Brady if he thinks Victor or Nicole could actually be guilty of the killings. John does not think so because he still believes Tony to be guilty. John then reminds Brady of the time Tony framed him for murder and he was almost executed. Brady suggests that roles may be reversed for Tony right now, that he may be the one being set up and that killer is just waiting for the right moment to strike.

Victor meets Tony by the tiger cage for their meeting about the murder suspect. Victor reveals to Tony that Nicole killed Colin. What Victor and Tony don’t know is that Nicole is listening to their conversation and if looks could kill they would both already be her victims.

John tells Brady to not fall into Nicole’s trap or he may end up losing what he cares about most in this world, namely Chloe, and to not worry about Victor because he is a big boy who can take care of himself. Brady agrees with John until he leaves and when John leaves Brady he says aloud that he will not stand by and watch Victor and Nicole kill each other.

Victor explains to Tony Nicole’s reasons for killing all of the suspects. She killed Abe because he was about to pin Colin’s murder on her and Jack was only one step behind. Maggie was killed because of her subconscious recollection of the killer’s face. Victor figured that Caroline must’ve put something together and Cassie was on her way to tell Roman who the killer was. Roman made the mistake of telling Nicole he was going to arrest her and she had the evidence in her hands after he was murdered. Although Tony is mad that Victor let him sit in jail when he knew Nicole was the killer he now asks if he can get rid of Nicole. Victor thinks that is a great idea.

Bo with Hope’s persuasion agrees to go to Europe to try and find Billie and in turn find out who the killer is. Brady family pride is on the line.

Bo, Hope & Shawn are in their living room and Shawn wishes Bo good luck on his trip and then leaves. Hope brings down two bags and informs Bo that she is going with him. Bo’s response to this is, “Like hell you are!”

Victor and Tony decide they need more proof before revealing Nicole as the killer and that neither of their lives would be worth much if Nicole knew about their discussion. Meanwhile Nicole is listening intently and threatening in her head to kill them both.

Bo and Hope argue about him going to Europe alone and Hope admits that she had a dream where she saw Bo’s name on a tombstone and she is worried that she will never see him again. They decide that Hope will stay home with the boys and since Doug and Julie are back in town Bo is not as worried as her being by herself. They also decide that they should have some alone time of their own before he leaves as well.

John and Shawn are wondering through the circus area by the tiger cage and are discussing Belle’s negative mood surrounding the murders and John moving out of the penthouse. Shawn says that he knows the killer is Tony and that in his conversation with Tony he said exactly how the next victim could die. This peaks John’s interest and he questions Shawn about the conversation. Shawn tells John that Tony thinks the tiger would be the perfect murder weapon and that he noticed Tony was “communing” with the tiger earlier. Shawn also mentions Tony’s visit to the loft when Tony revealed his thoughts on the murderer being a woman. Shawn mentions that Belle wants to believe the murderer is a woman. John interrupts by stating that Belle wants to believe that so that she knows it can’t be John.

Tony enters his meditation room and removes a box with a phoenix emblazoned on it from a cabinet. He lays the box on the floor and takes out a number of photos. He picks up a picture of Nicole and begins meditating in front of some burning incense.

Nicole is pacing in the foyer of the Kiriakis mansion raving about she will kill Victor and Tony when she notices Brady coming up the walk. She retreats into the front room. As Brady walks in the door she runs into his arms saying that he needs to help her because his grandfather is threatening to kill her and that Victor killed Colin and is going to try and blame the serial killings on her. Victor overhears this conversation and comes into the foyer. He tells Brady to ignore Nicole because she is a “coldhearted, murdering monster.”

Bo tells his youngest son Zach that he will be going for a while and when ever his mommy looks said he should say to her, “daddy loves mommy.”

Shawn and John are again walking through the park when Shawn informs John about Billie’s cryptic message to Bo and Bo’s resultant trip to Europe. John suggests that if Billie really knows who the killer is she may already be dead.

Nicole takes Victor into the front room and he lets her know that he has proof that she is a killer. She starts out of the room and Victor yells that her days are numbered. Brady overhears this threat and Nicole uses that to her advantage saying, “you hear that, he threatened my life.” Nicole then runs out the front door. Brady comes straight out and asks Victor if he plans on killing Nicole.

Back in Tony’s meditation room his eyes pop open and he says, “of course she did it.” He has no doubt who the killer is.

Brady searches for Nicole and can’t find her. When Brady enters the mansion again Victor warns him to not listen to anything Nicole has to say.

John and Sawn discuss how everyone is a target especially anyone with ties to the Brady family.

Bo leaves the house with his luggage and we are shown a hooded figure lurking in the bushes outside the Brady house.

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