Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/19/04

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By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Bo questions the inspector about who is in danger. He believes it may be Hope, but is told it's not. Hope walks in on them and the inspector informs them that it is Billie that is in danger. She was working with the ISA in Europe, and then went missing. There is no trace of where she is.

In her vision, Celeste looked through the killer's mask and saw the tiger's eyes. Tony has a tiger's claw and tooth from his Zen master, as a sign of the enemy he must face. Tony comes to the conclusion that a tiger is somehow connected to the serial killings. It is up to them to find out how.

Marlena seems to be in a trance, while staring at the tiger. She remembers her dream, in which she was attacked by it. Shawn calls John over. He and Belle are going to the pub, and Belle would like to know if he is going too. He would like to, but is unsure if Marlena would go with him. John does not want to go without his wife. Belle is concerned by her mother's strange behavior. John attempts to talk to Marlena. She tells him about the nightmare she had earlier. Doug and Julie were only trying to distract everyone with the tiger. It was intended to be used during the circus.

Bonnie and Mickey arrive. Mickey is greeted by Doug and Julie. They express how sorry they are for his loss. As they talk, Bonnie interrupts and introduces herself. She begins to ramble and look foolish. Shawn changes the subject, asking how Doug got the tiger. It belongs to him and Julie, not the circus.

Billie disappeared two days ago in Eastern Europe. Nobody knows how or why. Her assignment wasn't dangerous at all. She just didn't show up one day. Bo blames himself, saying if anything happened to Billie, he is at fault. He practically forced her out of Salem, into the ISA job. Hope disagrees. Roman was the one that recommended Billie to go. Bo asks why the inspector is there. Newspaper clippings were found in her room, of all the Salem murders. There was also a voice message to Bo.

Doug and Julie were traveling though South America, when they saw a traveling carnival. Immediately, they realized the tiger had been terribly mistreated. Julie became obsessed, so they called the local authorities and explained what was going on. They couldn't do anything, so they then talked to the owner of the carnival. Doug made him an offer he couldn't refuse. They were going to set him free in India, but found out he cannot go back into the wild. He would not be able to take care of himself. Doug and Julie then brought the tiger to Salem for the circus. Celeste and Tony walk by and see the tiger. Celeste yells to everyone about her premonition. She tells them that the tiger is connected to the killer.

The inspector plays the message for Bo. It is full of static and it's hard to understand. Only a few words can be made out. Bo can't help Billie, even if her life may be in danger.

Bonnie takes Mickey shopping in a western store. She tries to persuade him to but his clothes from there.

Marlena refuses to let John move back in with her, despite Belle's pleas. She still insists that she needs time alone. Marlena would like to leave. Belle is upset, again, by Marlena's behavior. She has never seen her act this way before.

Belle overhears Tony call the killer a "she." She would like to know how is so sure it is a woman. Tony isn't positive, but Victor believes the killer is female. All the victims were taken by surprise, except for Caroline, who was poisoned. That is a woman's choice weapon. Tony asks Celeste if it is possible that the tiger will be used as the killer's next weapon. She thinks it is.

Under normal circumstances, Bo would love to help Billie. However, there is a serial killer running around Salem that he needs to catch. Hope tells him he has to go help Billie. He still refuses. He is commander of the Salem PD. He needs to see that justice is served. The inspector's phone rings. The ISA has cleaned up Billie's message somewhat. They are going to transfer it through.

Marlena thinks she is being attacked by the tiger. John tries to snap her out of it, as she screams and kicks in the snow. She tells John to get away from her.

The message is incomplete, but the inspector plays it anyway. Billie claims to know who the serial killer is. She has proof. Billie tells Bo that he has to save Hope.

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