Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/16/04

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope stand by Roman’s coffin as Roman’s funeral begins. Suddenly, Hope realizes Bo’s name is on the tombstone. She calls for him, but he’s no longer by her side. She wakes up to find it was all a horrible dream.

At the church, Kate cries over Roman’s coffin. Even though they were married for only a few hours, he made her happier than she deserved. Lucas doesn’t agree. She deserved to be happy. The Priest tells Kate that Roman’s brother is to present the flag to Roman’s next of kin, which would be Kate unless she’d rather it went to one of his children. Samantha storms in saying it should go to his children, since Kate is not family. Marlena was Roman’s wife. Sami insists in the name of God and the law, Kate is nothing to Roman.

Kate tells Sami that Roman’s last wish was for her to keep peace with Sami. She vows that she will do that. She tells Sami how much Roman loved her and believed in her. He believed in her right up until the end. Kate is sorry they didn’t have more time with Roman. As much as she wants to hate Sami, she can’t because she is part of Roman. They both cry.

Rex and Mimi walk through the cemetery. Rex feels all that’s left of someone is their name and dates on a tombstone. He insists Roman deserved a better son than him. Rex didn’t deserve someone as good as Roman to be his father, after he turned his back on him and claimed the DiMeras as his family.

Belle and Shawn arrive at the church. Belle runs into her father’s arms, while Shawn goes to his Aunt Kim and grandfather Shawn. Belle tells John about Tony’s theory that the killer is a woman. John thinks it’s just a theory of Victor’s with no proof. He realizes that Belle wants to believe it since that would mean her father is not the killer. He asks if she really believes he is. Belle denies that she or Marlena think John is the killer. John isn’t so sure. Marlena wasn’t phased by the woman killer theory.

Sami runs out of the church. John and Belle call after her. Belle offers a shoulder to cry on, but Sami refuses and runs out of the church. She cries. Why was her father taken from her? He never hurt anyone. She needs him so much.

Tony meditates in his secret room. He clasps the tiger’s tooth and claw in his hand.

Marlena lies in bed. She sits up and stares at yellow eyes, “You killed Roman and now you’re going to kill me.” The tiger growls and leaps at Marlena.

Tony grasps the tiger tooth and hears Celeste “the evil is here.”

Marlena wanders and wonders where she is. Roman tells her not to be afraid. He’s come to take her home. She reaches for his hand and smiles.

Tony grabs the sword and points it at Celeste. He asks what she’s doing there, he could have cut her head off. Celeste tells Tony the must work together to find the truth.

Marlena apologizes to Roman for hurting him. Before Roman takes her, he wants her to be sure that this is where she wants to be.

John and Belle wonder where Marlena is. She should have been there by now. They race off to find her.

Abby and Jennifer pray and light a candle for Roman. Jennifer said a prayer for her, Abby and the baby too. Alice admits she did too. Jennifer cries that this baby was a gift from Jack. How could the baby be taken from her.

Shawn, Hope and Bo hug Kim and Shawn Sr. Kayla was on her way, but Stephanie got sick and she couldn’t make it. She feels awful, but Bo reminds them that her place is with her child. Roman, of all people, would understand that. Shawn Sr., Shawn and Kim light a candle. Bo comforts Hope about her dream.

Kate hugs Will. Roman promised to take Will fishing. Kate is so thankful she got to marry him before he died. Sami angrily says Roman would be alive if…, but stops herself to comfort her child.

The funeral is about to begin, but Shawn Sr isn’t sure everyone is here. Lexie was called to the hospital, but where is Marlena.

Rex arrives with Mimi. He wants to sit in the back, but Mimi reminds him he was Roman’s son and should sit in front. Mimi expresses her sympathy to Sami. Sami freaks out when she sees Rex. Rex admits he was wrong not to accept Roman from the beginning. Sami tells him it’s too late and to get out. Her father wouldn’t want him there and neither does she. She starts to hit Rex and Shawn pulls her back. Rex starts to get a headache. Sami screams good and get out, he’s a freak of nature. Shawn Sr. furiously reprimands Sami. Does she think she’s the only one allowed to love Roman and mourn him. Sami insists Rex didn’t love Roman. Shawn Sr. tells her to shut up and sit down. He won’t have her turn this into a circus. She thinks it already is.

Doug and Julie arrive straight from the airport. Hope, Bo, Shawn Sr., Abby and Jennifer greet them. They tearfully express their sympathies to all. Jennifer briefly explains there’s a problem with the ultrasound. The Priest gently tells them they should start the services. Sami looks around and wonders where her mother is and where did John go.

Belle and John arrive at Marlena’s place. They saw her car in the garage. Where could she be? Belle goes into the bedroom and screams.

Bo eulogizes his brother. Roman was the best of the best. He was a hard act to follow. In school, when his teachers found out Bo was Roman’s brother, they always expected him to live up to Roman – straight A student, nice guy. Bo decided to rebel instead and as a result, Roman and Bo always butted heads. Their mother knew they’d be best of friends when they grew up and she was right. Bo said there is one small comfort. Roman died happy, happier then he saw him in a long time.

Celeste tells Tony about her vision. She held the killer’s mask and saw through his eyes and saw the fierce yellow eyes of a beast. Tony opens his hand and see blood with the tiger’s tooth and claw.

John races into the bedroom. Belle said she thought her mother was dead. John wakes Marlena up. She asks why they are here. Belle tells them they were worried when Roman’s funeral started and she wasn’t there. Belle asks why her nightgown is torn. She tells them she was dreaming about Roman. She asks why they brought her back. Marlena tells them to leave. Belle asks her why she is treating her father like this. She doesn’t care about Celeste’s visions, he would never hurt her.

The Priest asks Roman’s wife to say a few words. Kate stands when Marlena walks in. Is she too late to speak for Roman’s children? The Priest looks at Kate, Kate nods her approval and Sami smiles with happiness. Marlena reads a letter from Eric. He writes about the sadness the first time they lost him, their happiness when he returned. He is thankful for the time they had together. He was the greatest. For herself, Marlena apologizes to Roman and wishes things turned out differently. He will always remain in her heart. Sami and Marlena hug. The Priest concludes the services.

Sami falls into Lucas’ arms, while Marlena falls into John’s. They all walk out to the cemetery plot. Sami stares at her father’s tombstone. It’s not only her father’s, but her mother’s too. Marlena stares in horror at the tombstone with her name on it.

Tony asks Celeste if she thinks the killer is a beastly creature. She can’t say what her visions mean. She thinks she’s seen the eyes before. She asks if he has any idea what this means. He thinks he does.

Kate reminds Marlena that she asked her to sign over the burial plot to her, but she refused. Sami angrily asks if she went ahead and got the plot ready for her. Kate denies it. She didn’t know they would do this. Marlena is sorry she left this in Kate’s hands. John tries to calm her, but she tells him to let her go and she walks away.

Bo presents the flag to Kate. She whispers for him to give it to Sami. Sami takes it and cries. Bo’s beeper goes off. It’s a 911. Hope wants to go with him, but he tells her to be with the family.

Sami cries in Marlena’s arms. She wants Marlena to promise not to die and leave her all alone. Jennifer reaches for Abby, but she angrily moves away from her mother. Hope stares at Roman’s tombstone. The name turns into Bo’s.

Bo arrives home to find Agent Specter waiting for him. Someone Bo holds very dear to him is in danger and he’s the only one that can help. Bo asks if it’s Hope.

John pleads with Marlena not to run from him. He just wants to make sure she’s alright. She tearfully says everything reminds her of what she lost and what she has to lose. John tells her she doesn’t have to lose him. She cries that she doesn’t want to, but she’s so scared. They hear something growl. Marlena remembers her dream. They wonder what it is. Doug and Julie said it’s something they picked up in their foreign travels. They all follow them to see what it is.

Sami says a prayer in church. She cries that she prayed for Kate never to be part of their family, but this isn’t the way she meant. She begs for Roman to tell her it’s not her fault. She apologizes. Lucas comes in and takes her out of the church. Kate watches them leave and stares at her wedding ring.

Tony asks if she thinks her visions were of a tiger. He shows Celeste his bloody hands with the tiger’s tooth and claw. She says that’s just what she saw. Her vision might have been metaphorical. It’s hard to think a tiger will be unleashed on the next victim. She says they must work fast or the next victim will die.

Doug and Julie show off their surprise. A beautiful Bengal tiger.


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