Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/15/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/15/04

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Bart enters Tony’s meditation room, nearly scaring him to death. Bart has two choices of cereal for him – Frosted Flakes (for Tony the Tiger) or Special K. Tony chooses Special K. Bart also has a letter from Stephano for Tony. It contains special instructions for Rex.

Rex and Mimi prepare to spend a quiet evening together.

Belle and Shawn come in from jogging when Shawn gets a call on his cell phone. He’s told that Tony was set free because of someone testified on his behalf. Belle wants to know who would do that. Shawn tells her it was her mother.

Marlena is in the park talking on her cell phone to Carrie. Carrie isn’t going to make it in from Israel for the funeral. Marlena assures her she will be fine and Carrie doesn’t have to physically be there to pray for her father. After she hangs up, a photo of Marlena and Roman falls out of her pocketbook. Marlena still can’t believe he’s gone. Tony calls on her cell phone. He needs her help. Marlena reminds him that she just testified for him. She’s fresh out of favors. He points out that he did not ask her to testify on his behalf. She did that on her own because of Roman’s ghost. He asks her to help mend his relationship with Rex. Marlena fears he is trying to make Rex the heir apparent. She feels the only person that could have helped Rex is dead. Marlena refuses to help Tony. Tony moves on to plan B.

Lexie tries to comfort Jennifer. Jennifer worries that Abby would never forgive her for terminating this pregnancy. It would be like taking Jack off life support all over again. Lexie gets a call from Celeste. Celeste fills her in on Tony being released from jail. Hope arrives to comfort Jennifer.

Celeste stands in the park with the wind blowing. She looks up. The killer is getting restless.

Nicole points her gun at Victor. He doesn’t believe she will shoot, but she does. Victor falls to the ground. Nicole slowly kicks his body, he grabs her leg. Did she really think it would be that easy? She runs out of the room. Brady runs in as Victor picks up the gun. Victor tells him everything is under control. Brady wants to check on Nicole, but Victor tells him to mind his own business.

Rex wishes he listened to Mimi and told everyone sooner that he was really Roman’s son. He feels bad about all the mean things he said to Roman, but he truly was an honest man. He wonders if he told the truth in the first place, maybe the killings wouldn’t have happened. Shawn and Belle arrive with the news of Tony’s release. Rex is furious. He can’t believe Marlena would do this. Rex is convinced Tony is the killer. Mimi fears that the DiMeras will hurt Rex next. Rex starts to leave to take care of Tony once and for all. When he opens the door, Tony is waiting.

Rex is ready to punch Tony, but Tony blocks it and Shawn is ready to help Rex. Tony pushes him away. Mimi pleads for Tony not to hurt Rex. Tony releases Rex. He couldn’t allow Rex to show such disrespect. Tony wants to talk to Rex in private, but he tells him to say whatever he wants in front of his friends. Tony wants to repair their relationship and offer him his rightful place in the DiMera family. Rex turns him down. He wants nothing to do with the DiMeras. He’s a Brady. His only regret is not accepting that fact sooner. Tony tells them that the killer is a woman. Many people are saying so, including Shawn’s own grandfather. Belle thinks this means Celeste’s premonition of her father killing her mother is wrong, but Tony reminds her that you don’t have to be the Salem Stalker to kill someone. Shawn tells him to leave and Rex backs him up. Tony makes one last attempt – the DiMeras created him, he is one of them. Rex tells him he will pay off his debt to Tony as soon as he gets a job. Tony holds Stefano’s letter. Rex is making a big mistake and he doesn’t even know it.

Mimi, Belle and Shawn congratulate Rex on standing up to the DiMeras. Rex admits he was shaking. In his anger, he put on Shawn’s jacket by mistake. He apologizes, but Shawn tells him to keep it. He’ll just borrow it from time to time. They’re family. Rex thinks the killer is going to strike soon. Shawn thinks, if it is a woman, she might be hitting her stride.

Jennifer tells Hope about the sonogram Lexie did and the health problems there might be with the baby. Jennifer hopes Tony rots in jail for taking Jack away from her. Lexie tells her that Tony was set free. Jennifer is horrified. Hope quickly tells her about Roman and Abe’s ghosts visiting Celeste claiming that Tony was innocent. Jennifer wonders who the killer could be. Celeste arrives saying it’s a woman.

Celeste tells everyone that both Abe and Roman appeared to her, claiming Tony was not the killer. Lexie is both relieved and still suspicious. Celeste tells them that Tony thinks the killer is a woman. Lexie starts reviewing the clues. Abe, Jack and Maggie were all taken by surprise by someone they knew. It has to be a woman! Celeste jumps up! The killer is inside her mind. She has a vision. She’s walking through the park, finds the killer’s mask, picks it up and puts it on. She sees eyes staring back at her. Something growls. Celeste tries to get her out of her trance. Celeste feels as if the mask is stuck to her face. Lexie tells her to call Marlena. She’s the only one that can get Celeste out of the trance.

Nicole tries to contact Brandon. She looks in the mirror and her image speaks. She advises herself to do what she’s done in the past to anyone who threatens her. Nicole decides to give Tony and Victor a warning.

Brady asks Victor to level with him, but he doesn’t. Brady goes off to ask Nicole. Victor vows that Salem will be through with that murdering slut soon enough. He calls Tony and leaves a message for Bart. He’s ready to talk.

Brady finds Nicole’s bedroom empty. He wonders where she is. He returns to Victor and tells him he can’t find her. Brady is fed up with all this stuff. Victor doesn’t want to tell Brady the details of his sordid marriage. He’s protecting Brady. Victor is very happy with the way Brady is conducting business and someday might leave the corporation to him. Brady doesn’t understand what this has to do with Nicole. Victor doesn’t want Nicole to get her hands on his fortune. Brady reminds him that he and Nicole are just friends. Nicole listens, smiles and says they will someday be closer. Victor continues to badmouth Nicole. She runs in to defend herself. After he calls her a whore, she leaves. Brady tells Victor that Nicole has apologized for her actions in trying to cause trouble for him and Chloe. Victor reminds Brady that Nicole is an actress, but Brady goes after her anyway. Victor vows not let Nicole turn his grandson against him.

Tony returns Victor’s call. Victor tells him they will meet soon. He’ll hand him the killer’s pretty little head on a platter. Tony goes into his meditation room and draws his sword. Someone else enters the room, faces Tony with their own sword.

Marlena, alone in the park, hears a noise from the bushes. She calls out John’s name. No one answers. She leaves.

Marlena arrives to help Celeste get out of her trance but she can’t bring her out of it. Lexie suggests shock therapy like she used on Maggie (slapping her). Marlena says it’s inappropriate in this case. She puts her fingers near Celeste’s eyes and Celeste screams and starts to panic. Celeste looks at Marlena, then reaches for Lexie’s hands. She saw eyes.

We are shown a close up of Nicole’s eyes. Nicole is in her bedroom slicing an onion, which brings tears to her eyes. When she hears Brady knock, she throws herself across the bed pretending to be crying. Nicole is sure Victor told him lies about her. Brady denies that Victor told him anything, he hoped Nicole would. She throws herself into his arms. She tells Brady that Victor killed Colin and wants to pin it on her, as well as the serial killings. Brady wants to think about it and leaves. He bumps into his grandfather. Victor tells Nicole she’s crossed him for the last time.

Tony continues his sword duel with his teacher. Tony loses. His teacher tells him he lost his temper. Next time he will die. Tony has been neglecting his practice. In this state, Tony could easily fall prey to his enemies. He must be prepared to look death in the eye.

Mimi and Rex are about to watch a video when Rex has a headache. He hasn’t had one in a long time. Belle thinks it might be a sign that someone else is about to die.

Marlena asks Celeste who the eyes belong to. She says they are the eyes of the killer.

Tony’s teacher tells him that Stefano sent him. He is to prepare Tony and train Rex. Since Rex won’t be joining them, Tony must proceed on his own. They sit on the floor. The teacher tells him to appear like a God and disappear like a phantom. He puts down a tiger’s claw and tooth - Tony’s next opponent.

Victor tells Nicole that his plans are in action to stop Nicole from her murdering ways. She laughs. She just told Brady that Victor killed Collin and he bought it. She leaves laughing. Outside her door, she whispers “Old fool. He has no idea what’s in store next.”

A tiger lies in a cage. It’s marked over Overnight “Deliver to the Hortons. ASAP”


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