Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/14/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/14/04

By Jenne
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Mimi receives a phone call from her brother, Brian. She would like him to come home and meet Rex. Mimi tells her older brother about their mothers schemes. The latest one is trying to get involved with Mickey Horton.

Bo waits for the judge to return with her decision. Hope wants him to prepare for the ruling.

Tony asks Victor if he knows who the killer might be. Victor has his suspicions. Tony would like to know who he thinks it is. He'll consider telling him. Nicole overhears their conversation.

Celeste again tells John that he will kill Marlena. Marlena believes Celeste's premonition. There is nothing John can do to change her mind.

The judge returns with a ruling. Based on the evidence, Tony will not stand trial. Everyone is outraged, except for a select few. Bo argues with the judge, and she tells him she is calling the commissioner to make sure measures are taken against him. Bo asks if she would like his number. Victor congratulates Tony. He will be in touch soon. Tony thanks Marlena for her testimony. If he owes thanks, it will be to Celeste. Tony asks Celeste why Marlena would help him.

Someone in a black hooded sweatshirt waits at the bottom of the stairs, with a rope in their hands. Marlena attempts to take the elevator, but it is out of order. She takes the stairs instead. When she reaches the bottom, the lights go out and someone grabs her from behind.

Mimi enters her house and asks her mother what she is doing. She accuses Bonnie of taking advantage of Mickey. Bonnie claims to be helping him. She says she is going to the Dimera vault to collect her money, which she will use to build her country western bar.

Hope decides to tell Bo about Celeste's premonition. Celeste saw Roman and Abe's ghosts. They told her to urge Marlena to testify on Tony's behalf. Bo asks when this happened. It occurred in the courtroom. Bo is skeptical, and thinks everyone is crazy.

Nicole chases Victor. If he rats her out to Tony, it is all over. Victor doesn't seem to care what she says.

Celeste and Tony walk together. He thanks her for persuading Marlena to testify, and is again told that he is thanking the wrong person. Tony asks who is responsible. "The ghosts of Roman and Abraham," she says.

Victor drags Nicole into the mansion. He again warns her to stay away from the men in his family.

Marlena is blindfolded and gagged. Her kidnapper removes the blindfold. When she looks up, she sees it is John. He explains that he had no choice.

Bonnie's phone rings. It is Mickey, letting her know that he won the hearing. There won't be a trial. She tells Mickey she will meet him at his house, they now have a million reasons to celebrate.

Tony asks if Roman and Abe gave Celeste and messages for him. Celeste knew he wouldn't believe her. He says he doesn't understand why Roman and Abe would come to his defense. It is because they are honest men. Tony tells Celeste that Victor believes the killer is a woman.

Victor torments Nicole, talking about Tony's plans when he finds out who the killer is. Victor is going to tell him that Nicole killed Colin and that she is also the serial killer.

Marlena asks John what he is doing. She believes he is going to kill her.

Bonnie arrives at Mickey's house and lets herself inside. She brought Oreos, cocoa and alcohol with her. Mickey walks in and shows Bonnie the bonus he got. $500,000. She kisses him!

John asks Marlena if she trusts him at all anymore. He swore he would never hurt her, and he won't. She wants to know why he kidnapped her. He couldn't think of any other way to get her to talk to him. He unties her hands and she slaps him. He doesn't want to lose Marlena.

Bonnie apologizes, but Mickey says it is okay. She pours liquor into his cocoa. Mickey intends to donate the $500,000 check to the Horton Foundation. Bonnie isn't thrilled with the idea.

John promises that he could never kill Marlena. She wants to believe him, but she can't. She breaks down, and John holds her as she cries. He informs her that Victor thinks the killer is a woman. Marlena pulls away and looks at him, calm now. She asks who it is.

Nicole pulls a gun on Victor. If he calls Tony, she will kill him. Victor ignores her threats, and dials Tony's number. Nicole shoots at him!

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