Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/13/04

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Jan and Nicole meet in the park. She tells Jan that her stalking days are over.

Abby tells Jen that she hates her and runs out of the hospital room. Jen doesn't know what to do.

Marlena would like to testify. She has no doubt that her testimony will help the judge with her decision.

Shawn doesn't want to scare Belle, but he thinks somebody has been following him.

Jan denies stalking Nicole. She only heard her order at the Java Cafe. Nicole does not believe her, and says she is stalking Shawn. Jan is keeping tabs on Shawn and Belle until she is ready to let them know she's back, or so she says. Nicole wants the truth, and is going to call Shawn if she doesn't get it.

Hope asks Celeste to tell her what's going on, before the whole courtroom erupts. Marlena will testify at Roman and Abe's request. Hope looks at Celeste as if she is crazy. Celeste explains that they told her Tony is not the killer. Hope does not comment. John asks Marlena what is going on. She replies "My ex-husband couldn't be here himself, so I've been asked to speak on Tony's behalf." She is fulfilling Roman's wishes. Marlena goes inside and takes the stand. She informs everyone that she is there for the defense.

Jen's baby was making everything better, and now she might lose it. Lexi goes to take the tape to Dr. Bater, and will send Abby back if she sees her. Jen thinks it's bad enough that she lost Jack, did God really have to give her baby all of these problems? Lexi returns to tell Jen a few more facts and then discuss her options.

Marlena says she believes Tony is innocent, and everyone in the room begins talking. They are in shock.

Shawn tells Belle about the girl he saw at the station the other day. She seemed familiar to him, but he couldn't place her. He chased her to the Kiriakis mansion and then lost her. His phone rings, it is Nicole. She says she is calling to check on him and then asks if he found the girl he was looking for the other day. She says good-bye and hangs up. Shawn tells Belle that the girl he saw reminded him of Jan.

Marlena has no evidence, but would like to express her professional opinion. She does not believe Tony could be the killer, and the evidence found will prove that. She would like the court to let Tony go. Bo has an outburst and blames this on Marlena.

There are possible deformities with Jen's baby. She still can't choose termination on the basis of "likely" or "possible." According to the notes in Dr. Bater's file, there's no way the baby will be born healthy. Jen has Jack's insurance, she can stay home and take care of the baby. The child could be born without limbs, without vital organs. Jen begins to cry. This was her miracle baby. Lexi tells Jen that it's early in her pregnancy. It may help her emotionally, not to think of it as a baby or child. Jen won't back away now. There's a good chance that if the pregnancy isn't aborted, she will die too.

The judge thanks Marlena for her testimony and allows her to step down. Marlena exits the courtroom. The court is recessed until the judge has a ruling. Victor asks Bo how he is holding up. Bo asks him to find out what Tony is up to, but he can't do that.

Nicole sympathizes with Jan because it reminds her of her situation with Brady. She will help Jan if Jan helps her.

Victor and Tony have an agreement to stay out of each other's way. Victor will talk to Tony to see what he can find out.

Jen starts writing some of her thoughts down. She believes what Jack said when he came to her. She became pregnant for a reason, that will be revealed to her in time. Lexi is paged and leaves for the nurse's station. Jen lays back and begins to cry again. Abby comes in and tells her not to. Jack wouldn't want the baby to die either. She asks if there is anything she can do to save it. Abby was thinking. Her life got saved in a hospital once. Lives get saved. Jen explains that lives don't always get saved. Abby argues that they haven't even tried yet. The doctors can come up with a way to make the baby better. They can't give up. Jen will do everything she can to save the baby, but it might not be possible.

Tony tells Victor that he is innocent. That is what Victor thought. He has a theory that the murderer is a female. Tony believes that as well.

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