Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/12/04

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Lexi tells Jen there is something wrong with her baby. Jen is upset and asks what it is.

Brady thinks Chloe needs to go, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. He is just glad he got to hold her again. He doesn't want to let her go. Chloe says if Brady tells her to stay, she will.

Victor demands to know where Nicole was, and threatens her. He'd better not find out she was with Shawn or Philip. She gets the message loud and clear. He will turn her in for Colin's murder. Victor is becoming more and more convinced that Nicole is the serial killer. She tells him he has no proof.

John tries to talk to Marlena before Tony's hearing.

Bo feels betrayed by Mickey's decision to represent Tony in court. Hope tries to tell him not to do anything, it has already been decided. Bo asks Mickey how he could represent the man that killer his wife, despite what Hope said.

Marlena tells John she is not doing this here. John is still to blame for Roman's death, in her mind.

Bo asks Mickey how Maggie and Caroline would feel about this. Mickey insists that Tony deserves a fair trial, and is innocent until proven guilty. Bo will make sure Tony is proven guilty. Hope begs him not to do this now. Tony tells Bo he is too blinded by hatred to see that the real killer is still out there. Hope drags Bo away and tells Mickey she understand why he is representing Tony, and she also hopes he loses that case. Celeste approaches Mickey and asks why he didn't tell Bo and Hope that she spoke to Roman and Maggie. They told her Tony is not the killer. Mickey is the only one that needs to be convinced.

Proof isn't hard to get or manufacture, Victor informs Nicole. He leaves to go to the hearing, warning her to leave Brady and Chloe alone.

Jen is devastated by the news. She thought everything would be prefect. She doesn't know what to do. If she doesn't terminate the pregnancy, her life could be at risk. Jen doesn't know how to tell Abby. She asks Lexi what the chances will be of her carrying the baby to term. They aren't good. Lexi tells her to think of Abby.

Brady tells Nicole that Chloe is leaving today, which makes her very happy. Nicole, however, says she would like to apologize to Chloe.

Lexi tells Jen that if she doesn't miscarry, terminating the pregnancy may be the only way to save her life.

Bo is called to the stand to give the details of the evidence. He explains why he believes Tony is the serial killer. He starts to list the reasons. As Celeste listens, Roman tells her to do something about this, Tony is not guilty. He think that Abe can convince her. Abe tells her to do the right thing. Everyone is still in danger.

Nicole apologizes for her behavior, in an attempt to manipulate Brady. She wishes Brady and Chloe the best. Chloe thanks her, believing Nicole is sincere. Brady appreciates it too. Nicole tells them to stay where they are, she has to do something before they leave.

Tony can still be convicted, even with Mickey representing him. Mickey asks Bo if they have any forensic evidence, which they do not. Tony still doesn't have an alibi, and neither do any of the other suspects, Mickey says. Bo is confident that his forensics team will come up with evidence to prove Tony is the killer. Roman watches Bo on the stand, and smiles, calling him a hothead. Abe tells Celeste that she has the key to naming the killer.

Nicole hands Chloe a basket of food to take on the plane, and wishes her a safe flight. Brady and Chloe leave for the airport.

Jen will not even consider terminating the pregnancy. She will never have an abortion. She asks Lexi not to tell Abby, as she goes outside to get Alice. She tells her that Jen needs to see her.

Mickey calls on Tony to testify. He has no idea how the messages got on his PDA. He assumes they were planted, to frame him. He was at Tuscany on the night of Roman's death, trying to catch the killer. Abe tells Celeste to do something, before it's too late. She walks out of the courtroom, and the ghosts follow her. Marlena walks out, and sees Celeste talking to herself.

Victor tells John that he believes Tony is innocent. He also believes the killer is a woman, given the evidence.

Marlena asks Celeste who she is talking to. she tells her she is talking to Roman and Abe. "Doc, you're taking my death so hard," says Roman, with a lack of enthusiasm. Marlena can't hear or see them.

Jen cannot abort Jack's baby. Abby walks in on Jen asking how she can kill the baby. Abby is upset, saying she can't kill the baby like she killed Jack.

Marlena asks what Roman and Abe wants. They told Celeste Tony is not the killer, and that she knows who the killer really is.

Tek arrives with information, saying the sword used to kill Roman is not Tony's. It was the knife used to cut the cake. The judge says if they had one more person to testify for Tony, it would be easier for her to come to a decision. Marlena walks in, and has something to say.

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