Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/9/04

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie drops off Theo’s old clothes for Jennifer’s new baby. When Jennifer pulls out a t-shirt that says “Daddy’s Super Star” they both get sad. Lexie remembers all the terrible things she and the DiMeras have done and thinks this is her punishment. Jennifer promises to always be there for Lexie, but Lexie realizes Jennifer has her own problems. Lexie admits that she wanted another baby with Abe and she’s jealous of Jennifer having a child with Jack.

Lexie feels terrible for the way she feels and she doesn’t begrudge Jennifer. She lost a husband too. Jennifer admits that she feels jealous of Hope because she has Bo and jealous of her grandmother for all the years she had with her grandfather. Lexie promises to help Jennifer through this pregnancy since she’s a pediatrician. Jennifer hopes this baby will bring happiness to her and Abby.

Shawn continues to follow the mystery girl. He catches up to her and turns her around. It’s Nicole, while Jan hides in the pushes. Nicole spots Jan, but keeps quiet. Instead, she reminds Shawn about his old friend Jan. Shawn realizes that the mystery girl reminds him of her. Nicole reminds him that Jan is in Europe. She kisses Shawn. Jan silently warns her to keep away from Shawn. After Shawn leaves, Victor comes out of the house asking what Nicole thinks she’s doing. Victor is not happy seeing Nicole kiss his grandson. He’ll make a deal with Tony before letting her hurt a member of his family and at the same time avenge Caroline’s death.

John wants to know if Belle is afraid of her father. She denies it, but wants to be reassured that Celeste’s premonitions aren’t going to come true. John can’t predict the future, but he thinks Marlena is feeling guilty. She’s guilty of leaving Roman and making a family with John. Without Marlena, John doesn’t know what he would be or what he’d become.

John shows Belle an envelope filled with cards her children made for her. One card was drawn by Belle when she was in first grade of her family. Another by Sami to John calling him the best father in the world. John still loves Eric, Sami and Carrie. Belle realizes that Sami is now happy about what is going on. She wonders if what happened to John’s family with Eric, Sami and Carrie can happen to hers. Belle knows that John and Marlena will do whatever they can to make this work. John promises to never break his wedding vows.

Tony has a visitor. It’s Marlena. She’s there to make sure Tony pays. Marlena promises to make Tony suffer for what he’s done. She wants him to suffer for years and then to die. She calls Tony pure evil. He denies being a murderer. Marlena is shocked to discover that Mickey is his lawyer. Since she’s a witness for the prosecution, she and Mickey are now adversaries. Marlena and Tony talk alone. He warns her that if she doesn’t help him, she will have the blood of others on her hands. Tony reminds her of Celeste’s premonition about John killing her. Marlena denies there’s any truth in that. Tony tells her that John broke up her family just the way he did Tony’s life with Kristen. Marlena doesn’t want to hear anything bad about John. Tony insists she knows he’s innocent. Marlena reminds him of how he left John in a sauna to die. He’s capable of murder. Tony asks if she really thinks he’d be sloppy enough to leave the evidence behind. He’s insulted. If Marlena doesn’t help, she’ll be the guilty one. Tony is the only one that can stop the killer. If Marlena lets him be convicted, the killer will kill again.

John calls on Marlena’s cell phone. He tells her he packed a bag and won’t be there when she comes home.

Alice isn’t sure they should go ahead with the Horton Foundation fundraiser because of the serial killer, but Jennifer insists that they should go ahead with it. Lexie offers to help. Lexie also offers to do an ultrasound. She take Jennifer to the hospital and is not happy with what she sees. Something is wrong with the baby.

Belle confides in Shawn that her parents split up. He’s shocked and promises to always be there as Jan watches. Nicole welcomes Jan home. She helped Jan keep her secret because she needs Jan to help her.


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