Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/8/04

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe makes a big breakfast for Brady. Nicole wants to join them, but Brady tosses her out. He wants to make plans for their future and it doesn’t include Nicole. Chloe’s New Year’s resolution is to stay close to Brady for the entire year. Chloe’s cell phone rings with an offer for a role in an opera. It’s the chance of a lifetime and Brady tells her she has to take it. Chloe wants Brady to go to Europe with her, but he has to oversee the opera house project. Chloe won’t go without him, but Brady won’t let her turn it down. He insists she won’t lose him. This time they know they are together. He will visit her and he knows she will come back a huge star, to a beautiful new opera house, and his love. Chloe isn’t comfortable leaving him alone with Nicole.

Meanwhile, Nicole tells Victor she plans to get Brady. Then, she thinks about going after Bo. Victor laughs…Hope would wipe the floor with her. Nicole’s attention turns to young Phillip or Victor’s young grandson, Shawn. Victor warns her to stay away from his family. He will see her dead before he lets her destroy his family. Nicole intends to bring down the Kiriakis men.

Shawn tells his parents that he feels as if someone is watching him. Hope wonders if he’s being stalked. Meanwhile, Jan is outside Bo’s office telling a cop she has come to pay her respects to the Bradys. Tek races into Bo’s office with some info on Tony. He has the results of Tony’s sword, but there are no traces of Roman’s blood on it. They cannot connect the sword to the murder. Bo orders Tek to get a team together and find evidence to prove Tony’s guilt.

A cop tells Hope that there’s a young woman wanting to pay her respects to the Brady family. Hope tells him to ask her to sign the condolence book, which will be given to Kate. Shawn looks out the office window at the girl signing the condolence book. He can only see her from the back, but she looks familiar. Shawn looks at the book, but the girl used an obvious alias. The handwriting looks familiar to Shawn and he goes after her.

Bart visits Tony in jail. Tony is convinced the Bradys are setting him up to be the scapegoat. He has a plan to make a deal with the guilty party.

Celeste tells Lexie about Roman and Maggie’s ghostly visions. She insists that Tony is not the killer and everyone is still in danger. Lexie doesn’t see how she could tell the police this and not be laughed out of court. Lexie advises her mother to forget it, Tony is the real killer. Lexie wants her mother to be quiet about her premonitions. She’s afraid Celeste will be the next target.

Celeste passes a newspaper machine with the headlines blaring Tony’s arrest. Suddenly, the headlines change and read that Tony has been cleared of all charges.

Bonnie flirts with Mickey. Then, she tells him about her ideas to improve Tuscanny, but Mickey informs her he’s in no position to finance Tuscanny or anything else. Tony calls Mickey, but Bonnie intercepts the call. Tony wants Mickey to be his attorney, but Bonnie turns him down. When Tony offers Mickey a million dollars, Bonnie tells him that Mickey could use the money. Mickey wants no part of the DiMera case. Bonnie says he could take the money and donate it to charity, but Mickey can’t deal with this right now. He has his own problems. Bonnie points out that the best way to make sure Tony fries is to be in the court handling the case himself.

Bart doesn’t understand why Tony wants Mickey as his lawyer instead of the DiMera’s attorney. Tony has a plan. If he’s going to be cleared of all charges, he wants his enemies to do it.

Bonnie and Mickey jog through the park. Mickey speeds up, while Bonnie hangs behind and runs into Lexie and Celeste. Lexie asks Bonnie to talk some sense into Celeste. Bonnie asks if Tony is really the killer. Bonnie convinces Celeste to tell Mickey about her visions. She admits that she doesn’t believe Tony is the killer. They plead with Mickey to take the case, much to Lexie’s dismay. Lexie refuses to believe that Tony is innocent and refuses to believe in Celeste’s premonitions.

Jan runs through the park nearly knocking Lexie down. Shawn runs after her. He catches up to her and turns her around.

Bo pays a visit to Tony. Tony quietly says “I plead guilty, your honor.” He figures that’s what Bo wants to hear. Bo tells him he’s guilty and he will pay. Bo and Hope are shocked when Mickey arrives to be Tony’s attorney.

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