Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/7/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/7/04

By Jenne
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John knocks on Marlena's door, and she goes to open it for him. When she does, she sees Roman instead. She is excited, thinking he is back.

Celeste's premonitions continue.

John thinks Marlena is happy to see him, but then see the look of confusion on her face when she realizes it is him, not Roman. He forgot to pack some things the night before and went back to get them. Marlena really appreciates that he is giving her space. She lets him in. He was hoping to talk to her, but nothing has changed. She tells him she has to go to church and pray for her "husband."

Shawn senses someone watching him. He picks up a bat and goes down the stairs as Jan runs to hide in the closet.

Roman tells Celeste to warn Bo the danger isn't over.

Jan leaves Belle's loft as Shawn and Belle go back downstairs. Shawn is going to see his parents and suggests that Belle does the same. He is sure they are no longer fighting.

Sami tells Lucas that last night was the worst night of her life. Roman was so important to her. He was the one person she could always depend on. Lucas says he is there for her, and so is their son. Sami wants to go check on Will, but Lucas assures her he is fine. He checked on Will this morning. Lucas brings Sami breakfast in bed. She is speechless, for once.

Kate and Marlena arrive at the church at the same time. Marlena isn't pleased to see her. Kate is glad Marlena is there. She talked to the funeral director, and there is a place next to Roman's plot, for his wife, but Marlena's name is still on it. She wants to know if Marlena will transfer it over to her. Marlena says Kate was only married to Roman for a few hours, she was married to him for years. Kate tells her they didn't get the chance to have a married life, it was stolen from them, but she is Roman's wife. She thinks it is only right that when the time comes, she rests in peace beside him. Her husband. Marlena has to think about it. Kate doesn't understand what there is to think about, Marlena is married to John.

John is ready to leave, when Belle walks in the door. She brought breakfast for her parents. John tells her that he and Marlena are taking a break. He moved out last night.

Roman wants Celeste to tell Bo they've arrested the wrong person. Maggie appears and tells Celeste that Tony is innocent and didn't commit any of the murders. They then tell her that she knows who the real killer is.

Belle is upset about the news. She tells John that he can't let their family fall apart.

Marlena says she could have stopped the marriage and Roman's death. Roman marrying Kate was a mistake. Kate says it had nothing to do with him being killed. She says again that she is Mrs. Roman Brady and nobody will take that away from her. Kate doesn't want this to ruin their friendship. She asks if Marlena would like to go see Will with her.

Lucas wants to call a truce with Sami. She thinks he is using Will to get her into bed. He denies it, and tells Sami she is full of herself. Kate and Marlena walk is on Lucas, who is on top of Sami, tickling her.

Maggie informs Celeste that the killer's identity is locked deep inside her subconscious. Celeste doesn't know who the killer is. Roman and Maggie tell her she is the only one who can solve this.

Marlena informs Sami that John has moved out.

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