Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/30/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/6/04

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Bo tries to cope with his brother's death. He doesn't want Tony to be convicted. He wants to kill him.

Nicole pictures blood covering her hands and is shaken up. Victor notices, saying she has a guilty conscience. He asks Nicole if she killed Roman.

Sami verbally attacks Kate, saying she knew Roman would die and went through with the wedding anyway. Lucas steps between them and tells Sami she is twisted.

Marlena refuses to speak to John. Belle is concerned about her parents fighting. She has never seen them like this before.

Celeste tells Mimi and Rex that the murders are not over. She has had more premonitions.

Hope locks Bo inside Roman's office. She doesn't want him in jail because of Tony. Bo didn't just lose his brother. Roman was his friend. The phone rings, and Bo hesitantly picks it up off the desk. It is the commisioner. He asks Bo if he will take over as police commander. Bo wants to talk it over with Hope first. He also doesn't want to take his brother's place.

Lucas drags Sami away, kicking and yelling. Kate looks ready to collapse. Before the ceremony, Roman asked her to accept Sami, and she agreed. She doesn't know how to keep that promise now.

John offers to call Eric and Carrie, but Marlena thinks she should be the one to tell them their father is dead. Belle approaches John and asks him to make everything okay with her mother. He doesn't think he can right now.

Nicole wouldn't tell Victor if she killed Roman. He would turn her in to the cops. Bicole tells him that he should be on his knees, thanking her for what she did. He asks what exactly she has done.

Lucas tells Sami to get Will and take him home.

Rex goes to see Kate. He sees the bracelet she is wearing and tells her it is beautiful. Rex smiles and says she should wear it forever, she is a Brady now. Lucas and Phillip walk over and ask if Rex is bothering their mother. Kate says he was being very kind. She tells them they are brothers and she needs them all right now. Kate is sorry that Rex didn't get to know Roman, and tells him to call her if he needs anything.

Jan enters Belle's loft, using a key she stole. She is still obsessed with Shawn and is determined to steal him away from Belle.

John doesn't want Roman's death to split him and Marlena up. She says Roman was her husband, making John think he is not. She tells him this is not the time for jealousy and walks off.

Bo accepts the position of police commander, to honor his brother. He will do his best. Hope thinks he is doing the right thing. Bo notices a folder on Roman's desk and picks it up. It is a file on him.

Sami is in her bed crying. Will brings her warm milk to drink and she thanks him for taking such good care of her. She tells Will that she is never going to leave him and embraces him as they both cry.

Rex is confused. He hated Roman and he turned out to be a good guy. He loved Tony and her turned out to be a murderer. Mimi thinks Rex would have gotten along well with his father, given the chance.

John tells Marlena he loves her, but she will not say it back. She still thinks Roman is dead because he married Kate. She believes she could have persuaded him to wait, had she not listened to John.

Celeste finds the killer's mask. When she puts it on, she sees through his/her eyes.

Bo shows Hope the file. It goes all the way back to when he first started on the force. Everything is incredibly positive.

Lucas knocks on Sami's door. Sami is asleep, Will is sitting in bed next to her, reading a book. Will says his mother needs Lucas. He sends Will to bed, and wakes Sami up. He says he is there to make sure she is alright, and she asks him to stay there with her.

John packs his things and asks Marlena if this is what she really wants. It is. He really believed she would change her mind. She needs time to think. A tear falls down John's face as he walks out the door with his bags, taking one last look at his wife.

Celeste looks through the mask and realizes that Tony is not the killer. She has a vision of Bo and Hope.

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