Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/5/04

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Bo, Hope and John find Tony outside of Tuscany. They believe he went there to kill Roman, but couldn't because of all the protection around there. They hear screams coming from inside the restaurant, and run inside, seeing Kate hysterical and covered in blood. They ask what is going on as Bo sends someone to search the grounds. John asks what is wrong, and Kate points towards the kitchen, saying through sobs that it's Roman. John pulls up the table cloth in the kitchen and finds Roman's lifeless body.

Bo wants to make sure Tony dies for what he has done to Roman. Lexi calls Tek over. She found the bride and groom from the top of the wedding cake, shoved inside Roman's mouth.

Marlena tries to comfort Sami, but she is inconsolable. She doesn't know what she will do without her father.

Nicole smirks as she remembers burning the evidence that proves she killed Colin. No one will ever find out about her secret now.

Kate tries to rub the blood off of her hands, but it won't come off. She is in shock and really believes Roman will be all right. Philip tries to tell her that Roman is gone, but she won't accept it. Kate says they are going to leave for their wedding night.

Bo stalks out of the kitchen and attempts to kill Tony. All of the men try to pull him off. Bo calms down, knowing that Roman would not want him to do this. He would want Bo to trust the system. Bo approaches Tony and sees that his other cufflink is missing. The same one that he found outside earlier.

Tek says that Roman was killed with a single edged cutting blade of some sort. An officer brings them a samurai sword that he found outside in the bushes. Bo has him submit it as evidence. Rex informs Bo that Tony has a collection of antique weapons.

John tries to bring Sami and Marlena comfort, but Sami doesn't want him there. She believes John is happy that her father is dead. John doesn't feel any joy. Sami runs off and Marlena tries to find her.

Victor tells Nicole to show some compassion and she tells him that she is glad Roman is dead.

Shawn, Sr., very upset thinking about all the murders and collapses to the floor. Lexi has him breathe into a paper bag, and he is all right.

Rex accuses Tony of not caring that Shawn could have just died. "You killed his wife, his son and my father..." Rex says. He looks at Tony in disgust and asks how he could do it. Tony tells him to think logically and stop thinking like a Brady.

Mickey offers to drive Bonnie home. She doesn't want to go home and be there by herself. Mickey says she can go home with him and she agrees to it.

Marlena finds Sami crying in the bathroom. Sami tells her that this is all her fault. She tried to warn everyone that this would happen and no one would listen. Now her father is dead. Sami is the next person to verbally attack Tony. Everyone tried to warn her about him but she wouldn't listen. She wanted to believe there was good in him, but she was wrong. Marlena calls him a monster and slaps him across the face. She says he's worse than Stefano ever was.

Rex approaches Shawn to see if he is okay. Shawn stands up and hugs him. Rex asks why he did that. He is his grandson, and is as much a Brady as all of Shawn's children and grandchildren. He loves Rex for that and always will. They hug again.

Marlena snaps at John, saying he is to blame for Roman's death.

Rex feels he has a family for the first time in his life. He will never get a chance to know his father now. He really seems to want to be a Brady now.

If John didn't make Marlena accept Kate and Roman's marriage, this wouldn't be happening, she explains. John knows that Marlena's feelings would not have made Roman call of the wedding. Marlena says that because she listened to John, her "husband" was murdered.

Roman's body is brought out on a stretcher. Kate picks up Roman's hand and holds it in hers as she cries. She tells him that she loves him. She can't say good-bye, and lays her head on his corpse. Bo pulls her away and holds her while the paramedics take Roman's body away.

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