Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/2/04

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Days of Our Lives Update 1/2/04


The wedding of Roman and Kate continues. Shawn and Belle are videotaped giving their best wishes to the bride and groom. The kids and Grandpa Shawn are asleep. Celeste is missing, as are several of the wedding guests.

Bo and Hope find a cufflink outside the restaurant. They think it might belong to Tony. John hears a noise in the bushes. Celeste tells Bonnie she is having more premonitions. Lexie runs out to tell her that Tony is out on bail. Celeste gasps. At the stroke of midnight, another loved one will fall.

Roman goes to the kitchen and finds a letter addressed to him. The lights go out and Roman faces the serial killer. Roman asks “Tony” how he was able to post bail. He tells him he’s not afraid of him. Roman takes off the killer’s mask and is stunned at who he sees. “It can’t be. This can’t be happening.” The killer draws his sword, striking Roman. Blood splatters, Roman grabs his throat, while the killer wipes the blood off his/her mask and puts it back on.

Celeste wants to warn everyone about what’s going to happen. Lexie wants to know exactly what Celeste sees. She has a vision of Kate in her wedding dress under the flowered archway and sees blood all over. They think she’s thinking about the bleeding wedding cake. They are convinced the trouble is over.

John continues hearing noises in the bushes. He grabs someone wearing a black hooded jacket. He’s ready to beat up the person, when he realizes it’s Marlena. She didn’t want to startle him. He thought she was Tony. They calm down and wish each other a happy new year and kiss.

Nicole is drinking at the bar. She asks Victor if he thinks there will be another murder. She thinks they should burn the place down. She looks at Brady and Chloe happily dancing. She wants to burn it with all of them inside.

Lucas runs into Sami. He’s been looking for her everywhere. The camera man wants to know if they’d like to videotape a message for their parents. Sami grabs the microphone and tells them to go to hell. They make her sick. Lucas grabs the microphone and tells the guy to edit that out. Now that they are family, Lucas wants to give Sami brotherly advice. She wants none of it. She’s happy her only brother, Eric, isn’t here to see this. He shows her how happy everyone else is, but she wonders why her father isn’t around, if he’s so happy.

Phillip arrives at the reception complete in his Marine uniform. He hugs his mother and congratulates her. Kate quickly fills him in on Tony’s arrest. She and Phillip wonder where the groom is. It’s almost midnight. Kate doesn’t intend to ring in the New Year without him.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the wedding cake is smashed and blood is dripping everywhere.

Bo and Hope continue searching the grounds when Bo’s watch alarm goes off. It’s midnight. He and Hope kiss and wish each other a happy new year. Lexie and Celeste are thrilled that midnight has arrived without anymore deaths.

Bonnie begins the countdown (a little late). Confetti falls. Happy New Year! Bonnie falls into Victor’s arms and kisses him. Mimi and Rex kiss. Shawn and Belle race outside. Shawn wants to spend the rest of his life with Belle. They kiss. Chloe and Brady are nearby sharing their own kiss. Chloe thinks each year will be better than the last one.

Sami frowns. Lucas wishes her a happy new year. She smiles for the first time all evening. Kate asks if they’ve seen Roman. Sami smirks. Lucas admits that he should never have worked for Tony and he promises to do better by Kate and to all the people he loves. He stares at Sami.

Mickey, Alice and Jennifer share a table. Jennifer cries. Alice remembers the first New Years after Tom’s death. Jennifer can’t believe 2004 is the first year Jack won’t live to see. Lexie comforts her. Celeste has another vision of Kate. She faints into Lucas’ arms and begins having convulsions. Marlena and Lexie try to help. Marlena asks if she’s diabetic. Celeste comes too. It wasn’t a seizure, it was a vision.

Bonnie tries to lighten the situation. She lines up all the single women. Drunkenly, Nicole tells Victor she should be out there too. She’s about to be single. Victor tells her to knock herself out. Nicole and Bonnie fight for the bouquet which lands in Sami’s hands.

Sami, Marlena and Kate worry about Roman’s continued absence. Bonnie goes into the kitchen and sees a puddle of blood. She screams. Mimi and a cop come rushing in. Bonnie is on the ground wiping up the blood. She yells at the cop for leaving the cake there since now there is blood everywhere including on her. The cop tells her to stop, she’s destroying evidence. He tells her to take off her clothes. Mimi and the cop leave and calm everyone else down. Nothing happened, the cake just splattered more blood.

Sami admits to Marlena that she said horrible things to Roman. She told Roman he’d be better off dead than married to Kate. Marlena is horrified and hopes Sami didn’t mean that. Sami denies wanting Roman to die. She’s not a maniac. Marlena reminds her of what she said before Abe died. Sami told him she hoped he got hit by a truck. Then he died. She said mean things to her grandmother and then she died. Marlena thinks Sami is worried about her father because she feels guilty. Sami asks if Marlena thinks she’s the killer. Marlena doesn’t think so.

She advises Sami not to let her words ruin Roman’s day. It’s not for them to decide who will make Roman happy. If she doesn’t move on and accept Roman’s marriage, she’ll be sacrificing her own future. Sami doesn’t think she’ll ever get married and she doesn’t think she deserves to live happily ever after. Marlena disagrees. Marlena thinks there are so many wonderful things waiting to happen to her, but she has to let it happen. Marlena wants her to give Roman her blessing. Sami agrees. They go to find Roman.

Victor asks Nicole if she’s nervous about going to jail. She smirks and takes out a letter from her purse. The letter is covered in blood. Nicole smiles that it’s their “get out of jail free” card. He asks what the blood is from, where did she get the letter. She reminds him that she is not going to jail.

Phillip is upset to see Chloe. They talk. Brady watches from a distance. Chloe thought of e-mailing Phillip, but she thought it would be better to leave him alone. She thought it would be easier for him to move on. Chloe had hoped he would find someone else by now and she’d be just a memory. He tells her she’ll always be more than a memory to him. Brady joins them and tells Phillip that Chloe is back for good.

Bo gets a phone call. He had one of the cops checking all of the male guest’s cufflinks. Nobody is missing one. Someone else has been there. It had to be Tony.

Bonnie comes out in a black robe. Celeste stares in horror. She saw a vision of Bonnie with blood on her. She screams for Lexie to find Roman.

The wedding cake is finally packaged and taken away. Nobody sees the blood that keeps dripping. Roman’s hand is shown sticking out from under the tablecloth.

Celeste is getting more and more agitated. Lexie doesn’t know what to do. The worst is not over. Bo, Hope and John hear a noise in the bushes – with drawn guns they race to get whoever is there.

Phillip is surprised that Victor approves of Chloe being with Brady since he never approved of him with Chloe. Brady says times change. Phillip thinks Nicole and Victor’s marriage just keeps getting worse. Brady assures him that Nicole means nothing to him. Phillip wonders if Chloe means everything to him.

Bonnie asks the cameraman to give her the videotape. She wants nothing edited. She wants the blood, the screams…she wants it all. Mickey comes over to see if Bonnie is okay. She’s happy he is so concerned about her. She puts on some music. Auld Lang Syne. Belle and Shawn dance, Mimi and Rex dance. Lucas asks Jennifer to dance. Chloe and Brady join them on the dance floor. Mimi realizes that Rex never heard the song before. She explains the significance of it. It’s about remembering old times, old friends.

Nicole burns the letter.

Marlena and Sami panic when they can’t find Roman or Kate. Sami hopes it’s not too late to tell Roman she loves him.

John and Bo find someone wearing black pant and a black hooded jacket lurking. They tackle him/her to the ground and pull off the hood.

Sami continues looking desperately for Roman. Soon everyone panics at his disappearance. Celeste has more visions of Kate with blood. Suddenly, Kate walks out of the back room. She’s covered in blood and walking very slowly. Everyone stares in horror as she screams.

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