Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/3/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/3/04

By Sharon
Pictures by Juanita

Sami is sitting at her kitchen table, drinking coffee when Lucas walks in, He questions her phone conversation with Brandon, and tells her he overheard her tell Brandon that She loved him too.

Jan Searches for Shawn after she discovers him missing. She opens the garage door and Shawn is standing there. He punches her lights out. While Jan is out cold, Shawn jumps on his bike and makes the great escape.

Outside of Mimi and Bells apartment, Mimi and Rex discuss Phillip and Belle's getaway to Green Mountain Lodge. Rex Voices his disapproval and Mimi tells him to stay out of it. Inside of the Apartment Belle and Phillip are planning their trip. The phone rings and Belle answers. Brady is on the other line and he tells Belle he had bad news. Belle feared that it was something bad about Shawn, but Brady tells her that Chloe had died. Belle takes the news real hard. Brady tells her that he is having a memorial service at St. Lukes and invites her to come.

Celeste argues with Bo and John about Abe, Marlena and the others being alive. Bo tells Celeste and Lexi about the code they received. Celeste and Lexi react in shock.

Meanwhile on the Island, Jennifer was in hard labor as Patrick is delivering the baby. Patrick tells Jennifer that he could see the baby's head and he encouraged her not to give up.

Back at the station, John is skeptical and argue against Bo's theory and Celeste's premonition. Maggie and Alice Horton sit in the Brady Pub, on the island. Maggie voices her worry about Jennifer and Alice tells her to pray and remember when Abbey was born. How she and Jack overcame the odds. At the cave, Patrick gets the Baby's head out but has to cut Jennifer to get the baby's shoulders out. Jennifer screams to the top of her lungs.

Sami insures Lucas that she was just trying to make peace with Brandon. Lucas also admitted to overhearing Sami tell Brandon that she missed him. Lucas then asked Sami what would she do, if Brandon called her right then and told her he was still in love with her. Before she could answer Belle calls Sami crying and tells her that Chloe had been killed. She asked Sami to come to the memorial service. Not only for Brady's support but that she needed to talk to her. After Belle hangs up the phone, a teary Phillip tells Belle, that Chloe was his first love and that Brady deserved her more than he did. Belle embraces Phillip and the both cry. Mimi thinks back to when she told Belle she may have cancer, her and Rex hug real tight to each other all of them were devastated about Chloe's passing.

Brady think back to the last time he and Chloe where to together. The day she left Salem, how hard it was for both of them to say good-bye. He blamed himself for her death. Nicole tries to comfort him by telling him that he couldn't have changed things.

When Jan comes to, she vows to find and recapture Shawn. In the meantime Shawn limps into Belles apartment to find it empty.

Caroline and Victor are talking with Alice and Maggie when Doug comes into the pup to tell them that the transmitter was destroyed. Feeling defeated, they feared that Bo never got their signals. Bo, was still trying to convince the others that the code was from Roman, and it was made up when they were kids. John thinks that maybe Stefano is using the code to his advantage. John maintains that the wounds Marlena and the others suffered where to severe to survive. Bo suggest exhuming the bodies.

Finally Jennifer's baby is out and Patrick tells her that she had a boy. Jennifer becomes concerned that the baby was not crying and Patrick tell her the baby is not breathing. Jennifer starts to panic. Patrick administers CPR and finally the baby cries out. Jennifer is relieved.

Belle, Phillip, Rex and Mimi met Brady and Nicole outside of St. Lukes church. Brady tells them that Chloe was leaving the Opera House in Vienna during a thunderstorm, the limo she was riding in lost control and slammed into a guard rail on a steep mountain, the driver was killed instantly. Lucas and Sammy join the others at the church and offer their condolences to Brady. Sammy throws vicious slurs at Nicole, accusing Chloe's death of being convenient for her so she could jump Brady's bones. The gang heads inside the church when Mimi's phone rang. Scared that it was her test results, she answered only to find Jan on the line. Jan was asking Mimi if Belle heard from Shawn, Mimi irritated that Jan called her told her about Chloe's death and told her that Belle had not heard from Shawn. Mimi also told Jan that they were at the memorial service for Chloe. She demanded that Jan stay away from the service. Shawn tries to call Belle on her cell phone, but he couldn't reach her. He gets angry when he finds a picture of Phillip and Belle on Belle's desk. Shawn leaves the apartment to look for Belle.

At the police station, Bo and Celeste try to persuade John into exhuming the bodies. Right away, Lexi gives her permission. Bo said he would give his permission to exhumes Roman's body but John reminds Bo that Kate is Romans next of kin, this sets off an argument between the two. Finally John agreed to ask Kate about exhuming Romans body.

Shawn goes to his house, only to find it empty. He then tries to call Hope and does not get an answer, he calls Bo's cell phone and leaves voicemail. Bo was on the phone with the Judge and does not answer The judge gives Bo permission to exhumes the bodies provided the family gives permission. Bo tries to call Shawn back, but Shawn was gone. John gets a phone call from Brady telling him the bad news.

Inside the church Chloe's picture was placed on the alter. Mimi worries that she too could be dying. Phillip and Lucas talk about Phillips getaway with Belle, and Belle and Sammy talk about Phillip. Sammy encourages Belle to be intimate with Phillip. Jan dressed as a nun goes unrecognized as she passes Sammy and Belle in the church. Jan slips into the confessional and holds up a syringe intended for Shawn. She planned to knock Shawn out if he came to the Church looking for Belle, and kidnap him again. She then referred to the dearly departed Chloe as "Ghoul Girl." Shawn goes back to Belles, apartment and collapses on the couch due to the pain and loss of blood.

Caroline, Victor Maggie, Doug, and Alice wander where Cassie was, and assumed she was helping Tony wherever he was. They were mourning their families, afraid they would never get off the island. At last, Jennifer is holding her son. She was weak from the blood loss and in a lot of pain. Patrick told her that he had been unable to stop the bleeding. Jennifer embraces her baby and is Scared she is going to die. She thanks Patrick for delivering her baby.

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