Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/31/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/31/03

By Jenne
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Happy New Year's Eve!

Tony's resolution for the new year is to destroy the Bradys once and for all.

Roman and Kate's happiness quickly turns to shock as blood pours out of the wedding cake. John calls Tek and asks for help. Sami is let back inside, and Kate attempts to strangle her, thinking she did this. She really has no idea how it got there.

Bo checks the perimeter outside. None of the officers have seen anything out of the ordinary. There has been no sign of anyone.

Lucas and Roman pull Kate and Sami apart. Marlena claims there is no proof that Sami was involved, and Roman promises to get to the bottom of it. Kate sees no point, the party is ruined anyway.

Celeste has a premonition of someone being murdered at the stroke of midnight.

Shawn asks his parents if there are any leads, but they know nothing. Bo decides to head over to the station and check up on Tony. Shawn insists on going with him. Hope makes them promise to be careful. She returns inside, and brings the cake into the kitchen, it is now evidence.

Kate believes that Sami didn't put blood in the cake. Roman tries to get Kate to focus on the fact that they are now husband and wife, instead of worrying about the cake. She seems to feel somewhat better about it.

Roman receives a call from someone, about Victor and Nicole. They have proof that Nicole killed Colin Murphy and that her husband covered it up. Roman says he'll be waiting for the proof, at midnight.

Bonnie comes up with a way to get the reception going again. She calls for everyone's attention. To lighten the mood, she decides to teach everyone to line dance. Mimi is horrified, but everyone seems to really enjoy it. It definitely livened up the party again.

Bo and Shawn see that Tony is gone and they are told that Tony made bail. Bo calls John, to let him know that his brother is out. He asks John to keep an eye out for him. Marlena notices that John is disturbed and he explains that Tony was released from jail.

Celeste and Lexi bring inside some of Alice's donuts. Roman and Kate are very grateful. Roman thanks everyone for being there and helping them celebrate their wedding day. He assures them that Tony is locked up.

John tells Hope that Tony is out and she wants to warn Roman. Marlena won't allow it.

Sami sees Nicole in the bathroom, with a letter from Brandon. She shows Sami a picture of Brandon and another woman, who turns out to be his new girlfriend. Sami is very hurt that he found someone new already. She runs into Lucas on her way out.

Tony lurks around outside of Tuscany.

Marlena doesn't want Roman upset tonight. Bo returns and says they are not waiting to tell him. He needs to know now.

Shawn tells Belle, Rex and Mimi that Tony was released. Rex can't believe they let him out.

Roman approaches Nicole and informs her that he's about to get proof that she killed Colin and Victor covered it up, making him an accessory. She doesn't believe he has proof, but he says he will by midnight. He tells her to enjoy her remaining minutes of freedom and walks away. Nicole runs over to Victor and drags him outside.

Bo tells Roman that Tony is out of jail.

Lucas brings Sami outside to cool off. He doesn't want her to fall apart. She informs him that Brandon has a new girlfriend. Kate goes outside and attempts to make peace with Sami, again. Roman expresses how happy it would make him if they could get along. Sami will not do it, however. She tells Roman that she doesn't have a father and he might as well be dead. He is very hurt by this.

The killer enters through the kitchen door, with a knife in hand.

Nicole tells Victor about the proof that Roman has. Victor says it is time to face their fate. It's over.

Roman receives another call, that the evidence is in the kitchen, in an envelope. He goes inside to get it, after telling Kate how much he loves her. He reads what is inside the envelope, and can't believe what it says. He turns to leave and as he does, the lights go out. He turns back around and comes face to face with the killer.

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