Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/30/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/30/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Hope asks Roman what he's working. He is getting married soon. He needs to take care of paperwork, which Bo told Hope he was doing. However, Roman has not seen him.

Bo goes to see Tony. He walks into his cell, where Tony is meditating. Bo tries to wake him from it. He wants to pay Tony back for supposedly murdering his mother.

Mickey walks into Tuscany and sees Bonnie wearing one of Maggie's dresses. She was supposed to give them to charity.

Rex doesn't think he should be at the wedding, even though Kate and Roman are his parents. He thought his father was Tony. He doesn't understand why Tony would kill all those people. Shawn says he can tell him.

Jen gives Lexi and Celeste the news that she is pregnant. They are very excited for her.

Kate and Lucas arrive at Tuscany, with Sami right behind them. Lucas will not let Sami talk to his mother. He'll tie her up and gag her is he needs to.

Chloe and Brady go to get ready for the wedding. Victor tells Nicole she will not be attending it. He warns her not to show up, or she will regret it.

Shawn tells Rex that hatred runs in the Dimera family. He believes Tony would have eventually tried to kill Rex. Shawn tells him to consider himself lucky that he is a Brady. Rex wouldn't blame Roman if he hated him, but Shawn assures him that Roman loves him.

Bo pulls Tony to his feet, but Roman runs in and separates them. Bo wants to kill Tony.

Marlena goes to see Kate, and Kate believes she is going to try to talk her out or marrying Roman. It won't work.

Shawn apologizes to Rex for everything. He would like to call a truce, and Rex agrees. Belle and Mimi are thrilled.

Jen lets it slip that Tony was arrested, not knowing that Lexi was not informed yet. She apologizes. Celeste explains that new evidence was found on Tony's PDA. Lexi excuses herself, and goes to see her brother.

Tony claims to be innocent and tells Roman to watch his back. Roman, Bo and Hope leave for Tuscany.

Marlena isn't there to stop the wedding. She is there to apologize to Kate for not being supportive of her relationship with Roman. She wishes them both happiness together and Kate thanks her. Marlena knows she doesn't deserve it, but she would still like to be her matron of honor. Kate would be proud to have Marlena stand up for her.

Brady and Chloe walk in, and Belle runs over and hugs her. They are glad to see eachother. Victor arrives, with Nicole following him. Mickey allows her to come in.

Roman is approached by Sami, who is hysterical. She threatens to kill herself if he marries Kate.

Lexi screams at Tony and asks how he could murder all of those people. He didn't do it, but Lexi says he is lying. Tony is just like Stefano. He is very hurt that Lexi believes he is guilty. She is all he has. Lexi tells him to burn in hell, and walks away.

Roman tells Sami to never threaten suicide again. She is desperate. If he marries Kate, she is out of his life, forever. Roman hugs her and says she will never be out of his life, he loves her. Sami tells Roman that she hates him, and leaves him staring at her, in shock.

Victor goes to see Kate and wish her luck. He wants her to be happy.

Nicole begins making a fool of herself and Brady drags her outside. She has embarrassed him for the last time.

The wedding begins, and Kate walks down the aisle in an old-fashioned gown. Everyone looks at her in awe, except Sami. Roman takes her hand in his and everyone is asked if they know of just cause why Roman and Kate should not be married. Sami opens her mouth to say something, and Lucas shoves a napkin in so that she can't talk. Then, he and Shawn pick up Sami, in her chair, and carry her outside. Everyone laughs at the scene. Roman and Kate say their vows and exchange rings. Rex smiles as he watches his parents. It seems he is warming up to his parents, and the idea of being a Brady. Roman and Kate are pronounced husband and wife, everyone cheers.

Tony has made bail. His lawyer hands him the clothes he requested, asking if he is going to a wedding. Tony replies, "No, a funeral."

Roman and Kate cut their wedding cake, and blood seeps out of it.

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