Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/29/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/29/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe walks in on Brady and Nicole, who is wearing nothing, and is in Brady's arms. Brady tells her that he can explain, and Nicole interrupts, saying Brady broke up her marriage with Victor.

Sami walks into Kate's office. She still will not accept that Kate is going to marry her father.

Celeste is in Salem Village, looking into a bridal shop. She sees blood dripping from white roses in the front display. She shakes her head, not wanting to believe what she is seeing. Bonnie spots her, and Celeste collapses on her.

Kate approaches Marlena and says she has something to ask her. Marlena is rather harsh with her. Kate asks if she would be her matron of honor, and Marlena declines. She doesn't support the marriage. Kate is a suspect in the murders.

Rex attacks Tony while accusing him of killing Cassie. Tony doesn't know what he's talking about. Rex says he set a trap for the killer and Tony fell right into it. Rex found a code hidden in the serial killer's messages and he programmed the reply to ring a special way. It went off, they all heard it. Tony gives Rex his PDA, and Rex says it's all right there.

Sami begins to cut up what she believes to be Kate's wedding dress, in a fit of rage.

Kate is in shock that Marlena believes she is the killer, after all the new evidence that has turned up lately. Marlena doesn't see why they are rushing the wedding, but it is what Roman wants. He wants to get on with his life. Marlena wants Roman hidden away until the killer is caught. Roman won't hide though. Kate tells Marlena that she just can't stand losing Roman to another woman, and walks away.

Shawn runs to Roman, saying they've got the killer. Belle is reading every message the killer sent, on Tony's PDA. Roman asks what's going on, and Rex explains. Roman shows Rex his appreciation, while Tony says he turns so easily from one father to another. Clearly, he's not a Dimera after all.

Bonnie sits Celeste down and asks what is wrong. Celeste had another premonition. Bonnie doesn't want to hear it, but Celeste tells her anyway.

Chloe runs out, and Brady asks Nicole what is the matter with her. There is nothing between them, he's only interested in Chloe. Nicole doesn't believe him and continues to come on to him. Victor walks in, calling her a witch. Brady runs out after Chloe. She tells him that she is leaving. He tries to explain that Nicole set him up.

Kate walks in and sees Sami shredding the dress. She tells her to look in the pocket. There is a piece of paper in it. Sami cannot believe what it says.

Celeste says she sees blood on Bonnie, at Tuscany. Tuscany has been closed since Maggie died and Bonnie would never go back there. Celeste says she doesn't have a choice.

Roman reads Tony his rights and brings him to the station.

The paper in Sami's hand says: "Sami, now that I am marrying your father, I hope that we can live in peace. Please accept this as my gift. Love Kate." Sami was wrong about it being Kate's dress, she bought it for Sami to wear to the wedding. Kate had it flown in from NY, thinking it would be perfect for her. She wanted Roman to see Sami in it, so he would realize she could handle them getting married. Sami accuses Kate of setting her up, and Kate kicks her out of her office.

Bonnie leaves and sits on a bench. Mickey sees her and says hello. He needs to ask her for a favor. He needs help setting a party up, at Tuscany, for the wedding. Bonnie stares at him in disbelief.

Shawn feels sorry for Rex. Belle isn't sure that Tony is the killer. She believes the evidence could have been planted on Tony, to make him look guilty.

Tony tells them that they have the wrong man again. John gets on Tony's case about the murders. Roman says the killing stops here, to which Tony replies "I would like to think so, but I'm sorry...Just because I'm in jail, doesn't mean that the murders stop here. It's no guarantee your life is safe."

Bonnie tells Mickey that Celeste had another premonition, but is interrupted when Shawn and Belle walk over to tell them the news about Tony. Mickey insists on going to the station, and Bonnie follows.

Roman wants a blood sample from Tony to see if the blood from the tree lot matches his. He tells them to talk to his lawyer. Tony then asks Marlena if she feels safer with him in jail, or if she is still worried that John will kill her. John tells him to cooperate. Tony will not make this easy on them.

Chloe slaps Nicole across the face. Nicole goes to hit her, but Victor holds her back. Chloe apologizes to Victor, but he is very amused by her actions. Chloe then apologizes to Brady for doubting him, and they kiss.

Belle and Shawn go to Basic Black and offer to help Kate deliver the invitation for the wedding. Shawn then informs Kate and Sami that Tony has been arrested for the murders. They are both in shock. Kate goes to the station to see Roman. Sami tells them the danger is far from over.

Belle hands Rex an invitation to Kate and Roman's wedding, and he looks a bit surprised.

The killer is someone that was given an invitation to the wedding.

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