Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/26/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/26/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Chloe wake up together. They vow that nothing and no one will ever come between them again. Meanwhile, Nicole is downstairs getting drunk. Victor taunts her, she throws a glass at him. How could he do this to her?

Rex and Mimi search for a place to bury Cassie. He picks the place where the twins first landed. He promises Cassie that he will get the person who killed her. He asks Mimi to say a prayer. She says The Lord’s Prayer while Rex scatters Cassie’s ashes.

Shawn takes Belle to the park for a surprise. Shawn made two snow people dressed like them. They are happy, until Rex and Mimi interrupt.

Sami apologizes to her grandmother, but she had to return the gift Caroline bought her before she died. She could never wear slipper socks. Sami passes a store window featuring a wedding. She imagines Kate and Roman as the bride and groom with her and Marlena as bridesmaids. She takes off Kate’s head and replaces it with Marlena’s. Marlena and Roman kiss, while Sami happily watches. She kicks Kate’s head away. Sami snaps back into reality and swears she will not let anything get in the way of her reuniting her parents. Celeste overhears and warns her not to tempt fate. She fears if Sami interferes with fate, something terrible will happen. Sami doesn’t want to hear it. Her parents are supposed to be together. Celeste looks back at the window and sees the groom’s carnation dripping blood. Evil is back!

Lucas is delivering wedding invitations for Kate – the wedding is today. He doesn’t think anything will spoil it, but Tony disagrees. Tony doesn’t think anyone wants to celebrate with a killer running around. Lucas’ cell phone rings, while Tony writes something in his PDA.

John wakes up to find Marlena staring out the window. She tells John that Sami is right. If he marries Kate, it will mean his death sentence. Marlena explains that it’s not the time for wedding with a killer running around. John assures her that security will be tight. Marlena is afraid that Kate will break Roman’s heart. John wonders if she’s more concerned about her own heart than Roman’s. She denies it. She’s only worried about his safety.

Roman and Kate happily wake up. It’s their wedding day. Kate suddenly realizes that they are doomed – the groom is not supposed to see the bride on the day of their wedding. It’s bad luck. Roman insists he wants to be with her. Kate agrees if they keep their eyes closed. They make love. While Roman is in the shower, his PDA goes off with a message. Kate picks it up and reads “You won’t live to see your honeymoon.”

Chloe admires the pearls Victor gave her. She can’t believe Victor gave them to her. She wonders about Nicole and Victor, though. They used to be so in love. Now they are tense. Victor tells Nicole to never underestimate him, she mutters to herself that he shouldn’t underestimate the powers of a sexy woman and hot blooded male.

Tony remarks that Lucas is late with the invitations, since the wedding is today. Lucas tells him they have taken security measures by numbering the invitations and Tony’s not on the guest list. Tony offers his congratulations to the bride and groom. Lucas realizes the one problem Roman and Kate will have is Sami.

Tony runs into Celeste. He claims to be looking for Rex, but Celeste doesn’t buy it. What’s he really up to? Tony denies he’s doing anything more than finding Rex. Celeste intends to find out what Tony is really doing.

Sami calls Marlena. She has to see her mother right away. It’s about Marlena’s love for Roman. They meet in the church. Marlena tells Sami that the choices she and Roman makes are none of her business. She informs Sami that the wedding is going to take place today. Sami refuses to let that happen. Marlena tells her to get on her knees and pray for help. Sami has her own prayer to say, she gets down on her knees “forgive me, for I’m about to sin.” She asks for some kind of natural disaster to strike Kate down. Suddenly a wind blows through the church.

In the park Belle, Shawn, Mimi and Rex discuss the killer. John calls Belle and warns her that Roman just got another message on his PDA and she should be careful. Rex has an idea. Every message sent to a PDA has an encrypted code. If he can crack the code, it will lead them straight to the killer. He tells Rex to get him the files. That’s all he needs. Bo transmits all his files to Rex’s PDA. Belle wonders why Tex didn’t think of this. He’s smart, but he’s not a genius like Rex. Rex cracks the code. Now they’re going to get the killer.

John sees Lucas in the park and grabs Lucas’ gun. He warns him to bring it to the wedding. The killer is going to strike at the wedding and this time he’s not getting away.

Tony is on his cell phone telling someone that the wedding is going to take place. He will be sending roses, blood red roses.

When Roman hears Kate’s screams, he races out of the shower. She wants to postpone the wedding, but Roman won’t hear of it. He loves her and wants to grow old with her. He won’t let anything happen.

Chloe and Nicole discuss the Kiriakis’ marriage. Nicole admits she and Victor are getting a divorce. Alone, Nicole vows to get exactly what she wants. Brady gets undressed when Nicole walks out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. She takes it off and starts kissing Brady. Chloe walks in.

John and Roman talk in the park and make peace with their pasts. John and Marlena only want to see Roman happy. Kate runs into Marlena and asks her to be her matron-of-honor. Marlena refuses.

Celeste passes by the wedding window again and sees more blood dripping from the flowers. It’s happening again – evil is here!

Rex uses his PDA to send a message to the killer. He’s just testing it. He will use it later at the wedding. When the PDA goes off at the wedding, they’ll know who the killer is. The message goes through now and Tony’s PDA goes off. The four of them turn towards Tony. Rex punches him. “You killed my sister. Now you’re going to die.”

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