Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/25/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Merry Christmas!

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Chloe wake up in bed. They can’t believe they are back together again. It’s the best Christmas present. Nicole eavesdrops, Victor taunts her. They hear Chloe groaning. Chloe and Brady talk about their feelings. Chloe tells him that she hasn’t made love with anyone else, Brady admits he hasn’t either. He’s always loved Chloe. Nicole continues to eavesdrop.

Brady and Chloe make their way down to the living room. Chloe thanks Victor for the trip home, but he has another gift for her. He gives her a pearl necklace that belonged to Isabella. Nicole watches in anger. She asks Victor what she gets. He told her he filled her stocking with the coal she so richly deserves. She calls him a grinch, he laughs.

Mickey goes into the kitchen holding a baseball bat, ready to swing. He finds Bonnie is cooking him breakfast. She wants to thank him for saving her life. She, also, gives him a country/western music CD. She noticed he didn’t have any in his music collection.

Roman and Kate wake up in bed. Roman wants to get married right away, but Kate wants to wait. She’s scared that Roman is going to be the next victim of the serial killer. He assures her that he will be safe. They agree to marry tomorrow.

Family and friends gather at Bo and Hope’s house for Christmas. Marlena, John, Belle and Shawn arrive together. Marlena seems distracted and more interested in where Roman is. Bo assures her that he and Kate will be there soon.

Jennifer tells everyone the news about her being pregnant. The only one who doesn’t know is Abby since she spent Christmas Eve and Jo and Vern’s. Jennifer leaves the party for a pre-natal visit with Dr. Bader. The doctor was able to squeeze her in on Christmas Day since she was in the hospital anyway delivering a baby.

Roman and Kate arrive with news of their own. They tell everyone they are engaged and will be getting married the next day. Everyone is excited and happy for them, with one notable exception – Marlena. She seems distracted the entire time.

Kim and Kayla call the family and they each get a chance to speak to them. Roman makes sure he’s the one who gives his sisters the good news about his upcoming wedding.

Jennifer waits for Dr. Bader, when Abby arrives. Jo dropped her off early and someone told her Jennifer was in there. Is she sick? Jennifer tells her about the baby and Abby is ecstatic. Abby remembers Jack telling her how he was there when Abby was born. She promises to help her mother through this, she shouldn’t be alone. They hug. Jennifer whispers, “Thank you Jack”.

Lucas and Will invite Sami to spend Christmas with them. Will gives her a photo album he made, which includes pictures of Roman, Marlena, Eric and Sami in happier times. Sami is sad thinking of how John destroyed that happiness. Lucas tries to distract her with his Christmas dinner. He’s cooking a turkey. Sami leaves for a few minutes. Suddenly the hallway fills with smoke. Lucas comes running through and sprays Sami with the fire extinguisher. She tried to bake cookies, but burned them. Kate calls to fill Lucas in on her plans to marry Roman. He’s happy for her. Roman wants to speak to Sami, but she refuses. She vows that this wedding will never happen.

Everyone arrives for the annual reading of the Christmas Story to the children in the hospital. Bonnie fills her pocketbook with cookies, while Mickey remembers how much Maggie loved this time of year.

Hope tells Jennifer that their grandmother thought she’d be the perfect person to read the Christmas Story this year. Jennifer is thrilled.

Roman’s PDA goes off, he and Bo walk out of the room to see what the message is. It’s from the killer “You won’t live long enough to see your honeymoon night.”

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