Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/24/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/24/03

By Yvonne
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Merry Christmas Eve!

Jennifer walks through Salem Place talking to Jo on her cell phone. Abbie will be spending Christmas Eve with Jo. Jennifer sees a Santa Claus which reminds her of the time Jack dressed up as Santa. She sits on a bark bench joined by Santa. He seems to know all about her and insists her husband is going to give her a Christmas gift. She asks Santa to be more specific, but he vanishes.

Shawn and Bo plan to surprise Hope and Belle with their Christmas gifts. Hope and Belle are planning a surprise of their own. They exchange gifts. Belle and Hope open their gifts of lingerie that they both love. Bo and Shawn realize those aren’t the gifts they bought, their presents were hotter. When they see how happy the ladies are, they don’t mention the wrong gifts.

All Brady wants for Christmas is Chloe to return home. Nicole wonders if Victor’s plans will blow up in Victor’s face.

Kate assures John that Marlena loves her. Sami eavesdrop and interrupts them. There’s no way her father is marrying Kate. Her parents loved each other long before John was in the picture and they still do. John doesn’t stick around to fight with Sami. Instead, he wants to go home and spend the holidays with his family, which includes his wife. Kate and Sami fight over Roman some more. Kate wants to call a holiday truce, but Sami won’t have any of it. She’s fighting for her family. She picks up a paperweight to hit Kate. Kate threatens to have her arrested, but she doesn’t want to hurt Roman. Sami smashes John and Marlena’s picture and vows to get rid of Kate.

Marlena tells Roman she loves him. She thinks their love is stronger than ever. They had so much taken away from them. She doesn’t want Roman to marry Kate. Roman assures Marlena that Kate isn’t the killer. She was with him when they were attacked, but Marlena thinks the killer could be anyone. He doesn’t think this is about Kate. Roman feels Sami has put feelings of guilt in Marlena, but she denies it. Marlena remembers her life with Roman. He reminds her of her love for John. She reminds him that Caroline’s ghost said John is going to kill her. What if it’s true? He kills her, then he kills Roman? Marlena feels if Roman marries Kate, something terrible will happen. Roman will always love Marlena, but there time has passed. She should go home to John. When she’s in his arms, she will know he’s the one for her.

John visits Brady. Brady can’t attend mass with them as he is hoping Chloe will return tonight. Victor sent a private plane for her, but Brady doesn’t think she will come. He shows John the Isabella Toscano Black Concert Hall. He wants Chloe to be the resident singer there. John advises him to cherish the moments he spends with loved ones. Brady knows that John still misses Isabella, especially at holiday times. He asks if John is having problems with Marlena.

Jennifer heads to the Hortons for the tree trimming party. Lucas and Will join them and things get a bit awkward. Mickey clears the air – Lucas was accounted for when the killer attacked Roman last night. Therefore, Lucas is not the killer. They all embrace Lucas and Will as a Horton.

Marlena and Roman hug goodbye in the park while Sami and Kate watch. Sami is convinced her Christmas wishes are about to come true.

It’s time for the Hortons to hang their ornaments. They will hang their own, as well as those who only live in their hearts. Mickey places his next to Maggie’s. Lucas and Will’s are placed next to Bill, Mike and Jeremy’s. Jennifer realizes Jack’s is missing, but then sees Santa pointing to it. Shawn and Zach put their ornaments on the tree, while Bo and Hope put up theirs. Shawn thinks there’s plenty of room for Belle’s ornament some day. Belle wants that, but can’t help think of Jennifer losing the love of her life. Jennifer remembers Jack promising she’d never be alone. The phone rings and Jennifer rushes to answer. It’s Mike wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Jack’s ornament suddenly glows and the phone rings again. Jennifer answers. She then turns to her family with the news of the best Christmas present ever. She’s going to have a baby. Alice looks up, “Thank you Tom”.

Brady learns that Chloe’s plane arrived an hour ago. If she were on it, she would have been there by now. Nicole invites him to her room at midnight for eggnog. Victor pulls her away, while Brady looks lonely and sad.

At the Penthouse, John asks Marlena if her thoughts are of him and her or her without him? Marlena asks him to hug her. She wants him to promise that the killer is caught. He promises to protect his family.

Kate sits on a park bench alone and gets ready to leave. Suddenly Roman runs over. He’s been looking all over for her. He has a gift for her. He gives her a small jewelry box. Sami watches – she must stop this. Kate opens the gift. It’s a pin. Sami stays hidden, gloating. Roman has something else for Kate. It’s a gift of love more appropriate for Valentine’s Day, but this seems like the right time. He gives her an engagement ring. Sami pouts and runs off in tears. Roman wants to do this right. He gets down on one knee and asks Kate to marry him. She agrees.

Sami goes home crying. Lucas begs her to put aside her feelings for Will’s sake. It’s Christmas.

Brady hears carolers outside the mansion. One voice stands out. Could it be Chloe? He runs out and there she is. He runs into her arms and kiss.

In the background, Brady and Chloe sing Silent Night. The camera pans over the citizens of Salem, Brady and Chloe kissing, John and Marlena, Kate and Roman, Hope and Bo, Belle and Shawn, Sami with Lucas and Will…

Merry Christmas to All!

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