Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/23/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/23/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Roman goes into work to see if the lab work on the blood came in yet. It hasn't, Tek is running it. Bo is assigning 24 hour security to Roman. He doesn't want to take anymore chances. Roman is difficult about it.

Marlena walks into John's office and is startled when a hand is placed on her shoulder.

Shawn thinks about all the victims and how they won't be spending Christmas with them this year. For Christmas, he wants the serial killer caught. Belle agrees. Shawn says he's got to go to get changed.

Roman wants to be the killer's target so that they have a chance of catching him/her. Hope is concerned about Roman's safety, he could have been killed last night. Roman tells them to obey his orders, whether they like them or not. Bo and Hope concede. Roman tells them to take the day off and concentrate on their family. Bo asks Roman if he has any special plans with Kate, and he pulls out an engagement ring.

Lucas is dreaming about Sami, and is woken up by her yelling that someone is at the door. Kate walks in and is shocked to see Sami there. Kate and Sami begin to bicker.

Marlena tells John that he scared he half to death. It wasn't intentional. Marlena won't look at him or allow him to kiss her.

Lucas kicks Sami out of his apartment. Lucas asks Kate what's wrong and she explains that Roman was attacked. She went to check on him this morning and he brushed her off. Lucas assures his mother that Roman loves her. He's just preoccupied with the serial killer running around. Kate wants a future with him so badly and hopes that he feels the same.

Bo and Hope are excited for Roman, but Roman isn't sure if it's too soon to give it to Kate. He feels they are in limbo. He is unsure if she'll say yes. Roman decides to leave, and tells Bo and Hope to do the same.

Marlena hasn't recovered from the fright John gave her. She is upset and doesn't feel affectionate. He asks what she's doing there. She came by to finalize their Christmas Eve plans. John wonders if Marlena is beginning to believe Sami's accusations about him being the serial killer. Marlena is frustrated that he is bringing this up again. John implies that Marlena still has feelings for Roman, and she becomes irritated. John asks if she is jealous of Kate, which she denies. Marlena is going to tell Sami that she will no longer tolerate her behavior, and if she keeps it up, they simply won't see her anymore. John tells Marlena that he loves her as she's on her way out. She does not say it back.

Hope stops by Belle's loft to see if Shawn is there. Belle informs her that he went Christmas shopping. She offers Hope some coffee. Hope sits down and reads a Christmas card that Belle wrote for Shawn. It says: " I designed these especially for you, Shawn. I can't wait to see you wear them, or not wear them, to bed. Love Belle." Hope is disturbed by this, and believes Shawn and Belle have had sex. Belle tells Hope that she can't wait until she has a baby to go Christmas shopping for, and Hope spits out her coffee, asking if Belle is pregnant.

Roman shows up at Lucas' apartment. He wants to tell Lucas that he is going to propose to Kate tonight. Sami storms in and says she'd rather see Roman dead than married to Kate.

Hope apologizes. Belle tells her it's fine. Hope knows she's not pregnant, but she noticed she wasn't wearing her purity ring. Belle took it off so she could wash the dishes. Hope continues to apologize for overreacting. Belle understands. Hope suggests that Belle and Shawn wait to have sex until they are 35.

Shawn suggests that Bo get his mother something more personal this year. Bo asks if he means a hairdryer. Shawn tries to make him understand what he means.

Kate walks into John's office. She asks what his plans are for Christmas. John didn't work it out yet. Kate hasn't worked her plans out with Roman either. John thinks Roman needs to stop taking unnecessary risks.

Sami does not want her father to marry Kate. Marlena eavesdrops outside of the apartment. Lucas tells Sami to get out, as Marlena walks in. Sami begs her mother to talk Roman out of marrying Kate. Roman tells Sami that she does not have a say in his personal life.

Shawn tells Bo that he's like a dinosaur when it comes to romancing a woman. Bo is somewhat offended. He is not a dinosaur. Shawn informs Bo that he has a problem with gift-giving.

Hope and Belle leave together to finish their Christmas shopping.

Marlena believes Sami's behavior is outrageous. Sami walks away, slamming the door on her way out. She is willing to kill before she lets her father marry Kate.

Bo and Shawn look for lingerie for Belle and Hope. Shawn seems somewhat uncomfortable when someone asks if they need help. Belle and Hope spot them inside and think what they're picking out is horrible.

Marlena apologizes to Roman for Sami's behavior. Lucas is happy that Roman is going to propose to his mother. Roman and Marlena say good-bye to Lucas and leave. Roman hopes Kate will accept his proposal. Marlena asks him if he is sure he wants to marry Kate.

Hope persuades the sales lady to wrap up what she and Belle want instead of what Shawn and Bo pick out for them. Hope doesn't even think they will notice a difference when they open them.

Roman is sure he wants to marry Kate, he loves her. Marlena says he doesn't understand. She loves him.

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