Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/22/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/22/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas wakes up and sees Sami standing by the side of his bed. She is frightened and tells him that she is staying with him. She climbs into his bed and he tells her to sleep on the floor. She refuses. They argue over the covers and Lucas decides to sleep on the sofa.

Belle finds Jan's bracelet on the floor and wonders where it came from. She concludes that Shawn left it there while he was wrapping her Christmas presents. She puts it on and Jan gets irritated.

Mimi calls Rex to see if he can fix the generator at her mom's tree lot. Max begins to bark, and Mimi and Bonnie look behind them. The killer is standing there, ready to attack. Mimi tells Rex, and he leaves with Roman and Shawn to help them. Bonnie squirts the killer in an attempt to get him/her away. The killer grabs Mimi and Bonnie screams.

Sami is not able to sleep, so she gets up to make tea. As she searches for the kettle, she wakes Lucas up. He says her name and she is so startled that she bangs her head on the sink.

Jan daydreams about attacking Belle with a hammer. The radio announces that there has been another attack, and Belle hopes Shawn is alright.

Bonnie begs the killer to let Mimi go. She attacks him/her with the ketchup bottle. Sirens are going off and the killer runs away, leaving Mimi and Bonnie alone. Roman, Rex and Shawn arrive, asking which way the killer went. Mimi points Rex in the right direction and he chases the killer. Roman follows behind him. Rex grabs the killer and holds him/her in place.

Lucas asks if Sami is bleeding or needs stitches. He gets her some ice for her head. Sami has a lot on her mind, with her parents being threatened and getting attacked earlier. She doesn't want to be alone anymore. She thinks she has done nothing good in her life besides have Will.

Belle calls Shawn to make sure he's okay. He explains what happened at the tree lot. Shawn sends Mimi home in a squad car. Mimi tells her mom to be safe and leaves.

Rex is ready to murder the killer, but Roman screams and Rex is distracted by it. The killer runs, but not before Roman shoots at him/her.

Lucas tells Sami that he will sleep in the room with her, since she is still afraid. She agrees and they lay down.

Roman makes sure Rex is alright, as the killer gets up and runs off. Rex wanted to kill the person. Roman didn't go after the killer because he was checking to see if his son was okay, but Rex says it's just an excuse. Rex and Shawn go home. Roman looks at the ground and sees what appears to be the killer's blood.

Mickey shows up and Bonnie tells him what happened. She pretends to faint so that Mickey will try to revive her.

Mimi walks in, apologizing to Belle for running out. She is still worried about Rex. Mimi asks Belle what she's doing with the bracelet. Belle believes it's Shawn's Christmas present to her. Mimi remember Jan had a bracelet just like it.

Sami has a dream about Lucas, but she is woken up by his snoring. She grabs the covers and wakes him up. Sami falls back asleep, and Lucas kisses her cheek, saying "Sweet dreams."

Mimi tells Belle that Bonnie thought she saw Jan at the tree lot earlier. Belle doesn't think Jan would come back to Salem.

Mickey wants to take Bonnie home. She offers him eggnog, in order to thank him. She gets ready to leave and Roman returns. He tells Bonnie that he needs a statement from her. She explains everything that she can remember. Roman informs them that they have blood evidence, so they may be able to ID the killer. Bonnie hopes it isn't ketchup. Roman excuses Bonnie and Mickey.

The killer watches Roman from behind the trees as he calls Kate to say they now have a break in the case.

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