Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/19/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/19/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Rex are together. It’s the first year Mimi has been truly in love. Rex still misses Cassie so much. Rex almost wishes Shawn and Belle never revived the twins when they arrived in Salem. The twins would have died and they wouldn’t have had to go through all these things. He feels he should have found the killer before Cassie was killed. They hear sirens.

Jan hides before Shawn and Belle see her. She watches as they kiss, planning to break them up.

Bonnie is happily selling Christmas trees with her dog Max. Bonnie fantasizes about living with Mickey. Suddenly the lights flicker and Bonnie thinks something very bad is going to happen. She fears that Celeste will stop by to predict her usual gloom and doom.

Lucas and Will head to Bonnie’s tree lot to pick out their Christmas tree. While Will goes back to the pub to get something he forgot, Lucas bumps into Roman. Roman tells him about his near miss with the killer. He, also, tells Lucas that the Roberts family is crossed off the suspect list.

Lucas and Will browse the Christmas tree lot after Bonnie flirts with Lucas. He calls Sami to see if she wants a tree too.

Sami continues to fight with the serial killer, who she believes is Lucas in disguise. She asks him if he worse pads and lifts. He looks taller than the last time. The killer swings the knife and cuts Sami’s hand. She intends to make Lucas pay for this. She knocks the knife out of the killers hands. Sami’s cell phone rings. It’s Lucas. She thinks he set up a recording with his voice, while he’s dressed like the killer attacking her. The call is disconnected. She finally realizes that it really is the killer. She screams. Roman races to her aide, while the killer tosses the knife from one hand to the other.

Lucas tries to get Sami on the phone but makes a remark how impossible she is. Will says he should give her the benefit of the doubt. He realizes Sami has issues with Grandma Kate, Grandpa Roman, Granddad John, Aunt Carrie, Uncle Austin and everyone, but Lucas is the exception to the Sami Rule. She’s misunderstood. All she wants is love. Will knows she’s done bad things, but he believes she acts irrationally is because she’s insecure. He doesn’t think it takes a genius to see the only man for Sami is Lucas.

Sami tries to bargain with the killer, but gets stabbed instead. When Roman arrives, the killer leaves.

Bonnie races over to Will and tells them the police have the killer trapped in the alley, he just attacked some woman.

Rex picks up the police ban on his computer. He hears Roman and intends to go after Cassie’s killer himself. Shawn and Belle hear the sirens, too. He hears Roman on his police radio. Rex and Mimi stop by. Mimi points out that Rex can’t be the killer. Shawn agrees. Rex and Shawn go after the killer, leaving Mimi and Belle scared with Jan hiding in the background. Jan remembers a time when Mimi and Belle discussed what Jan did to break up Shawn and Belle. She plans to get even with them.

Roman instructs an officer to take care of Sami. He’s going after the killer. Sami pleads with him not to go. What if it’s John? He’ll kill Roman. Roman follows the killer. He points the gun, the killer is behind him ready to strike. Roman continues to point the gun at some boxes telling whoever is behind them to come out. The killer leaves. Rex comes out from behind the boxes. Rex tells him he came to help Roman catch the killer. Shawn tells him Rex was with him the whole time, he’s not the killer. The three of them go in search of a killer.

Belle and Mimi listen on the police radio. When Mimi hears the killer is at Bonnie’s tree lot, she races off to be with her. Belle wants to go, too, but Mimi knows Shawn would kill her if she led Belle straight to the killer. Mimi goes off by herself. Jan is more than happy to be alone with Belle.

Sami is escorted to the pub by a cop. Lucas and Will arrive and go with her to the pub. They convince Will to go to sleep upstairs. When they’re alone, Sami cries. Lucas comforts her. Lucas takes her home. Kate will keep them posted on Roman. Sami is afraid the killer is going to come after her now.

The killer sneaks around the Christmas tree lot. The lights go out.

Hidden in Belle’s closet, Jan eats the Parisian chocolates she bought for her mother. Shawn calls. Belle tells Shawn Mimi went to the tree lot. He warns Belle to keep the door locked, she assures him she’s safe. Jan holds a hammer, “That’s what you think”. Belle finds the bracelet Jan dropped. She wonders where it came from.

Lucas comforts Sami. She’s worried about her dad. For now, he’s safe at the crime scene with the other cops. Sami worries that the killer is coming after her. Lucas promises to lock the door behind him. Sami tosses and turns in bed. She hears a noise outside her window. She pulls the drapes aside and finds her father hanging from a noose. She races to the door and finds that Lucas’ face has been slashed. She wakes up and runs for Lucas. She jumps into bed with him.

The killer continues to sneak around the tree lot, while Bonnie tries to get the generator working. Max the dog sees the killer and races for his doghouse. Mimi hugs her mother. She’s glad Bonnie is okay, but the killer is heading towards the tree lot. When Bonnie tells her the generator is broken, Mimi calls Rex. Meanwhile, the killer picks up an ax. He/She now has two weapons – a knife and an ax!

Roman tells Rex and Shawn to leave the rest of the investigation to him. Rex answers his cell phone. Mimi tells him about the broken generator. Bonnie turns around and sees the killer. They scream. Rex, Roman and Shawn go after the killer!

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