Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/18/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/18/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Brady is looking forward to Chloe’s return. Nicole has her own plans. She blatantly flirts with Brady, but he insists Chloe is the one he wants. Nicole continues to flirt, while Brady tries to push her way. Victor walks in and demands she leave his grandson alone.

While Brady goes off to read some contracts, Victor and Nicole argue. Nicole is sure Brady wants her, but Victor reminds Nicole that Brady is in love with Chloe. Nicole is sure Brady won’t be able to resist her. Victor calls Chloe and arranges for her return to Salem.

Shawn and Belle head to the loft, since the Brady’s tree trimming party was cut short by the bomb threat. Jan spies on them. Shawn plans to spend the night with Belle to protect her from the killer. Belle gives Shawn a gift she bought in Paris. Silk boxer shorts designed by Belle. Shawn as a gift for Belle, too. Jan continues to lurk outside and has her own surprise for Belle and Shawn. In disguise, she delivers their Christmas tree. Belle opens her gift from Shawn. It’s the snowman they made together, when they first said they loved each other.

Belle and Shawn have no clue that the person assembling their Christmas tree is actually Jan. Jan fantasizes about spending her life with Shawn. She secretly steals the key to the loft.

While Christmas shopping, Sami bumps into Roman. She doesn’t understand why he won’t accept Bo’s offer of police protection. Roman insists that he’s going to use himself as bait to catch the killer. Someone watches them wearing a black hooded jacket and holding a knife poised to strike.

Sami gets sick just thinking about Roman proposing to Kate. They join Lucas, Kate and Shawn Sr. in the Pub. Sami vows that she will never let her father marry Kate. Instead she intends to see him arrest Kate for murdering Cassie. Much to Sami’s dismay, Kate and Roman leave together. Lucas and Sami have dinner together.

Kate is worried when Roman goes after the killer. Roman wonders if Kate would want his ring, while she wonders how he could marry a murder suspect. Roman tells her he must first find the killer, he owes it to those who were murdered. Kate pleads with him to be careful and he assures her he would be. The stalker follows them.

Sami and Lucas discuss Will’s Christmas present and realize they both bought him a DVD player. They argue over who is going to take it back when Will walks in. He tells them he’s been seeing a guidance counselor since his great grandmother died. The counselor says he needs more stability. Will says everyone at school is betting which of his family will die next and which will wind up in jail. He wants dinner, but neither of his parents are prepared to feed him so Shawn Sr. jumps in. First, Shawn Sr. lectures them about getting along for Will’s sake.

In an attempt to prove they are the bigger person, they each decide to bring the DVD player back. When Sami realizes that Lucas got the better deal at the same store, she decides to return hers and goes off alone.

At the Christmas tree lot, via cell phone, Roman tells Bo he feels as if someone is following him and assures him he doesn’t need back up. Someone wearing a black hooded jacket follows him and Roman tackles the person to the ground, ripping off the hood. It’s Kate. She was trying to protect Roman. A cop comes by to see if everything is alright. Bo sent him to watch over Roman. Roman sends him away. Roman insists he’s a walking target and openly yells for the killer to come and get him.

Belle and Shawn discuss the possibility of taking off their purity rings and having sex. Christmas is a romantic time and probably the first time for a lot of people, but if they slept together now would they always wonder if it was the right time for them or if they were scared because of the killer? They decide to trim the tree instead. Jan sneaks into the loft. She hides behind the Christmas tree, Belle and Shawn hear a noise. Jan is about to make her appearance known to Shawn.

Roman sees the killer behind a tree. He points his gun and goes after him. Roman is distracted, the killer hits him and runs away. Sami is walking through the alley, the killer pushes her to the ground and points his knife at her. Sami pushes him away, thinking it’s Lucas. Meanwhile Lucas is with Will at the Pub. Sami and the killer fight. She throws him down and is ready to punch him.

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