Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/17/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/17/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Mickey sits alone at the kitchen table. He can't eat and gets up to turn on the radio. It's Maggie's voice, singing a Christmas song. Mickey is upset and has to leave.

Bonnie has opened a tree lot and is working dressed in a tasteless red dress. The trees in her lot were stolen. Bonnie's plan is to buy beer with the money she earns. Rex shows up and asks for her help.

Shawn and Belle go back to the loft, with Jan still following them.

Jen walks outside the pub and receives a phone call from Hope, who is baking cookies. She invites Jen over for the tree trimming and asks her to tell Bo to go home if she runs into him. They say good-bye and Jen sits down on the bench. She doesn't know how she will get through the holidays without Jack.

Hope is excited that one of her cookies doesn't taste bad. The doorbell rings, and she answers it, letting Lexi, Theo and Celeste in.

Bo is sitting inside the pub, debating over whether or not Rex is the serial killer. Mimi serves him coffee, and Bo inquires about her mom's tree lot. Mimi knew nothing about it. Tek enters and tells No that people are betting he will be the next target, after Roman.

Belle checks her messages. There is one from Hope, welcoming her home and inviting her over for the party. They exit the loft and decide to buy a tree before going to Shawn's parents' house.

Bonnie offer her condolences to Rex. He asks for pointers on how to make Christmas memorable for Mimi. Bonnie begins to fantasize about him, and Rex calls her back to reality. She shows him some trees, and gets distracted when she sees Jan.

Jen enters the pub, and Tek leaves. She asks Bo if there is any news, but it's nothing they don't already know. Abby arrives, and the three of them leave together. Someone follows them.

Bonnie yells at Jan, and she ignores it. Bonnie begins to approach her, but Rex stops her and asks her not to say anything to Mimi. She agrees, and Rex leaves. Bonnie goes to look for Jan, but is not able to find her. Belle and Shawn ask for help picking out a tree. Mimi arrives and asks what she is doing.

Bo, Jen and Abby arrive and Hope asks where Bo has been. Lexi informs Bo that Hope baked. Abby goes to say hello to Alice in the kitchen. Alice's phone rings and Jen answers it. It is Mickey, and he is says he is coming over after he picks up a tree.

Mimi welcomes Belle home, and they invite her to Hope's for the party. She declines, explaining that she has plans with Rex. She tells Belle that she wants to hear all about Pierre and Claude. Shawn wonders who they are, and him and Belle leave. Mimi wants to talk to Bonnie about her latest scam, "Christmas trees for charity." Bonnie ignores the comment. Mickey approaches them.

Before Belle and Shawn go inside, he wants to know who Pierre and Claude are. Belle tells him that she had hoped he would never find out about them, and says she was dating them. She asks him not to be mad, and he can't believe Belle lied to him.

Mickey admires Bonnie for being such a "generous" person. Mimi says good-bye, and leaves to go see Rex. Mickey wants a tree to take over to the hospital. Bonnie tells him to take a seat and goes to get him eggnog, which she pours alcohol into. Mickey tells her about hearing Maggie's voice on the radio. She hands him a drink, and he asks if there is alcohol in it. Bonnie assures him that there isn't. He drinks it and doesn't notice.

Belle was only stringing Shawn along. She didn't cheat on him. Shawn still wants to know who Pierre and Claude are. Pierre is her dad's friend and Claude is his dog. They go inside because Belle senses someone is watching them.

Rex decorates the tree and brings in a bottle of champagne. He sprinkles rose petals on the bed, and hides behind the door when he hears Mimi come in. She is extremely surprised and happy when she sees what Rex has done. She tells him it's perfect.

Bonnie has a customer and goes to help her, leaving Mickey alone for a few minutes. She implies that she is seeing Mickey, even though she isn't. The customer looks shocked. Mickey explains that he has to leave, and thanks Bonnie.

The doorbell rings and Bo goes to answer it. A package is outside the door and he brings it inside. He hears it ticking and tells everyone it's a bomb. Bo brings the package into the kitchen, putting it underwater in the sink. Hope brings in a note. Their neighbor left the package outside because the postman couldn't deliver it when they weren't home earlier.

Everyone is outside, waiting to hear it's okay to return. Mickey arrives and talks to Jen, slurring his words. She asks him if he was drinking, but he says no. Bo goes outside and apologizes. Doug and Julie sent them a Swiss clock, which is now ruined. Bo gets a message on his PDA from the killer. It is a skull in a Santa hat, and underneath it reads: Death never takes a holiday.

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