Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/16/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Jan sees Shawn in the waiting room, and tries to hide in Marlena's office. Marlena thinks that maybe Shawn should see Jan, but she refuses.

Belle lets John know that she has faith in him, and knows he would never hurt Marlena. John wants Belle to go back to Paris, so that she is not in danger.

Roman points a gun at the person standing before him. He pulls off the mask, and stares in disbelief, as do Kate and Sami. It is Lucas. Roman tells him to kneel to the floor and say nothing. He puts handcuffs on Lucas, and reads him his rights.

Jan hides behind the door and Marlena invites Shawn inside. She tells him to sit at her desk, and lets Jan out while his back is turned. Shawn tells Marlena that Belle is home, and she is thrilled.

Belle will not return to Paris. She wants to be with her family. John is upset that Shawn told Belle her mother is possibly the next target.

Roman locks the door and tells Lucas he is going to have the police come pick him up. Roman goes to call in the bedroom, and Kate begs him not to have Lucas arrested.

Shawn informs Marlena that Belle knows about Celeste's premonition. He assures her that Belle doesn't believe it at all. Marlena seems slightly worried about the warnings from Caroline's spirit.

Belle knows John won't hurt her mother. John tells her that Marlena was poisoned. The killer stole medication from Maggie's house and put it in the dip at Caroline's wake. Belle doesn't understand why the killer would go after Marlena.

Kate believe that Lucas has an explanation and begs Roman not to call. Roman has to arrest him and call the station. Kate won't look at him. Lucas is alone in the living room with Sami and denies killing anyone, blaming the whole situation on her. Roman comes in, and asks if he has anything to say, but Kate won't allow it until she gets him a lawyer. Lucas doesn't need one.

Marlena and Shawn leave to go see Belle. Shawn promises to always be there for Belle. Jan is still in the waiting room when they leave.

Lucas says he was guilty of being too stupid and caring too much about the women he loves. Sami rants and raves about Lucas being the killer.

Belle can't stop thinking about Celeste's premonition. Marlena runs in the door and hugs her.

Jan goes into Marlena's office, looking for information. She can't find a key to get in her files though.

Lucas was only trying to scare Sami. He said he could have killer her, but didn't come close to hitting her at all. Her life was never in danger. Roman wants to know what he is talking about. Sami was sneaking around Kate's office, and Lucas was watching. He saw Sami slip a piece of paper into her purse, so he followed her to Kate's apartment. Sami denies it, and Roman makes her open her purse and empty the contents onto the table. The paper falls out and Roman reads it. It's a copy of the threats sent to Bo's PDA and a list of names of the victims. Sami tried to frame Kate. Roman tells Lucas he is stupid for dressing up as the killer to scare Sami, and releases him. Roman makes Lucas and Sami leave, and Kate thanks him for letting her son go.

Sami and Lucas continue to argue. Sami asks about Lucas saying "the women I love." He explains that he meant to say "woman," meaning his mother. He walks out, leaving Sami alone.

Shawn tells John he would die for Belle, and would do anything to keep her safe.

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