Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/15/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/15/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn asks Belle what she is doing back in Salem, and Jan listens to them.

John is having second thoughts about leaving Marlena alone. She assures him that she'll be fine. Besides, she can't have him in her office while a patient is there. He still wants to hang around. Marlena thinks they should worry about Roman, since he was named as the next victim. She doesn't even like him being alone with Kate. John is surprised that Marlena believes Kate could be the killer. She goes to call Roman, and John hangs the phone up. He wants Marlena to admit that she's jealous of Kate and Roman.

Sami opens the closet, and the killer grabs her and holds a knife to her.

Roman and Kate begin decorating for Christmas. Kate believes Sami will go to any length to tear them apart. Roman jokes with her, to lighten the mood, but she isn't amused. Kate tells him that she didn't kill Cassie, and Roman believes her. She is saddened by the loss of her daughter.

Sami attempts to scream, but the killer puts his/her hand over her mouth. They struggle as Sami tries to break free. She gets loose, and tries to call for help. The killer grabs the phone, and Sami runs, with the person right behind her.

Marlena denies being jealous. She says Sami is the one trying to ruin Kate and Roman's relationship, not her. John is troubled by her suspiscions of Kate. Marlena was really hoping that Cassie was her daughter. They begin to discuss how they miss Belle.

Shawn is obviously happy to see Belle has returned to Salem. Jan appears jealous. Belle wanted to surprise Shawn. He missed her so much, and Belle says she felt the same way. She was worried about everyone, and decided to fly home. Shawn lectures her for not staying in Europe. He understands why she came back though.

John will do whatever he can to nail the killer. He doesn't want Belle to come back to Salem unless it's safe. He's concerned about the patient Marlena is seeing tonight, and asks what the emergency is. Marlena can't tell him. She receives a phone call from Jan, saying she needs help. She lets Marlena know that she's on her way. John heads home to do some work.

Roman asks Kate what's the matter. She thinks everything could be gone in a heartbeat. He assures her that nothing will be gone, he's going to clear her name. Kate was talking about him, about losing him. Roman says he's going to catch the killer.

Sami yells for help, and tries to get out the front door, as the killer raises a knife in the air.

Kate fantasizes about Sami being murdered.

Shawn tells Belle that Roman is the killer's next target. There's more. Celeste said Caroline's spirit talked to her. Caroline said John will kill Marlena, as did Abe's spirit.

The door opens, and Sami escapes. The killer follows, with an axe. Sami wakes up on the ground, and doesn't understand how she is still alive. She falls down the stairs, with the killer.

Jan arrives and is really irritated over something. Marlena tells her to sit down. She asks Jan what's going on, and she remembers seeing Belle and Shawn together. She asks what is wrong with her that she can't find a boyfriend. Marlena questions her, asking if she is thinking about Shawn.

Belle doesn't believe that her father would kill her mother, and Shawn agrees. She wants to go home and check on her parents. Shawn promises the killer will be caught.

Sami gets up, and the killer continues to pursue her. He/she doesn't see her though. Sami backs up, and a hand touches her shoulder. It's Roman. Sami tells him that someone was trying to kill her.

Before Jan can respond, Marlena gets a phone call from Shawn. She says she will call him back. Shawn doesn't know Jan is back in town.

Belle walks in, and John hugs her. He wants to know why she's home. Belle was worried. She asks John to tell her he won't kill Marlena.

Sami tells Roman that the killer was there. Roman makes Sami and Kate go inside, and he calls the station. Kate's apartment is a wreck. Kate doesn't have service on her cell, so she says she will call from the bedroom. She doesn't go inside, because she hears a noise. The killer opens the door, and raises the knife to them. Kate and Sami scream. The killer chases them. Roman runs in with a gun pointed at the killer and tells the person to drop the knife. He/She listens. Roman pulls off the mask.

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