Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/12/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/12/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Days of Our Lives Update 12/12/03

Brady leaves a message for Chloe, while Nicole questions the whole plan for Chloe’s future. Brady wonders why Nicole is so interested in Chloe’s career choices. She says she’s afraid that Chloe will move in with them. Brady says Nicole is the one that’s moving out. Brady doesn’t want her to move out, but he wants Nicole to be happy. She will never be happy living there and married to Victor. Nicole points out that the only reason Victor wants Chloe back is to keep them apart. Brady says there is nothing between him and Nicole. Nicole tries to tell them that this will ruin Chloe’s career. Does Brady love Chloe so much or is he afraid of his feelings for Nicole?

Brady tells Nicole he’s in a terrible position. He has a girlfriend out of the country, while a beautiful woman keeps coming on to him. However, he doesn’t feel anything for Nicole. Nicole tearfully tells Brady that Chloe could be the next victim of the serial killer. He wonders what she means by that. Brady insists he would not bring Chloe back if she were in any danger. Nicole thinks Brady is just like Victor – they both think they own the women they love.

Nicole raves on and on to Victor that he’s trying to run Brady’s life and teaching him to run Chloe’s. Victor finds her words ironic, since she’s the one with the ulterior motives. He’s convinced that fate will pay her back. Chloe finally returns Brady’s phone call.

At school, Shawn gets a call from Belle but it’s a bad connection. Jan secretly watches smiling “Poor, poor Belle. I wonder what could have happened.” Shawn hears more static and all he hears Belle say is that she has a hot date and hangs up. Jan gleefully rubs her hands together. Phillip doesn’t think it sounds like something Belle would say to Shawn, especially on the day of his grandmother’s funeral. Jan smiles in the background, while Phillip tries to make Shawn see this is nothing more than a misunderstanding.

In the boys lockerroom, Shawn gets dressed, while Jan watches dressed as the team’s mascot. Shawn feels as if someone is watching him. He felt the same way yesterday.

Sami thinks it would be a good idea for the family – and only family - to gather for Grandpa Shawn. Roman tells her Kate and Lucas will be members of the Brady family soon. Besides, Shawn Sr. doesn’t want a post-funeral gathering. However, Sami is free to join him at the Pub, if she’d like. Roman plans to take Kate to dinner. The mortician gives Roman an invoice for the funeral and hands Roman his card for future reference. Sami freaks out at the possibility of another Brady death, especially Roman and Marlena’s. A paper falls out of the mortician’s folder. It’s a map of Roman and Marlena’s burial plots. They are side by side. It seems that Roman and Marlena never changed the location of their burial plots after the divorce. Sami is convinced this is a sign that they belong together. Roman invites them all to dinner to bury the hatchet, but Sami continues throwing accusations at Kate. If Roman won’t find the evidence against Kate, Sami will do something about it – she goes off on her own.

John starts to worry that maybe there is some way he can hurt Marlena. He thinks it might be a good idea for Marlena and Roman to leave town together immediately. If Marlena is a target, she needs to leave for her own safety. She refuses to leave John’s side. It’s the safest place for her to be. He asks if she would leave if it would save Roman’s life. John feels he has taken so much from Roman, he won’t be responsible for taking his life.

Roman invites Lucas to join him and Kate for dinner. Kate hopes Roman will let John help him with the investigation. She doesn’t believe he’s the killer. John offers to work with Tek and put together the best home security system money can buy. Roman insists he can take care of himself.

Marlena tells John that they all go through life knowing that someday they will die. She vows to die as his wife. John saw Marlena hugging Roman. He believes she still loves Roman. Marlena admits that she does love Roman, but she’s in love with John. She wishes Roman and Sami could find the same happiness they have. John thinks Kate and Roman are good together, but Marlena worries about Sami and Kate’s relationship. She insists that John and Sami have had a good relationship in the past.

Marlena’s cell phone goes off. It’s Jan. She’s having an emergency and wants to meet at Marlena’s office. Jan says she would never hurt herself, but she’s in trouble. Marlena agrees to meet her. John worries that Marlena might be in danger from her client.

Sami heads over to Kate’s office wearing gloves. She types a message on Kate’s computer “A Murder is Announced”. Sami types all the death threats in Bo’s PDA onto Kate’s hard drive. She also places a list of all the victims with check marks next to their names. There is no way Sami intends to let her parents be the next victims. Roman, Kate and Lucas are shocked to walk in and find Sami in Kate’s office.

Sami claims to be in Kate’s office to catch up on work. She argues with all of them and tosses accusations at Kate. Lucas decides to leave and be with Will, while Sami leaves thinking she’s finally gotten rid of Kate.

Kate is touched that Roman has faith in her. She will never lie to him again. She doesn’t want to waste another moment. They hug. They declare their love for each other and start talking weddings.

Phillip and Shawn head out of the school when Shawn realizes he forgot something in the lockerroom. Phillip leaves, while Shawn goes back. He starts hearing noises. He sees someone close the door of an office across the hall. He opens the door and asks, “What are you doing here?”

Brady explains the concert hall’s proposal to Chloe. He tells her it’s her decision. Chloe agrees. Brady is excited that Chloe is coming home.

Sami now breaks into Kate’s hotel suite to plant more evidence. She opens the closet door and out comes the serial killer – mask and all! Sami screams!!!

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