Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/11/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/11/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Victor has a surprise for Brady. It will change his life for good. He pulls aside the drapes and Brady smiles. It’s Stevie Grossman, a friend of Brady’s mother Isabella. She is a renowned architect. She reveals plans for the Isabella Toscano Black Concert Hall. Nicole is worried. Victor tells her this is just the beginning for his future plans for Brady and none of them include Nicole. Victor plans to fund the facility and Brady will be a member of the Board of Directors of the philharmonic. Nicole thinks it’s too much for Brady with everything else he has to do. Brady disagrees. He was planning to start up the classical music division. He’d love for Chloe to sing at this new concert hall. Nicole is far from happy.

Brady reminds Victor that he didn’t want Chloe home for the holidays. Victor shows him that Chloe is slated to be the recipient of the artists’ grant. Brady doesn’t want her to make this sacrifice. Chloe can’t just take a leave of absence. He accuses Victor of bribing him and Chloe. Victor explains to him that he received a fortune cookie that said “angels are near.” John and Brady got the same fortune when his mother’s spirit was near them. He is convinced that Victor’s motives are pure. Victor assures him that Chloe was nominated on her own merits, not because of her connection to Brady. Brady admits he’d love to have Chloe return. She hasn’t been told of the grant yet. Victor left that honor to Brady. Nicole is extremely worried to see how happy Brady is to talk to Chloe.

Lucas tells Sami she was turned on by his kiss. Sami denies it. Kate and John eavesdrop. She’s afraid Lucas is no match for Sami. John has a plan to neutralize his step-daughter once and for all. He is sure his love for Marlena and Kate’s love for Roman will win over Sami’s interference. John advises Kate to stay by Roman’s side. John doesn’t believe she’s the killer.

Roman plans to use himself as bait to trap the killer. Bo, Hope and Marlena try to talk him out of it. He insists it’s something he has to do and he is prepared to die for it. Hope thinks it might work. She and Hope will follow Roman around all the time. Bo isn’t having any of it. He wants Roman to take Hope off the case.

Sami continues to deny her interest in Lucas. He assures her once his shower is fixed, she won’t be seeing much of him anymore. Sami tells him his shower is already fixed, she saw the super’s note on his door. Lucas never saw the note. Did Sami take it so she could still see him after his showers? She denies it. They argue and Sami falls into an open grave.

Lucas tries to help her, but Sami refuses. She’s too busy being angry at everyone. Lucas thinks she’s angry at herself because when she was younger she loved John. She thought he was Roman and was the only father she knew. Lucas thinks Sami feels bad that her real father was being held prisoner while she was busy loving John. Sami denies it all and vows that she would kill John if she had to.

Hope talks to Bo alone. She’s furious that he’s making decisions for her. He wants her alive. The children need their mother. Family means more to him now that Caroline is gone. He’s still worried about Caroline’s warning that something will happen to Hope. Hope convinces Bo that they can find this killer together.

Marlena wants Roman to work with John in getting the killer. John is highly trained in dealing with this type of stuff. He has skills that Bo and Hope could never have. Roman reminds her that John is a suspect. Marlena doesn’t believe John will hurt her and wonders if Roman is using this as an excuse to get John? He denies it and Marlena insists she would give her life for her husband in a heartbeat.

Bo doesn’t believe John is involved, but he doesn’t have an alibi, but involving John in the plan might not be a bad idea. This way they could keep John under surveillance. Roman thinks part of the killer’s plan is to turn everyone against each other so they don’t trust each other. He’s playing mind games with them. They must stick together. Roman agrees to bring John into the investigation. He warns Marlena, if he finds out John is the killer, he will shoot him. Marlena begs him to make sure of his facts before he does anything. Roman will not allow anyone to hurt her. John and Kate walk in as Roman and Marlena are embraced.

Bo gets another message on his PDA. A picture of Roman appears with a message “Roman Brady is Dead”.

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