Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/10/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/10/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Nicole visit Caroline’s grave. Brady shares Shawn Sr. gave to him about keeping hold on true love. Nicole agrees with the sentiment. Brady dashes off to tell someone something that he should have said before. Nicole laments about Brady choosing Chloe over her and Victor confronts her about it.

Bo and Hope watch Bo’s PDA as the obituary clipping shows up about Roman. They ponder how to tell Roman.

Rex declares that Roman will be the next victim. Marlena is shocked and Sami accuses Rex of just wanting Roman to die. Tony arrives to offer his condolences to Roman, mentioning that Roman and Caroline will be reunited. John accuses Tony of saying that as a death threat.

Victor declares that he has a surprise that would make Brady very happy and Nicole very unhappy. Victor questions Nicole’s intentions on coming to the funeral but Nicole claims that she came to support Brady. Victor threatens that Nicole won’t mean anything to Brady once Chloe comes back.

Brady kneels down in front of Caroline’s headstone to ask her to send, his mother, Isabella his love. He then talks to Caroline about Chloe. He laments about not being able to tell Chloe that he loves her and he always will.

Tony denies having any ulterior motives for coming to the funeral. Rex stands up for Tony. Sami points out that Rex also predicted that Bo and Hope would die and that didn’t happen. Rex explains that Cassie only died because she knew about the killer’s identity and since Roman made a public declaration about Kate’s innocence, the killer will come after him next. Bo and Hope come in then to tell Roman about the PDA message. Roman takes the PDA from Bo and reads the obituary out loud. Sami tries to convince Roman that John is the killer and needs to be locked up but Roman just ignores her.

Both Marlena and Roman work to calm Sami down, insisting that John couldn’t have sent the message to Bo’s PDA. Sami then claims that Rex sent the message. Rex scoffs at the accusation that he killed his sister and now is after his father which makes Sami lunge at him. Roman holds Sami back. Kate accuses Sami of being the real killer as everyone adds to the argument. Hope calls a stop to it to talk some sense into everyone. Roman breaks up the crowd and pulls Bo and Hope aside to talk. John comes over to help but Roman refuses the offer since John is on the suspect list. Rex declares that he can help because he knows how a criminal mind works, which worries Mimi. Bo suggests that Roman take himself off the case as Marlena pulls Roman aside. Marlena shares her worries that Roman isn’t taking this threat seriously enough. John watches as Marlena wraps her arms around Roman, begging him to be careful.

Victor gets a phone call announcing that Chloe has arrived and he gives orders for a limo to pick her up from the private jet. Nicole threatens that Victor will be in trouble when Brady finds out. Brady comes up then to ask what will happen when he finds out.

Victor explains that what they were talking about is a surprise and that they should go home so Brady can see for himself. Brady leaves to bring the car around as Nicole claims that Brady will put Chloe back on the first plane out of Salem. Victor insists that once Brady sees Chloe, true love will triumph.

Sami kneels in prayer as she asks God to help her save Roman’s life and to find a way to get Roman and Marlena back together. Lucas overhears her and confronts her about it. Sami lights some candles as Lucas works to convince her to stop trying to break up Kate and Roman and Marlena and John. Sami declares to Lucas that she now has the perfect plan. Kate notices Sami’s expression and worries.

Tony interrupts Marlena and Roman’s conversation to ask if he should send his condolences after Roman's demise to Marlena or to Kate. Roman and Marlena take offense to which Tony takes offense at their reaction. While Marlena insists that Roman is not going to die, Tony points out that the killer has been right about their victim choice all along.

Tony and John argue about their motives for possibly killing Roman.

Sami rushes up to tell Roman and Marlena that she wants them to leave town together today so that they’ll be safe.

Victor offers to make Brady’s day happier, promising that this surprise will make him feel better. Victor leaves to make a phone call in his study, whispering to Nicole that it is only minutes before her complete and total destruction on his way out. While alone with Brady, Nicole commends Brady for talking Chloe into staying in Europe. Brady confides that he was thinking that that was a mistake.

John insists to Tony that he would die before ever hurting Marlena. Tony suggests that John may have some deep subconscious programming that is making him commit these murders.

Sami begs Roman to take Marlena out of town. Roman declares that him going away with Marlena is never going to happen.

Sami rushes outside to kneel at Caroline’s grave. She sobs as she tells Caroline that she wishes she were still here because Marlena and Roman would listen to her. Lucas comes to tell Sami to stop as Sami laments about always ending up alone. Lucas declares that she’ll never be alone because she will always have him. Kate watches them through the church window and worries about Sami destroying Lucas.

Marlena considers Sami’s suggestion of at least Roman leaving town for a while but Roman refuses to leave. Hope and Bo come in, declaring that they have a better idea than Roman leaving town.

Rex and Mimi argue about Rex’s lack of relationship with Roman. Tony comes up to urge Rex to listen to Mimi.

Nicole urges Brady to continue to try and convince Chloe to stay in Europe and concentrate on her career. Brady can’t envision the rest of his life without her and then decides that he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Brady leaves as Nicole begs Brady not to let Victor win. Victor comes in, delivering his warning that Nicole is about to go down for the last time. A car pulls up and Nicole’s anxiety grows. Victor peeks out the window and takes delight in Nicole’s apprehension.

Kate and John watch Lucas and Sami together. John offers cautious words about Sami to confirm Kate’s fears.

Sami questions Lucas’ intentions. Lucas explains that he thinks they shouldn’t fight in front of Will anymore. Sami wonders if Lucas doesn’t care about her at all but Lucas confirms that he does care about her.

Bo suggests that they put out a call to every special protection force but Roman refuses. He prefers to sit and wait on the killer to come and get him.

Victor calls Brady downstairs to show him the surprise. Victor closes the drapes in the living room, vowing this to be a surprise that is going to change Brady’s life. Victor calls Nicole in to witness this moment. Victor begins to pull back the drapes.

Sami accuses Lucas of lying because he won’t help her bring Roman and Marlena back together. John, continuing to watch them, tells Kate that she doesn’t have anything to worry about but Kate still has her doubts.

Tony points out that Rex will feel regretful if his father died before he got a chance to know him.

Roman suggests that they use him as bait to attract the killer.

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