Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/9/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/9/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Rex is working out in his loft when Mimi knocks on the door. They argue about going to Caroline's funeral. Rex proclaims that all the Bradys including Shawn deserve to die.

Shawn opens the door to see someone that surprises him.

Bo and Hope get ready for the funeral as they talk about the latest developments in the case.

Marlena places flowers on her twin sister Samantha's gravesite as she remembers seeing Sami's warning in her mirror. Marlena looks down to see the tombstone has changed to bear her own name. She is startled and falls backward into the empty plot. She ponders whether or not she was pushed.

Lucas has come over to Sami's apartment to take a hot shower. They argue about their kiss last night. The argument turns to how much Sami wants Roman to dump Kate.

Roman arrives at Kate's jail cell and lets her out.

Shawn's unexpected visitor is Jennifer who has brought donuts from Alice. Hope and Jennifer go into the kitchen to make coffee. Jan listens through the window as Shawn vows to Bo that nothing is going to happen to him.

John rushes over to help Marlena out of the plot. They talk about Sami's predictions and John accuses Marlena of starting to believe it. Marlena declares that she has a confession to make.

Rex returns from taking a shower and they continue to argue about going to Caroline's funeral.

John and Marlena walk into the church. Marlena confesses that she had visions of John being the one to push her in the grave. John takes offense and promises to move out of the penthouse right after the service. Marlena objects, insisting that she needs him. John and Marlena hug as Sami watches from the doorway.

Lucas arrives at the church and he and Sami continue to argue about Kate and John possibly being killers.

Bo and Hope arrive soon followed by Victor. Victor explains that Nicole wasn't feeling well and is staying home and that he called Shawn Sr. and cleared his presence with him before coming. Bo has made peace with Victor's desire to be included in Caroline's wake and funeral. Hope checks on Shawn as pictures are taken of him through the window. Shawn Sr. comes in and asks about Roman being late. Roman enters then, with Kate on his arm.

Sami starts to confront Roman but Marlena orders her to stay back. Roman explains that he convinced the judge to grant Kate bail. Roman declares that Kate is innocent and vows to clear her name and bring the real killer to justice just as Mimi and Rex walk in. Bo pulls Roman aside to ask Roman to take Kate somewhere else so as not to hurt Shawn Sr. Roman points out that Shawn Sr. wouldn't like Victor here either but Bo explains that Victor cleared it with Shawn Sr. first. Lucas offers Kate his support. Sami tries to convince Roman again that Kate should be in jail and out of Roman's life. Marlena is having a hard time dealing with the recent events, and steps outside for some air. She refuses John's offer to join her. Jennifer worries about Abby as Hope compares her worries to how she worries about Shawn and Zack. Shawn stands outside, angered at the fact that Rex came to the funeral as Marlena approaches him. Jan is hiding in the bushes, taking pictures of Shawn. Shawn refuses Marlena's offer of a chance to talk and leaves. Marlena hears Jan and calls out to ask who is there. Jan quickly stashes the camera in her bag and explains that she didn't want Shawn to see her. Marlena suggests that Jan come inside but Jan makes her promise that she won't tell anyone she's back in town. Sami continues her attempts to convince everyone that Kate is the murderer. Rex steps in to declare to Sami that Kate did not kill Cassie.

Rex explains that the serial killer would be too smart to be caught red handed with the murder weapon. Kate thanks Rex for his words. Jennifer tries to call Abby but can't reach her. Everyone takes his or her seats as the funeral starts. Bagpipes are played as the priest and pallbearers make their way down the center aisle. Bo takes the podium first to offer his thoughts about Caroline. Shawn then steps up to share his thoughts. Hope places a single rose on Caroline's casket as she shares her thoughts. Sami proclaims, loudly enough for Kate and Roman to overhear, that they should be sitting there burying Kate and John instead of Caroline.

Jennifer takes the stand next to offer her thoughts as Abby comes into the church to hear her words about families sticking together. Roman is next at the podium. They all move to the gravesite as the priest steps up to the podium next to read from scripture. He sprinkles holy water on the site as Lucas and Sami step aside to argue about Kate being the killer. Will overhears them and is disgusted at the thought that if Kate isn't the killer, than Lucas and Sami could still be the killers.

John offers his condolences to Roman as he suggests that Sami may go so far as to kill to see John away from Marlena. Roman takes offense at John's comments and vows that he'll do whatever it takes to protect Marlena. John questions Roman's intent and Roman proclaims that he'll be watching John.

Victor vows to Sami that after the holidays, she is going down. He vows to reveal that Sami lied on the stand about Lucas and will see to it that she goes to jail for perjury. Sami thinks to herself that she has to get rid of Victor before the New Year.

Rex declares to Roman and Kate that he has figured out who will be the next victim. He looks at Kate as he ponders whether she will be strong enough to handle this.

Bo and Hope worry about Shawn going back to the loft. Shawn insists on leaving but offers to call and check in frequently. Bo gets another message on his PDA that simply says, "another murder is announced."

Shawn sees Jan outside of the church but doesn't recognize her. He asks the priest for the girl's identity but the priest doesn't see anyone. Abby is kneeling at Caroline's grave when Jennifer tells her that they have to go. Jennifer tries to console Abby but Abby turns away.

Rex declares that, according to his calculations, the serial killer will next be coming after Roman. Bo's PDA message shows a newspaper obituary clipping that slowly reveals Roman's picture.

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