Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/8/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/8/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Hope begs Bo not to let the killer take control of his life. He doesn't see how he can't, given Caroline's warning. Hope attempts to make him believe that nothing bad is going to happen to their family. They can deal with whatever comes.

Shawn walks through the alley, and hears a noise behind him. He quickly turns around, asking if someone is there. Jan hides behind a box so that he doesn't see her.

Belle wakes up and checks her messages. There is one from Shawn, asking her to call him back.

Rex sits by a window, holding Cassie's picture in his hands. He is crying. Mimi knocks on the door, and he tells her to go away. She asks him to please let her in. He doesn't need her, but she insists he does, and refuses to leave until he opens the door.

Lucas visits Kate in jail. She tries to make light of the situation by saying she knows orange is in this season, but it's not her color. Lucas apologizes for being mean to her. He begs her to forgive him, and of course, she does. Lucas doesn't believe that Kate killed Cassie, but he doesn't understand what she was doing with the knife. She explains that she picked it up off the ground so that the children didn't get hurt.

Roman tells Sami to go home, as she keeps talking about the warning that John will kill Marlena.

Rex finally lets Mimi in, saying he wants to be left alone. She brings food inside, but Rex isn't hungry. Mimi doesn't want him to mourn Cassie's death alone.

Shawn's phone rings, it's Belle. She misses him. Jan listens in on their conversation.

Lucas tries to convince Kate that Roman loves and believes her. She doesn't know how she's going to prove her innocence, given the evidence against her.

Hope believes it's logical that she would be the next victim, given that she's been attacked three times already. Bo isn't sure. The killer is too smart to let them get one step ahead of him/her. He thinks they're going to hurt Hope by going after Shawn.

Jan reaches into her purse. Belle asks if something else has happened, if there was another murder. Shawn tells her Cassie was killed. Belle asks why, and he can't give her an answer. He says there is more. Rex and Cassie aren't Tony and Marlena's children. She is confused. Shawn tells her that Kate and Roman are their parents. Kate was found at the scene with a bloody knife in her hands.

Since Sami accuses both John and Kate of being the serial killer, Roman asks which one of them it is. She says maybe it's both of them and they're taking turns killing people. Roman laughs at her. She is ridiculous. Sami continues to try to get Roman to believe her.

Bo calls Shawn, but keeps getting his voicemail. Bo calls Tek and asks him to run a global positioning search on Shawn's cell phone. Bo tries to assure Hope that everything will be fine.

Roman sees through Sami, and thinks she is trying to throw suspicion off herself. She is shocked that he still believes she is guilty. She gets her jacket and runs out of Roman's office.

Rex warms up to Mimi. She tells him it's okay to cry. He depended on Cassie for everything, and can't imagine the future without her. Mimi said she has someone like that in her life too, someone she lost. Rex apologizes for only thinking of himself, and asks who it was.

Jan sees a door, and she runs over to it, trying not to draw attention to herself. She goes inside and shuts the door. Shawn hears the door close, and tells Belle that he'll call her back. He approaches the building and goes to open the door.

Kate paces in her cell. Roman goes to see her. He's been busy, but he wanted to tell her something.

Lucas knocks on Sami's door, and she says she never wants to see him again. The feeling is mutual. He's there to pick up a permission slip for Will. Sami gets worked up while she tries to find it. Lucas tells her she's losing it. She tells him that John doesn't have an alibi for any of the murders, and Lucas laughs at her.

It was Mimi's grandmother. She was more of a mom to her than her real mom. Rex laughs as Mimi talks about her grandmother. He smiles as he begins to talk about Cassie. Nobody knew what she was really like. Cassie was only tough because she tried to protect herself. Mimi hugs Rex.

Jan pulls a screwdriver out of her pocketbook, ready to attack Shawn if he enters. Hope and Bo run over, calling Shawn's name. He asks if everything is alright. Hope wants him to sleep at the house tonight, and he agrees to it.

Kate doesn't think Roman believes she is innocent. She can see it in his eyes. He puts his arms around her and says she couldn't be more wrong. There is no way she could be the killer. She is relieved. Roman tells her they've added John to the suspect list.

Lucas doesn't believe John would ever hurt Marlena. Sami is just trying to break them up. She has no evidence that John will kill her mother. Sami becomes hysterical. Lucas tells her she is dangerous, and walks out of the apartment.

Kate is shocked by the news about John. He has no alibi for any of the murders and a history with Stefano. Roman doesn't believe it, but he can't ignore it either.

Lucas goes back to Sami's apartment, but she won't open the door. He has a key, and opens it himself. He finds her crying on the couch. Sami asks what he wants. Lucas came back for the permission slip. He thanks her and is ready to leave, but doesn't. He won't leave with her crying. Lucas asks Sami what's wrong. All she does is lose people. She's going to be all alone. Sami tells Lucas to leave her alone. He says she's not alone. "What about Will, what about me?" he asks, and kisses her!

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