Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/5/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/5/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Hope tries to get Bo to stop working and get some sleep. He refuses. Every time he closes his eyes he thinks about his mother lying in that casket. He never believed in the afterlife before. He doesn't know what to make of Celeste speaking to his mother. He doesn't believe in psychics. He doesn't think his mother is resting in peace. Caroline shakes in her coffin and sits up.

John plans to move out of the Penthouse. Sami wants him out forever. Roman thinks it might be a good idea until they straighten things out. Marlena won't let John leave. She couldn't live there without him and she doesn't believe he would hurt her. She pleads with him not to leave. Sami can't believe she'd choose death over her and Roman. She insists Marlena will be dead forever, if she stays with John.

Sami rants and raves about John trying to kill Marlena. Roman doesn't necessarily believes it, but he feels he must protect Marlena and that means keeping her away from John, but it's Marlena's decision.

Shawn confides in Phillip. He thinks someone has been following him. He tells Phillip about Celeste talking to his grandmother and how she said someone else was going to die. Jan listens at the door. Shawn and Phillip don't believe ghost stories. Phillip asks if Celeste knows who the next victim will be. Outside the door, Jan asks "Another murder? Who could it be?"

Hope feels Bo needs to find peace in order for him to realize his mother is at peace. Bo thinks she'll be at peace when one of her sons finds the killer. Bo falls asleep and has a visit from his mother. Caroline says she's quite peaceful, she's lived a good long life. The part that's painful is seeing what her family is going through. She's come to prepare Bo. There's more suffering to come. It's going to get harder. The murder will be caught but not before there is more suffering. Caroline can't reveal what the future holds. She tells him he has to find the strength to face his future.

Hope calls Alice. Zach is having nightmares. Hope can understand why. She wonders if they will ever feel safe again.

Bo begs with his mother to tell him who is in danger. Hope? Their kids? Caroline tearfully tells Bo she's sorry. Bo asks if it's Hope. Caroline says she can only tell him that his future is his alone. Bo panics. Is Hope not the only one? Caroline warns him to keep a close eye on Shawn. She can't tell him more, but what he knows is enough. She trusts him. He won't let her down and he won't let those around him down. She kisses him goodbye. He tells her he loves her. Hope kisses him and he wakes up saying "I love you" Bo admits he said "I love you", but it was to someone else. His mother. She was there to warn him.

Marlena refuses to let the killer win. Sami continues to carry on about John hurting their whole family years ago. She vows that she won't let him hurt them again. Marlena can't believe Sami threatened her husband. Sami said she only meant that she was going to see John put in jail and she'd protect Marlena. John points out that she's the only murder suspect in the room. Sami points out that he doesn't have an alibi for any of the murders. Why is he even helping with the investigation? She's convinced it's to cover his own butt. Sami tells them that Roman agrees.

Roman denies he thinks John is the killer, but everyone is under suspicion. Sami rants and raves some more. Marlena refuses to believe John is going to kill her. He has no motive. Sami thinks he has the best motive of everyone. John is the original pawn. Sami takes a trip down John was programmed by Stefano to bring down the Bradys, Marlena let him. She blames Marlena for letting John bring evil into their lives. Marlena remembers how John saved her and exorcised the devil from her. Marlena won't let Sami say such awful things about her husband. Roman apologizes for bringing Sami. He didn't realize she was going to re-hash past wrongs. John reminds him that he should be worrying about Kate. John warns Sami that he won't let her hurt her mother the way she did tonight.

Shawn vows to Phillip that the Bradys will bring down the DiMeras. Phillip points out that he can't continue to blame the DiMeras for everything bad that happens to him and Salem. They go out for Chinese food with Jan secretly following.

Bo confides in Hope. His mother told him something would happen to them and they wouldn't be together. Hope tells him they will deal with whatever happens. She tells him that every couple has to deal with death sooner or later. He reminds her that he dealt with it before and he won't do it again. He also tells her that Caroline warned him that Shawn was in danger.

Shawn and Phillip walk past the alleyway where Jack's tribute is. Shawn tried to call Belle to tell her about Cassie, but she wasn't there. He loves Belle. Jan listens. She mutters that "everyone loves Belle". She has a flashback to a scene with her mother. Jan tells her mother she's going back to Salem. If it wasn't for her, she would have had a life with Shawn. Her mother tells her she's going back "over her dead body". Jan says "have it your way". Present day Jan stares at Shawn and thinks "now's your chance".

Shawn tries to call Belle, but she's not there. He leaves a message and says "I love you". Jan listens, "not for much longer you won't." Hope and Bo try to find Shawn, but can't. Hope thinks he's probably just asleep. Bo thinks, despite everything they've gone through, they are very lucky. He couldn't live without her. She says he could, but won't have to for a very, very long time. Caroline watches, "my poor Bo".

Sami and Roman finally leave the Penthouse. Marlena and John finally clean up the glass. John wonders if Marlena was trying to convince herself or them of his innocence. Marlena and John make love.

Outside the Penthouse, Sami vows to stop John. If Roman won't play by John's dirty rules, she will.

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