Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/4/03

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/4/03

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer sits in the spot where Jack was killed. There is only one left light shining. It was lit by Abby. Suddenly all the candles light up, when Jenn turns around she finds Jack waiting for her. She reaches for
him, but he leaves.

Lexie and Abe’s ghost continue dancing. Lexie begs him not to leave her, but he must go. Abe’s ghost morphs back into Celeste. Jennifer races to the Carvers and tells Lexie all about seeing Jack. Celeste suggests a séance so they could speak with both Abe and Jack, but they need two more people to participate. Suddenly, a photo album is thrown to the floor and opens to Roman’s picture. They get a message from Abe that he has something to tell Roman.

Sami is still trying to convince Roman that John is going to kill her mother. He’s not buying it. Lexie calls telling him to come right over, she has a message from Abe. After Sami and Roman arrive, Lexie convinces them to join the séance. Although Sami doesn’t need much convincing, Roman is skeptical. Celeste begins the séance. Abe returns with a warning. He spells it out with letter tiles; “John Will Kill Marlena”. Sami freaks out and leaves the table. The séance is over, Sami has broken the chain. Jenn is angry with Sami because she was just about to talk to Jack. Sami points out that Jack is dead, but they can still save her mother. Roman apologizes and leaves with Sami. Jenn gets a message on her palm pilot. It’s from Jack arranging to meet her. She leaves and Jack is waiting for her.

Alone, Lexie looks at the letter tiles on the table. Abe has left a message for Lexie; “My Darling Lexie, I go in Peace. Love Abe.”

Brady talks to Chloe. He’s happy to hear from her and finds out that she’s coming back to Salem. Nicole worries that this is going to ruin all her plans. Nicole realizes Victor is behind this and tells his grandfather that he will not allow Chloe to return. Victor admits that he doesn’t trust Brady and Nicole together. Brady is disgusted with all of it.

Marlena looks over the Penthouse balcony. Suddenly someone puts a scarf around her neck. She’s scared to death, only to turn around and find out it was John thinking she was cold. He realizes that Marlena was scared of him. Could she be buying into Sami’s theory of him being the killer? She denies it. They kiss. Sami and Roman are outside the Penthouse to check on Marlena. They hear a crash. Sami uses her key and they go racing in. Marlena knocked over a glass and cut her hand. Sami screams that John tried to kill her and Roman should shoot him. Sami and Roman tell them about the séance. Marlena doesn’t believe it, but John offers to move out if it will make everyone feel more comfortable. Roman and Sami think it’s a good idea. As John goes up the stairs to pack, he looks down to find Roman taking care of Marlena’s hand, while Sami smirks at John.

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