Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/3/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/3/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Lexi is holding a picture of Abe, and there is a knock at the door. She puts the frame down and answers the door. Jen is standing there and Lexi invites her inside. Jen needed to get out of the house. She just heard about Cassie being killed. They both miss their husbands terribly. Someone watches them from outside Lexi's house.

Celeste walks past Jack's memorial, and the wind blows the candles out. She knows what she must do.

Nicole fantasizes about Brady as she watches him exercise outside. She believes that bringing Chloe back will not do anything to stop her from making Brady fall in love with her.

Bo walks in the door, and Hope says they booked Kate for Cassie's murder. Bo hopes Kate is innocent, for Roman's sake. If she killed Cassie and the others, his life will be over.

Roman stares at picture of Kate on his desk. He knows she didn't kill their daughter. He will prove it, and clear her name. Marlena watches him from outside his office. John hands Marlena a drink, as she voices her concerns for Roman. Marlena doesn't want his feelings for Kate to get in the way of him doing his job. She is unsure of what to think. Anybody could be the killer.

Celeste enters the station, and sees John and Marlena. She doesn't understand why Caroline told her that John would kill Marlena. She says this out loud, and Sami overhears it.

Jen and Lexi sit on the couch, drinking coffee. Lexi believes Theo can sense that his father is gone. He wakes up in the middle of the night, crying. Abby still believes Jack would have survived if Jen didn't end his life. She doesn't understand how she can think that. Lexi tries to comfort Jen, as someone watches through the window.

Sami asks Celeste what she said, and she explains that Caroline spoke to her. She tries to walk away, but Sami follows, as she still asks questions. Celeste doesn't want to say what Caroline told her, but Sami insists. Caroline told her that John will kill Marlena. Sami gets upset, and drags Celeste inside, to Marlena. She wants her to tell Marlena. Celeste can't tell, it's not her place. If she won't tell, Sami will. Sami starts to tell them, they have a right to know. Celeste says it won't help anything, it will only make things worse. "Grandma said that you're going to die, and your loving husband is going to murder you," says Sami.

Victor hands Nicole a newspaper, the headline saying that Cassie has been murdered. Nicole looks shocked by the news. She denies being the killer. She tells Victor that he's making a mistake bringing Chloe back. He assumes that Brady is just going to "fall back into her arms." She insists that Brady is over Chloe. Victor decides to test her theory, and plays Chloe's music so that Brady will hear it. Brady gets up, and Victor says the look on his face is that of a person that is in love.

Hope tells Bo to stop looking at the e-mail Cassie sent, he's looked at it a million times. She makes him inhale. Hope made his mom's stew for dinner. Bo thanks her.

Marlena is angry with Sami for saying that. Celeste didn't want anyone to know. She apologizes to them. John lectures her, and tells her to figure out how to use her powers to keep them all from dying. Marlena would like to speak to Sami alone. Celeste leaves, and on her way out, sees a picture of Abe on the wall. She feels his presence, and the picture begins to shake.

Marlena is embarrasses by Sami's behavior. Sami tells her to do what she has to do, all she did was repeat what Celeste said to her. Marlena says she and John love eachother, and this is not going to work.

Jen doesn't know how to hold onto Jack's presence. She feels him slipping away from her. Lexi looks at her and says Jack is still in her heart, that will never change. The door blows open and startles them.

Sami's motives are transparent to Marlena. She used Celeste to further her own agenda. She has a sick obsession with having her parents get back together. It's not going to happen. Marlena tells her to get serious psychiatric help. Sami claims that John ruined her life. She starts ranting, and Marlena slaps her. Sami looks at her mother in shock.

Brady runs into the house and asks Victor why the song is playing. He says it was sent to him as a thank you. Victor excuses himself, leaving Nicole and Brady alone. Chloe's voice amazes Brady.

Sami runs out, and Marlena attempts to stop her. She tells Roman that Sami needs help. Roman follows Sami into the hall, and asks what's going on. Sami wants him to arrest John. John tells her that Marlena isn't his next victim, she is. Marlena joins them in the hall. Sami wants to press charges against John for threatening her. Marlena ends the conversation, and everyone leaves Sami standing there. She runs after Roman, begging him to listen to her. He screams at her, and tells her to shut up, she's wrong.

Jen and Lexi run outside to see what happened. The person is still spying on them. Celeste walks through the gate and says the most amazing thing has happened. They all go back inside the house, and Celeste tells Lexi to lock and bolt the door. She asks for some time alone with Lexi, and Jen leaves. She walks out the gate, and the person follows her. Celeste asks Lexi if she and Abe had a special song and tells her to find it. She instructs her to put it on. She holds her hand out to Lexi and tells her to take it. The door blows open again. Celeste's eyes change, and it frightens Lexi, but Celeste tells her not to let go. She then turns into Abe. Lexi is in disbelief.

Nicole says Chloe's career is over, and Brady demands to know what she's talking about. It has to do with his grandfather. Nicole tells Brady that Victor is arranging for Chloe's return to Salem. Brady says it's impossible. He's going to put a stop to it now.

Lexi asks Abe if it's really him. He says his spirit is really there. She hugs him and tells him how much she misses him. Lexi is in tears as she talks to Abe.

Sami continues to try to convince Roman that Marlena is in danger. He tells her to get evidence, and then come back. She stares at the timeline board, and says she knows how to convince him that John is the killer.

Lexi holds Abe's hands, and asks him if he knows who the killer is. He knows, but is not able to say. He only came back to say good-bye. Lexi asks if she's going to die, but he cannot tell her that either. He says he loves her. She begs Abe not to go, and he asks her to dance with him. She holds on to him tightly.

Brady walks up behind Victor and says they need to talk. He knows that Victor is planning on bringing Chloe back. He's going to tear her away from a successful career and ruin her life. Victor tells Brady to calm down. Chloe calls Victor's phone. He asks Brady if he would like to speak to her.

Jen walks to Jack's memorial, with the person still following her. She kneels down, and talks to one of his pictures. She asks if he's slipping away. All of the candles light up at once, and a hand touches Jen's shoulder.

Sami asks where John was when Abe was killed. He was with everyone in the church, but could have slipped away, like Maggie did. Roman checks all of the statements. When Jack was murdered, John was in Salem Place. At the time of Maggie's death, John is unaccounted for. He was at the pub earlier in the day, before Caroline was poisoned. He was at the lodge with Marlena on the day of Cassie's death, but he could have still been in town when she was killed. John doesn't have a real alibi for any of the murders. Roman has a hard time believing that John is the killer. Sami tries to persuade Roman to help her.

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