Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/2/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/2/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Philip is upset that nobody informed him that he is related to the twins. Shawn explains that everyone is still in shock, and that is why he didn't find out. Everyone is still trying to take it all in. Philip stares at Mimi and Rex, and it clicks that Rex is his brother.

Marlena and John get to Salem Place. John is going to find Tek and see if he needs help. It seems that all the evidence against Kate is circumstantial. He doesn't believe that she killed Cassie. Marlena sees Rex, and believes he's innocent. He couldn't have killed his own sister. Marlena can't believe that someone she loved is capable of killing someone. Sami and Lucas approach them. Lucas is eager to see Kate. At the moment, Lucas and Sami are only witnesses.

Mimi doesn't understand why Rex hates Kate so much. She never knew about him and Cassie. Mimi asks if he thinks that Kate could really be guilty. He spots John and Marlena, and appears to be angry.

Kate scrubs the blood off of her hands in Roman's office. Forensics is analyzing the knife to see if it's the murder weapon and seeing if the blood on Kate's hands matches Cassie's. Kate informs Roman that her attorney will not be present. She is very insistent that she isn't hiding anything, and claims to have no idea what happened to Cassie. Kate was walking in Salem Place, and something was thrown in front of her. She bent down to see what it was, and saw it was a knife. Seeing how many kids were around, she picked it up so that none of the kids would get hurt. She looked at it more closely and saw that it was smeared with blood. Roman asks why Kate didn't come forward right away and explain what happened. She begins to cry, and says she has never seen so much blood. When she saw Cassie, she couldn't think or move. Kate couldn't hurt their child. Roman believes her, but he knows that Cassie was going to name the killer. Kate wasn't aware of it though, she didn't even talk to her today. Roman calls Lucas and Sami because they are the next best suspects.

Sami explains her presence in Salem Place, saying she was going to get a pie. Lucas and John inform Marlena of the riot that Sami started earlier. Marlena can't take it anymore. Sami cannot believe that she is crying over Cassie. Marlena looks disgusted. Sami doesn't even care that her sister is dead. John's phone rings. Roman asks him to bring Sami and Lucas in for questioning.

Rex looks at John in disgust. He approaches him, and says he's not taking Cassie's body anywhere. Rex swings at him, but misses. Shawn and Philip separate them. Rex accuses John of hating him and Cassie. Shawn still believes that Rex is the killer. Cassie hated needles, and Rex doesn't want them to cut her up. Marlena tries to calm him down, but it only angers him more. Marlena tells him she knows what it's like to lose a twin, and that he'll go on. Mimi hands John Cassie's PDA. They found it a few minutes ago, with a message she sent to Rex. It says:

Rex, I know who the killer is. I know how they planted Maggie Horton's blood on your sweatshirt to frame you for the murders. I love you, Rex, and I know that you're completely innocent. I have to make sure that this killer is exposed and stopped, even if exposing this killer's identity will destroy so many lives. For once, I know I'm doing the right thing and protecting you is the most important thing to me.

Shawn thinks Rex planted the message on Cassie's PDA. Tony appears, and they all look at him. Rex tells him that Cassie has been murdered.

The blood is a match. There are no fingerprints on the knife, except for Kate's. They are almost certainly looking at 1st degree murder charges.

Tony hugs Rex. John explains that Cassie had information on the serial killer and was on her way to tell Roman when she was murdered. John implies that Tony may have killed Cassie, because she lied about being his daughter. Rex doesn't want them to take Cassie away, but Tony explains that they need to know the truth. Rex tells Marlena to go with Sami, Lucas and John to the station. He doesn't want her there "playing shrink." Rex tells Marlena that he doesn't need her in his life, she'll be dead soon anyway. The killer will never stop, and next time, he or she will succeed.

Tony wanders around Salem Place, looking dazed. Rex tells Mimi that she should just go home. There's nothing she can do for him. Tony asks Mimi to get him some tea so that he can have a minute alone with Rex. Tony promises Rex that he will get his revenge.

Roman wants Sami and Lucas' statements, and turns them over to the crime lab so they can be checked for traces of evidence. They are taken away. John wants to take Marlena home, but she won't go. John knows she's shaken by what Rex said. Marlena asks to see Kate, and Roman allows her to.

Philip and Shawn begin to discuss Jan. Shawn isn't concerned about her running into Belle in Europe. As long as he never sees her again, they'll be okay. Jan spies on them from in the bushes.

Kate is upset that she never got a chance to bond with Cassie, the way Marlena did. The twins bind her to Roman. Kate asks Marlena if Roman will be able to forgive her. Marlena turns away, walks to the window, and looks out at Roman. Kate's asks if it bothers her that she and Roman have reconciled. They've seemed much closer the past few days. They are sharing a lot of grief.

Sami and Lucas are brought back. Roman reviews their statements and realizes that somebody is lying. Kate said that she went to see Will at Lucas' apartment in the morning. According to Sami and Lucas, Will had a football game and they never saw Kate. Roman enters his office to question Kate. She admits to not going to Lucas'. After she left Roman's house, she remembered that Will had a football game, so she went there. Tek enters, with news. The last number dialed on Cassie's cell phone was Kate's.

Lucas can't believe that Sami doesn't care about her sister. She hasn't changed at all. Lucas tells her that her parents are friends, but they will never get together. Lucas tells her to grow up. She can't handle change. Sami thinks Kate is a hateful person, and the last thing Roman needs is to have her in his life. Sami would frame Kate for murder.

Kate insists that she never spoke to Cassie. Cassie left a message and Kate never received it. Kate says sometimes, by accident, she presses a button on her phone and everything's gone. That's what must have happened. The message says "I got Roman's dinner invitation. You've got to be kidding. The last person I'd give thanks for is you." Roman tells them to book Kate.

Tony leaves Rex and Mimi. Rex tells her to leave him alone. Mimi feels guilty for treating Cassie so horribly. All she did was insult her. Rex gets more irritated as she talks. Rex says Mimi hated Cassie, which isn't true. He tells Mimi to get away from him. She doesn't want him to push her away, she just wants to help.

Tony is on the phone with Stefano. He tells Stefano that Cassie is dead, and says "It wasn't supposed to be like this."

Roman reads Kate her rights as Lucas and Sami enter his office. Lucas attempts to convince Roman that Kate would never hurt Cassie. It's not possible. Roman agrees. He believes that Kate is innocent. If it's the last thing he does, he will clear her name. She hugs him, and is taken away.

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