Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/1/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/1/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

While doing a tarot reading, Celeste remembers blood dripping down the Fall Festival sign in Salem Place. She turns over one of the cards, and it is the death card. Caroline warns her to prepare herself.

John and Marlena go away after Marlena was poisoned. She assures John that she is feeling much better. Marlena asks if anybody knows where they are, nobody knows. She is concerned about the twins, she still cares for them very much. John tries to calm her down and get her to rest. Marlena isn't sure that Cassie can adjust to life as a Brady. John tells her to forget about Cassie, her fate is already sealed.

Roman and Lucas watch a child swing at the piñata. He makes a hole in it, and blood begins to pour out. A man rips the rest of the piñata open, and Cassie's body falls out. Kate is standing nearby with a bloody knife. Rex runs over to his sister to try to help her, but it appears to be too late. Rex spots Kate and asks "How could you? You're her mother."

Marlena questions John's comment regarding Cassie's fate. Tony still considers the twins Dimeras, even though they are not his biological children. John says that Tony thinks the twins are Dimera property. She reminds him that they are human. Marlena believes that Roman will never abandon the twins, now that he knows they are his children.

Rex holds his sister's body. "You can't be dead, I would have felt it. I would have known," he says. Kate watches on. Lucas tries to help Kate, but Sami stops him before he can go to her. He is in enough trouble as it is. Shawn walks over to Roman, and asks what he should do. He wants to help. Roman tells him to phone the paramedics, and tell his parents there's been another murder. Shawn walks away, leaving Roman alone to deal with Kate. Kate screams and holds the knife up at Roman. He tells her to drop the knife, and she obeys. Kate looks sick, when she catches a glimpse of Cassie. Rex accuses her of killing her own daughter.

Sami and Lucas watch the scene that Rex and Kate are making. Lucas doesn't believe that his mother killed Cassie, even though they didn't get along.

Shawn calls Tek and tells him to get people down there and assist Roman. He then calls Philip, saying he's got some bad news.

Kate sobs as she looks at her daughter's body, insisting that she didn't do it.

Caroline tells Celeste the news of Cassie's death. She was murdered and stuffed in the piñata. Cassie will not be the last to die. Marlena will die too, and John will be the person that kills her. She will never believe her husband will murder her.

John tells Marlena that he has a surprise for her, deep in the woods. Marlena leaves the room to get the water in the shower started, and John pulls a knife out of his bag.

Cassie died before being placed in the piñata. Rex insists on being present during her autopsy.

Philip arrives and asks Shawn what the cop is doing with his mother. Shawn breaks the news to Philip. Cassie is dead, and Kate may have killed her.

Sami tells a woman that Kate is the killer, and hasn't been arrested, which starts a huge riot in the middle of Salem Place.

Roman explains that he got a message from Cassie earlier. She figured out who the killer was and was on her way to the police station to report it when she was murdered. Kate swears that she didn't do it, and begs Roman to believe her.

Bonnie cooks two t.v. dinners for Mickey. Mimi finds this humorous, and mocks her mother. Bonnie asks for a ride, but Mimi refuses.

Roman has a job to do. He calls Tek over to swab Kate for evidence. Roman is told by another cop that there is a problem. Sami is causing an uproar, saying that Kate Roberts is the killer. Roman says he could have her thrown in jail.

Caroline tells Kate that it is through her psychic powers that the killer will be caught.

Marlena and John walk through the woods. They sit on a fallen tree, and John hands her hot cider. They discuss Cassie and Rex's DNA tests, and Marlena says that she is worried about Roman. John questions her feelings towards him. Marlena loves him, but will never love him the way she loves John. They have a history together and children together. John is angry about Sami's attempt to break him and Marlena up. Marlena reassures him that she will never leave him for another man. John reaches into his bag and pulls out the knife.

Mimi questions her mother's motives. Bonnie wants Mickey to invest in her country western bar. Mimi continues to mock her. Bonnie is set on persuading Mickey to help her. Mimi is annoyed, and walks out of the house, leaving her mother sitting at the table alone.

Marlena is frightened by the knife. John reaches behind her and cuts a plant. This is her surprise. There is a legend behind it. The lover searches the woods for the first bloom of the year and when he finds it, presents it to his lady. This ensures them everlasting love. Marlena breathes a sigh of relief, and John realizes that she thought he was going to hurt her. He apologizes, and assures her that he would never hurt her. He wraps her hands around the plant, and they make a wish.

Roman pulls Rex aside. Rex despises Roman, and blames him and his "murdering mother" for Cassie's death.

John's phone rings. He tells Marlena that Cassie has been murdered. Marlena becomes hysterical. John holds her as she repeats "Not Cassie, not Cassie." John tells her that Kate was the one that killed her.

Shawn explains to Philip that Roman and Kate are Cassie's parents. Cassie is Phillip's sister.

Tek is through with Kate. Kate attempts to tell Roman her side of the story. He orders Kate to be taken to the station. He will talk to her when she has an attorney present.

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