Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/26/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/26/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Caroline tells Celeste that Marlena will die, and John will be the one to kill her. Celeste finds it hard to believe, John loves Marlena. He would never hurt her.

John and Marlena enter the room with everyone else. Kate tells Sami that her plan backfired, they're closer than ever.

Rex thinks Bo, Roman or Hope could possibly be the next victims. Sami interrupts, saying that Rex is only saying that because he hates Roman. She's so infuriated that she lets Rex's secret out. He is really Roman's son. Everyone watches, in shock. Tony isn't the twins' biological father. They lied about their parents the entire time. Roman is confused, and doesn't understand how that can be true. Shawn refuses to believe that Rex and Cassie are his cousins. Bo wants proof. Tony tells Rex to tell everyone that it's not true. John suspects that Tony knew all along, because he doesn't seem the least bit surprised. Tony says Sami has an overactive imagination, and Mimi tells him that she isn't lying. Marlena demands an explanation. She is obviously angry.

John isn't surprised by the news that the twins aren't Dimeras. He recalls the lie detector test that Rex took. He missed one question, the one asking who his parents are. Roman wants to know why John never told him about this. John wasn't aware that Roman was involved. He had no idea that Roman was their father. Tony loves the twins, they are his children in every way that matters.

Bo still considers Rex their prime murder suspect, whether he's a Dimera or a Brady.

Shawn goes to confront Mimi, who is on the verge of tears. He feels betrayed by one of his best friends. Rex made Mimi promise not to tell who his parents are, and she agreed because he frightens her. She still could have told Shawn the truth when they were alone together. Mimi begged Rex to tell who his parents are. She doesn't think Rex is the killer. Caroline was his grandmother too, he wouldn't kill his family.

Cassie says if she had her way, Sami would be dead.

Mimi tells Rex and Cassie that they got what they deserved for lying to everyone else. She advises them to start telling the truth.

Roman tells the twins there won't be a long lost reunion. He understands that him being their father isn't great news to them, but it's no excuse for lying. He doesn't know whether or not to believe Rex. Rex explains that he collected blood and hair samples, to perform DNA tests and see who his parents are. The tests revealed that Roman was their father. They love Tony and they didn't want to lose the only family that they ever knew. They still want to be Dimeras, even though the Dimeras are the enemies of their birth family. They leave the room, with Tony following them.

Roman is disgusted by what Stefano has done to the twins. He is heartless. Cassie and Rex were raised without parents, without love. Marlena and Roman were captives on the island together, and he believes that is where it happened. Sami sees a silver lining. Her parents are more bonded than ever, now that they know they are Cassie and Rex's parents. Marlena thinks it is possible that she is still their mother. Sami says this is even more of a reason for her parents to be together.

Cassie apologizes to Tony for lying. They just didn't want to lose him. He appreciates their loyalty, and lets them know that they'll always be Dimeras. Mimi interrupts and wants to speak to Rex. Tony excuses himself. Cassie looks torn up, since the secret is out. Mimi wants them to think how much better it would be if they told the whole truth. Shawn overhears, and tells Rex to confess. He verbally attacks Rex, and accuses him of being the killer. Shawn threatens the twins, and walks away.

Caroline warns Celeste that the killing won't stop. John will kill Marlena and Sami will never recover from the shock.

Marlena asks Roman how he's dealing with the news, besides being shocked. He's not going to walk away from his responsibilities to the twins. They need their parents right now. Sami brings Rex and Cassie inside, saying their parents want to talk to them and they're going to be a big, happy family. "We have the same mom and dad," Sami enthusiastically says. Cassie tells her they don't. Marlena isn't their mother. Roman wants them to be clear, and asks who their mother is. Their biological mother is Kate. Sami denies it, and says the twins are delusional. Roman drags Kate aside, and asks if she knew the twins were their children. With tears in her eyes, she tells him no. She's just as shocked as he is. Roman believes her.

Marlena asks John to help her, and makes him promise not to leave her. She is shaken by the news. Bo and Hope ask to talk to John, alone. The killer left them another message. It says "Just wait," with a red skull. It was on a time delay. Bo's PDA beeps, another message has arrived. "Brady Thanksgiving canceled due to death in the family."

Caroline tells Celeste the killer is closer than she knows.

Tony approaches Marlena and apologizes. Marlena still loves the twins, as does Tony. Marlena says Cassie and Rex are Bradys now, and they have to step back. Tony refuses.

Hope thinks the message was sent to taunt them. Caroline hasn't been buried yet. She could be the death in the family. Bo agrees. The pub is secure. John goes upstairs to check on Marlena. Bo assures Hope that they won't lose eachother.

Roman hugs Kate, and Sami is furious. She tells him to get away from her, and to remember everything Kate has done. Roman tells Sami that it's none of her business. He tells her to go home and calm down. He needs to talk to Kate alone. Roman apologizes to Kate for Sami's outburst.

Rex and Cassie approach Caroline's casket. Rex tells her he's so sorry, then walks Cassie away.

Marlena asks John if he's happy that the twins aren't her children. He knows she's hurting right now, and he understands how special they are to her.

Caroline says all she can tell Celeste is that the killer was there tonight.

Hope wants to celebrate Thanksgiving, even with everything that's going on. A message appears on Bo's PDA, saying "Happy Thanksgiving," and showing a turkey's head get chopped off.

Celeste realizes all seven suspects were at the funeral that night. She asks Caroline when the next murder will occur. During the Thanksgiving celebration, today.

Cassie says she knows who the killer is.

Roman tells Kate that having kids usually brings a couple closer together, especially when they're in love. Kate thinks that leaves them out, but Roman never stopped loving her. He kisses her, which makes John happy. He doesn't want anything you come between himself and Marlena.

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