Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

Brady commends Nicole for showing up at the wake, especially since people treated her poorly. Nicole wasn't prepared for the way she felt when she saw how much John loves Marlena. She couldn't stand it.

Marlena is still unconscious. John asks her, again, to wake up and tell them what happened. Kate tells Sami that her parents are never going to be together, and to give up. Marlena begins to wake up. She remember eating the dip again.

Hope walks over to the food, ready to eat the dip. Bo asks Rex who will be the next victim. Rex asks if he's sure he wants to know. Celeste tells Hope that danger is there. Death is at hand. Celeste had another warning.

Nicole explains that she'll never have that one great love. She'll never know what it feels like to have a man look at her the way that John looks at Marlena. Brady tries to comfort her by saying maybe she hasn't found the right man. That doesn't mean it's never going to happen. He believes that everyone finds true love at least once in their lifetime. He found it with Chloe. Nicole asks if he thinks he'll ever find love like that again, and he is unsure. "Lightening like that doesn't strike twice in a lifetime." Nicole tells him that his father found two great loves, and maybe Brady will fall in love again.

Kate pulls Sami aside. Sami wants her to leave her family alone, and to take John with her. Kate reminds her that John is part of her family. Kate threatens to have Victor "punish" Sami, but Sami doesn't seem to be phased.

Hope asks whose life is in danger, but Celeste is unsure. She only knows what Caroline told her, that someone else is going to die. Hope puts the carrot with the dip down. She wants to know if Celeste is sure. Both Alice and Celeste are afraid that Caroline is right.

Tony advises Rex not to say anything, Bo will twist his words and make him look guilty. Rex is just trying to think like the killer and come up with the accurate profile. Bo knows the profile of the killer. They're smug and think they can outsmart the cops.

Victor watches Nicole and Brady. Nicole asks Brady to hold her, and is about ready to kiss him, when Victor interrupts. He has news for Brady. Marlena just woke up. Victor also informs Nicole that the "international project" they discussed will come through very soon. Nicole says it's never going to work. Victor wants to speak to Brady about Chloe.

Roman tells Bo that Marlena may have been poisoned. She remembers eating vegetables and dip in a yellow bowl. Bo tries to stop Hope from eating the dip. He's successful. He explains that the dip may be poisoned. Lexi goes to see if anyone else ate it. Roman calls forensics to make sure they check for fingerprints.

John tells Marlena that she probably saved Hope's life. He goes to get her water and hot soup, and leaves Roman with her. Roman is relieved that she's okay. Marlena tells him that she heard him calling her name while she was unconscious. It sounded like he wasn't ready to let her go. He didn't think the kids could take losing her again. Sami is watching, and is thrilled. She goes into the room with them, and says how happy she is that Marlena is all right. Sami has a scrapbook with her, she thinks it might cheer Marlena up. She shows her a picture of herself, Eric, Roman and Marlena when they were still a family. She is trying to manipulate her parents.

Victor informs Brady that Chloe is being hailed as the pride and joy of Salem. Nicole reminds Victor that he never liked Chloe, and Brady agrees. Victor has changed his mind.

Bo accuses the Dimeras of trying to kill Hope. Lexi says there's nothing that points to Tony or Rex being responsible. Marlena is Rex's mother! Bo talks of the crimes that the Dimeras have committed. Hope asks him to wait until they have evidence. Bo knows Hope is upset and wants to know what's wrong. Hope tells him about Celeste's premonition. Someone else is going to die. Bo can't believe that Hope isn't buying into it. Caroline appears again, saying she believes it because it's true. Bo look and sees the pictures on the table move. They fall over, and the glass shatters.

Sami taps Rex on the shoulder and asks to talk to him. Lexi says to leave him alone, he wouldn't try to poison his own mother. Sami asks "Are you sure?" and says she gets so confused with the twins being genetically engineered. Nobody can say who their real parents are. Rex tells her to shut her mouth.

Victor says with Caroline gone, he lost the love of his life. He spent years without her. He doesn't want Brady to make that mistake with Chloe. He says not to let her slip away, or he'll live to forget it.

John tells Marlena not to worry about the soup. He opened it himself and never let it out of his sight. She's still hesitant to eat it. Roman leaves to go find the killer.

Celeste sees Caroline again. Caroline tells her she won't be able to stop the next death. When she tells everyone, nobody will believe her.

Sami says she'll talk to Rex later. Bo wants him to leave, and Rex assumes Bo no longer wants to know who the next victim will be, but Roman wants to hear it. Rex is sure the police will be interested in what he has to say.

Victor wants Brady to find some way to be with Chloe. Brady will think about it. He leaves Nicole alone with Victor. She says it won't work. Victor tells her that Brady will forget all about her once Chloe is back.

Celeste wants to know who is going to die. Caroline tells her that Marlena is in danger, and will be killed. Celeste wants to know hoe she will die, and who will kill her. John will kill Marlena.

Bo asks Rex if he's going to tell them. Rex says there's one thing they can conclude. The killer is getting bolder, and is determined to never be caught. The next victim will be whoever threatens the killer, Bo or Hope, most likely. And maybe Roman. Sami says he's deliberately doing this. He wants Roman to die so that he doesn't find out the truth about him. Roman asks what Sami is talking about, and she tells Roman that Rex is a Brady. He's not Tony's son, he's Roman's.

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