Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady and Nicole talk about Marlena being okay as they return to the Pub part of the Brady home. Nicole admits that she couldn’t stand to see how much John loves Marlena.

John urges Marlena to wake up and tell them what happened. Roman thanks Lexie for being there to treat Marlena. Sami laments that Roman should be in John’s place and she and Kate argue. Marlena comes to and calls out John’s name. Roman asks Marlena to tell them what made her sick. Marlena has a flashback to eating the dip. She tells everyone that she remembers.

Hope says a prayer at Caroline’s coffin before helping herself to the refreshment table. Bo tries to get Rex to admit who is going to be the next victim. Celeste rushes up to Hope to warn her that death is at hand and someone else’s life is in grave danger.

Brady questions Nicole’s admonition. Nicole explains that she wishes she had such a great love as the love that John and Marlena share. Brady works to convince her that everyone finds true love. They talk about how Brady found true love with Chloe but fear that lightning doesn’t strike twice in that department. Nicole moves closer to Brady as she suggests that he can fall in love again.

Sami leaves the bedroom as Kate grabs her arm to stop her. They continue arguing about Roman and Marlena getting back together. Kate threatens Sami that if she breaks up John and Marlena’s marriage, then whatever Victor does to her will only be the beginning. Sami declares that she has a plan.

Roman, John and Lexie hover over Marlena as Lexie suggests to Marlena that something she ate could have made her sick.

Hope urges Celeste to calm down and tell her whose life is in danger. Celeste explains that Caroline just told her that someone else was going to die. Celeste urges Hope to do something to stop the prediction from coming true. Tony urges Rex not to help Bo because Bo will take his words and twist them. Rex claims he is just trying to think like the killer and come up with a profile. Bo claims to already know the profile of the killer and vows to nail Rex and Tony before they claim another innocent life. Hope admits that she believes Celeste but has reservations about Bo also believing her. Celeste agrees to try and get more information but makes Hope promise to be careful.

Nicole moves in close to Brady as she begs him to hold her. Brady reluctantly pulls her close and then leans in close to kiss her when Victor interrupts to tell them that Marlena just woke up. Victor talks vaguely to Nicole about his plan to bring back Chloe so he can get his point across to Nicole without Brady catching on. Nicole has a flashback to Victor telling her about his plan to bring Chloe back. Nicole urges Victor to give it up because it will never work. Brady questions what is going on and Victor announces that he wants to talk to Brady about Chloe.

Roman tells Bo about the dip possibly being poisoned. Celeste notices that Hope is about to eat some of the dip and Bo rushes over to knock the food out of her hand. He explains to Hope about the poisoned dip and Lexie rushes over to ask if Hope ate any of it. Hope says that Bo got there in time. Lexie leaves to check around to see if anyone else ate the dip. Roman, Bo, and Hope discuss who could have brought the dip and Roman leaves to get forensics to check for prints. Bo and Hope share a tender moment as they are thankful that Hope’s life was saved.

John takes and kisses Marlena’s hand as he commends Marlena for remembering the dip and saving Hope’s life. Marlena tries to talk but begins to cough. John hands her some water and leaves to make her some hot soup. Roman comes in and tells Marlena about how glad he is that she is okay. Marlena tells Roman about how she could hear him calling her name like he wasn’t ready to let her go. Sami watches from the doorway as Roman tells Marlena that the kids couldn’t take it if they lost her again. Kate walks by the bedroom and questions what Sami is up to now. Sami is clutching a photo album as she declares that this is all she needs to get her parents back together.

Sami walks into the room and joins Roman on the bed. Marlena assures them that she isn’t going anywhere. Marlena asks about the photo album that Sami is holding and Sami plays dumb as she claims that she thought it would make Marlena and Roman to feel better about losing Caroline by looking at pictures. Sami pulls out a picture of Roman, Marlena, Sami, and Eric as a young family. She reads aloud a note that Marlena wrote to Caroline when she was still with Roman and how Caroline wrote on the bottom to God bless their family.

John returns with the soup and notices that Kate is upset as she paces outside the room. Kate urges John to do something before Sami breaks up their marriage. Sami comes out to tell them it is too late and to look for themselves. John and Kate look in the room to see Roman holding Marlena. Sami is proud of herself, figuring Roman and Marlena will be back together in no time before flouncing away.

Brady questions Victor’s intentions about bringing up Chloe. Victor claims he has changed his mind about Chloe being wrong for Brady.

Bo accuses Tony and Rex of poisoning the dip. Lexie steps in to defend Tony and Rex. Bo holds firm on his stance that the DiMeras are guilty, even if the victim is Rex’s own mother. Hope convinces Bo to lay off of Tony and Rex until they have the evidence to prove the DiMeras guilt. Tony thanks Lexie for standing up for them and Rex declares that DiMeras stick together no matter what. Sami overhears this and thinks to herself that one of these days someone should tell the truth about Rex and Cassie’s parentage.

Bo is upset that Hope could have been killed. Hope assures him that she is fine and hugs him. Bo questions whether Hope is really all right and demands to know what is wrong. Hope tells Bo about Celeste’s premonition that someone else is going to die. Bo is skeptical. Caroline’s ghost gets up out of her casket to tell Bo that Hope believes it because it is true and that Bo better solve this crime before it is too late. Bo is shocked at what he sees.

Hope, who has her back to Caroline’s casket, asks Bo what he sees. Bo has noticed that the pictures on the table next the casket are moving. Bo and Hope’s wedding picture and a picture of Roman falls to the floor, breaking the glass. Celeste declares that it is an omen of what is to come.

Tony admits that family loyalty is everything. Sami interrupts to pull Rex aside for a private conversation. Lexie steps in to warn Sami to leave Rex alone because he wouldn’t have hurt his own mother. Sami begins to tell the truth but Rex interrupts to threaten Sami to be quiet. Bo overhears them, accusing Rex of sounding like a killer.

Kate continues to try and convince John that his marriage to Marlena is in danger. John declares that he has faith in his love and relationship with Marlena and nothing is going to tear them apart. He leaves Kate to go back into the bedroom as Kate declares that when Sami is your enemy, it’s either kill or be killed.

John announces his presence by apologizing for interrupting. Roman quickly gets up as Marlena explains that Sami was just showing them Caroline’s photo album. Roman vows to get the killer, no matter who it turns out to be.

Brady questions Victor’s sincerity. Victor claims that he was thinking about how he lost all those years with Caroline and doesn’t want Brady to lose that with Chloe while he still has the chance.

John tries to get Marlena to eat the soup but Marlena is hesitant. John jokingly assures her that he opened the can with his own two hands and never let it out of his sight. Marlena reluctantly eats a spoonful. Roman leaves. Marlena looks at the picture Sami left as she laments about how Roman has had his heart broken so many times.

Celeste thanks Caroline for helping keep Marlena and Hope safe. Celeste asks what Caroline came back to tell her but Caroline grows upset. Bo is angry with Rex and orders him and Tony to leave. Roman wants Rex to stay and tell him what he thinks about the killer. Celeste begs Caroline to tell her who the next victim is going to be. Caroline gives in on telling Celeste but warns that when Celeste delivers the message, no one will believe her.

Victor advises Brady to do whatever it takes to be with Chloe. Brady begins to object but Victor makes him agree to at least think about it. Brady leaves. Nicole is angry with Victor but Victor promises that the minute Chloe is back, she’ll be the only woman Brady will want. Nicole threatens to tell Brady about Victor’s plan but Victor warns that dead wives tell no tales.

Celeste dismisses the warning that no one will believe her and begs Caroline to tell her the name of the next victim. Caroline warns that death eventually comes to all of them, but then specifically names Marlena as the one to be killed. Tony pulls Lexie aside to talk about how Rex may be making a big mistake by talking to the police. Lexie is called back to the hospital and leaves.

Kate and Sami argue about each other’s guilt as they watch Rex, Roman, Hope and Bo’s conversation. Rex tells them that the killer is getting bolder and the next victim is going to be the next person to threaten the killer which means it could be Bo, Hope, or even Roman.

Victor threatens that Nicole is out of moves now and that once Chloe comes back, Nicole will be back out in the gutter where she belongs. Brady decides that Victor may be right and begins to dial Chloe’s number. He thinks better of it and rushes off with a better idea.

Celeste begs Caroline for more information on how Marlena is going to die. Caroline declares that John is going to kill Marlena.

Marlena is putting her clothes back on as John reaches his hands around her shoulders and neck. Marlena commends John for helping save her life. John gives Marlena a passionate kiss as he proclaims his love for her, vowing that nothing and no one is going to take her away from him. He places another tender kiss on Marlena’s lips before leading her out of the room.

Kate and Sami jump at Rex’s threat that Roman could be the next victim. Sami accuses Rex of doing this because he wants to get back at the Brady family and wanting Roman to die so he doesn’t find out about Rex’s Brady DNA. Everyone is shocked at Sami’s outburst as she declares that Rex has known all along that Tony is not Rex and Cassie’s father, but that Roman is their father.

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