Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/24/03

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/24/03

By Jenne
Pictures by Juanita

The Brady Pub is closed due to Caroline's death. Will doesn't understand why Lucas couldn't go with them to the funeral. Sami explains to him that the Brady's aren't ready to see him right now. Luca is still a suspect in all the murders, as well as Sami. Will wonders if his parents might get back together again, it they're both innocent. Sami tells him that they were never together in the first place, that they were only really good friends. Will turns away, saying he knows he was a mistake. His parents love him, and Sami tells him that they're thrilled he's there, to which he replies "Not thrilled enough to get married." He keeps pushing, saying it's possible for them to have a relationship. He compares Lucas and Sami to Roman and Marlena. In Sami's mind, they are completely different because she believes that her parents still love each other. Sami sees Kate, and sends Will inside the pub. Sami tells Kate that she's not welcome there. John shows up shortly after, and sets Sami off even more.

Tony goes to the jail, and Rex is released. Bo doesn't want to let him leave, and tells him that his killing days are over.

Everyone is gathered inside the pub for Caroline's funeral. Mimi tries to convince herself that Rex isn't the killer. Lexi offers her condolences to Shawn, who still can't believe his wife is gone. Celeste asks Caroline why she's come back. It's because they are the only one that knows the killings aren't over. The murderer is planning another death. Nobody is safe. Celeste wants to know who will be next.

Kim asks Roman why he has a PDA. It's in case the killer tries to get in touch with him or Bo again. He receives a message. It says "Ready or I come again! Right here...Right now." Marlena falls to the ground. Lexi checks her pulse and heartbeat, which is irregular. Shawn leaves to get Lexi's medical bad, while the ambulance is called. Marlena is moved into the bedroom, until they arrive.

Sami says if she ends up getting murdered, to make sure to investigate Kate and Victor. John wants to know what's going on, and Sami tells him to ask Kate to explain it. The three of them continue to argue. Sami thinks Kate and John have ruined her parents lives. She threatens them for treating her poorly, and leaves them standing outside the pub.

Bo accuses Rex of being the murderer because of what his son overheard him say to Cassie. Tony steps in between the two of them. Bo is ready to attack Rex, and Hope attempts to stop him. Rex could be innocent, they can't let their personal feelings interfere. Bo's phone rings, and he tells Hope they need to go. He has the DiMera's tailed. He then tells Hope that the killer targeted Marlena.

Roman calls for the ambulance again, and finds out it may be a while before it gets there. Marlena's blood pressure is dangerously low, her vitals are weak, and her heartbeat is erratic. It doesn't look good. She starts having a ciesure. Kim goes to tell everyone Marlena's condition, and that the ambulance is going to take longer than expected. Celeste tells Alice about Caroline's warning. Mimi tries to call Belle, but she doesn't answer.

Sami throws her show at Kate, and says she didn't see her there. Again, Sami says that John tore apart her family. He said he raised her, and loved her. Will rushes down the stairs, saying "Grandma's dead, grandma's dead!" Sami is confused, because she already talked to Will about Caroline. He tells her now Marlena is dead too!

Lexie is afraid they've lost Marlena. John, Sami and Kate walk in the bedroom, where Roman is hugging Marlena and saying he loves her.

Rex is happy to be free. Tony tries to get Rex to return to the mansion, but he says he's not afraid to stay in the loft. Rex and Tony enter the pub, while Rex says he's sure there will be another attack.

Bo and Hope arrive, and Kim updates them on Marlena's situation. Caroline tells Celeste there isn't much time, that she has to do something now.

John tells Marlena to come back to him, while the others watch. Lexie checks her vitals, she has a pulse. Her heartbeat is stabilized, but still very weak. Sami begins to cry, and holds Marlena's hand. She tells Marlena to fight. Bo and Hope go to check up on the suspects, while Sami continues to beg for her mother to come back to them.

Will doesn't believe everything will be alright, and Shawn brings him to get a snack. Caroline convinces Celeste to talk to the others about Marlena. Rex and Tony walk in. Bo asks if Marlena was the next person on their hit list, and they both look shocked.

Roman tells Marlena to hang in there, their kids need them. He gets back on the phone again, trying to get an ambulance, but it's not possible. Celeste tells Lexie that she just got an important message from Caroline. Marlena didn't collapse from natural causes. Lexie says she could give her a drug to induce vomiting, but it could make things worse. Caroline appears, and tells her to do as she asks, but of course, nobody can see her. She tries to get everyone's attention. Roman and John tell Lexie to do something to save her, whatever the risk. Lexie agrees to it, and gives Marlena the drug.

Rex tells Bo that he's out of his mind, Marlena is his mother. Mimi drags Rex away. She wants him to stop lying about who his parents are. Shawn walks in, and screams at the DiMera's.

Marlena is in and out of consciousness. John needs to know what happened. She remembers standing by the food, looking around at everyone in the room, and collapsing.

Mimi wants to believe Rex is innocent. She wants to know why he keeps lying about his parents. Rex tells her that nobody will ever know he's a Brady. Mimi is frustrated, and leaves. Bo asks Rex if he knew Caroline was the next victim. Rex figured it out by doing a complex analysis of the killer's mind. Bo thinks he knows who the next victim will be.

Marlena's vitals are getting stronger, and Lexie is sure she'll make it. She tells Marlena to wake up, they need to know what made her sick. Marlena remembers eating the dip, but isn't able to say it.

Hope is about to eat the dip. Bo asks Rex who the next victim will be. Rex says he knows.

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