Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/19/03

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/19/03

By Catherine
Pictures by Juanita

Finally the dawn of a new day in Salem.

Our first glimpse is at Marlena walking into St. Luke's where a mourning Roman is. She tells him that she knew she would find him there and he tells her that he needs to ask God to forgive him, because deep down inside, he can't forgive himself. He goes on to tell her that he swore on his life that he would protect his mother and what did he do, he failed her. Marlena goes into comforting mode, and tells Roman not to blame himself, that the only person to blame is the Serial Killer. Roman then tells her that he knows that John believes Sami could be Caroline's killer, and if that is why she is there. She blankly tells him that she is there to console him and proceeds to ask him if has slept at all. He tells her that he hasn't slept all night because he was at the station reviewing the suspect list, and then he continues to berate himself for the murder of his mom because it was on his watch. He then looks up at the cross in the church and begins to tirade to God, "WHERE WERE YOU?" Roman then goes to get the wedding chest his mom left at the church solely because Shawn wanted some items in it. In the chest, Marlena glances upon the chalice from her wedding to Roman and she boldly asks, "Why is this here?" Roman then goes on to tell her that when Sami and Brandon were engaged, Caroline brought it over, the only one not to ever give up on Sami. Roman then tells Marlena that if he thought loosing Abe was bad, loosing his mother is much worst, Roman says he never really realized how much he really relied on her, that she gave him strength, solely by being there. Marlena then tells Roman that he shouldn't have to go through this grieving alone, and he then asks her, "Is that why you're here, so I won't be alone." He then lashes into her, saying that he has been alone ever since Marlena left him to marry John. Marlena looks hurt and surprised by his words and Roman apologizes for telling that to her, that it was his grief and anger coming out. He then goes on to tell her that she has always been honest with him and that her feelings were/are much stronger for John than for him. Roman then tells her that he is only being reflective today, and Marlena tells him that indeed there are a lot of memories in the church. Roman then begins to say that the memories range from their wedding to the moment his mother collapsed dead in the church. Roman then tells Marlena he is grateful for her being there and Marlena assures him that she wants to just make sure he is taken care of and even offers to buy breakfast for him. Roman keeps bringing up the
past and then dropping it, apologizing to Marlena for doing so. Marlena proceeds to tell him that they don't have to forget their past and that she wants the best for him. As they head out to go, Roman grabs the Hope Chest and departs the church, only to look back and face the cross again.

We then head to Salem Place..

Where John bumps into Kate, and begins to question her about the murders. She then proceeds to intervene on his marriage and John tells her that is none of her business, as Kate proceeds to tell him that "Of course, why would you ever take advice from me? I mean, I've been a lousy wife, an even worse mother, and now I'm a serial murderess. So why don't you just go ahead and arrest me? Why don't you just do it? Put everyone out of their misery." John is flabbergasted and asks her, "My god, Kate. Is it you?" Kate doesn't exactly say no, but she goes on to tell him that she might as well be, because even if Rex DiMera is arrested and behind bars, the suspicions and accusations against her are building up. John then goes to tell her that life is rough now and all they can do is protect themselves and their loved ones. She goes on to tell him that he needs to give Roman and Marlena a wake up call regarding their daughter, because everything Sami does is to get Roman and Marlena back together, and that John is actually believing Sami to be a true suspect. John then tells her that he honestly doesn't believe Sami would kill her grandmother and that he was just using some "tough love" on her during the questioning. (**GAG ME**) Kate then rips it into John about Sami's insistence of her parents reuniting and as long as they are apart, she will continue to push a rift b/w Marlena and John. John goes on to give Kate some advice and tells her that once this murder investigation is off, and when Kate and Roman do reunite, she needs to change her attitude towards Sami. Kate then goes on to tell John that things between Roman and her are done, he knows her secret. John tells her not to worry about things and tells her that he and Marlena have a great marriage which grows stronger each day and he knows that Roman is hurt now, but he still loves her. Kate isn't exactly sure and begins to believe the worst when she sees Roman and Marlena embracing at the Java Café.

Meanwhile at the Java Café..

Roman informs Marlena that being there reminds him of Kate and that this was there place. Marlena asks him if he thinks that he will be able to forgive Kate but Roman says that he is willing to forgive her for having sex for money but he can never forgive her for working for Stefano DiMera. He says if it weren't for Stefano, Marlena and him would still be married. Marlena agrees and says things would have been different. Roman goes into his usual tirade against Stefano and then thanks Marlena for being there. As he decides to head back to the station, John comes behind Marlena and kisses her and she looks at him and asks him if everything is okay. He tells her yes and that he just missed her this morning, she goes on to tell him that she left early to check up on how Roman was doing. John tells her that he needs to get back to work. Kate then heads over to Marlena and says she is sorry about Caroline and Marlena thanks her, letting her know in the process that she doesn't believe that she killed Caroline. Kate wishes
that she could be there in some way helping Roman out, since she hates to see him alone and Marlena tells her that Roman has her now. Kate lashes into Marlena, telling her not to do something she may regret and Marlena boldly says that she loves her husband and she doesn't like how Kate is implying things. She simply is there for Roman because he has no one and Kate tells her that she should be comforting him at this time, but Marlena cuts in and tells her that she is not the right person he wants to see.

Over at Bo and Hope's..

Hope wakes up and finds that Bo hasn't slept all night. Bo tells her that he wishes that he stayed at the station and Hope cuts in, that there was nothing he could do until the coroner's report came in. The phone rings and Bo answers, and asks the person on the other end, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" He slams the phone down and all it was was a telemarketer. Hope tries to calm him down but he won't, he has to find out who killed his mother. At that moment, Tek calls from the station, that there may be a lead.

We head over to the Salem PD..

Bo and Hope arrive and asks Tek what new information he has, Tek says he has a lead on the message that was sent the day Caroline was killed but not on the Killer. No matter what, Bo is interested in what Tek has to say. Tek tells Bo and Hope that the Killer pre-programmed everything and obviously this person had to be computer savvy. All seven suspects, including Sami, who hacked into the hospital's computer not once but twice, could set up such a system. An officer arrives with the autopsy report where Bo and Hope are shocked to find out that Caroline was poisoned. Hope realizes that the drug that was found in Caroline's body was also a drug that Maggie was taking at the time, saying that the Killer must of swapped it from Maggie's house the night of her murder. Suddenly, Bo receives another message on his PDA and is shocked by the incoming message.

Over at Sami's Apartment..

Will comes home, and is afraid that something has happened to Lucas since he won't pick up his phone nor answer his door. He is about to call 911 until he sees a towel clad Lucas ( come out of Sami's shower. Will gives them a surprised look but Sami covers saying that Lucas' shower was broken and he couldn't use it that morning. Will is upset over loosing his great-grandma because he was the only one he could depend on. She promised him that she would look after him and take care of him, but now he has no one. Sami tells him that he has his parents and they love him, but he says he can't believe that anymore. Will runs to his room crying and Sami tries to run after him only to have Lucas tell her that he needs his space now. Sami is in tears now, but Lucas tells her," You know, you may suck as a human being in every possible way, but... you are a good mother. You are. That kid needs his space right now and you're giving it to him. You're doing the right thing." Lucas then comforts her and as she turns around,
she goes to his towel and slips her hands into them, leaving Lucas shocked! Sami then tells him that the towel was going to fall so she was fixing it. She thanks Lucas for being there and he then tells her that he is only returning the favor for yesterday. He asks her, "Why didn't you tell me the truth before? I mean, if you knew my mom was one of Stefano's hookers, you knew I might not be Bill Horton's son. I mean, if you ever wanted to hurt me -- and when haven't you -- why'd you keep my mom's secret, huh?" Sami then goes on to tell him, "Maybe 'cause we have Will. I mean, every time I look at him, I see -- um, it just seemed too cruel." Lucas then goes on to tell her that he can't believe that he could trust her more than he could trust his own mother. He then remembers how when he was a kid, he wanted his parents to be together, a happy family and Sami says every kid wants that, including her. Lucas then realizes that may be the reason Will is upset, that he wants them back together and that he may be confused by
what he saw here today. Lucas then tells Sami, that the he knows how they could make Will happy and that is by getting back together. Sami is stunned and asks him that if he wants them together and Lucas reiterates, "No. No, of course not. What do you think I am -- stupid? Everybody knows how much we hate each other." Sami and Lucas decide to talk to Will and they sit down for a big family talk, where Sami and Lucas inform him that they are not getting together. Will then gets mad and says, "So... you're going to live next to each other for the rest of our lives? And I'll have to go back and forth and back and forth?" Lucas then says no, that someday they will get married, leaving Sami in a shocked expression, but Lucas changes it around saying, that one day they will get married to other people. Will then gives them a grin, and says who knows; maybe they will get married to each other.

On the next Days of our Lives...

Shawn is talking with Brady about getting married to Belle one day, unaware that someone is watching him.

Bo is furious and says that the killer was only a few feet away from him and he was unable to stop them.

Nicole tells Victor that he can't stop her from making Brady fall in love with her. Victor tells her that is where she is wrong, he has CHLOE LANE!

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