Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/18/03

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/18/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Brady is sitting alone in the living room when Nicole comes in and starts kissing him. Brady objects but Nicole continues on with her flirtations. Brady begins to give in to Nicole’s advances.

Everyone is dining at the Brady Pub. Sami watches as Lucas gives Kate the cold shoulder. Sami takes the opportunity to rub it in to Kate. Mimi rushes in and asks Sami if Caroline is okay. Mimi notices that Jennifer, Mickey nor Lexie are there and Kate explains that they are only there to count down the time until the killer’s ticking clock is done.

Roman, Victor, and Hope breathe a sigh of relief as the clock winds down.

Bo approaches Caroline to interrupt her prayer and escort her out of the church only to find her not breathing. He screams, which brings everyone running. A rescue attempt is started as the killer’s countdown flashes 00:00:00.

Hope rushes out to tell John and Marlena, who are waiting outside the church, to call an ambulance. Marlena rushes in to help as John announces that the ambulance is on the way. Marlena declares that Caroline's eyes are fixed and dilated and orders CPR to be stopped. Bo holds Caroline’s head in his hands as everyone sobs and holds each other.

Sami orders Kate to get out, threatening her to better have an alibi. Kate turns the tables on Sami, insulting her relationship with Caroline. Lucas steps in to yell at them about showing some respect. Mimi is disgusted with the situation and leaves. Kate accuses Sami of not mixing with the church, asking who else will be struck down today by the curse of Sami Brady.

Marlena tells Shawn Sr. that Caroline has suffered irreversible brain damage and is gone. Shawn Sr. begins to cry and collapses into the pew as Marlena comforts him. Shawn asks how the killer got in and Bo vows that the killer will pay. Shawn remembers about Cassie and Tony standing outside and rushes off to confront them. Roman and Hope decide to search the church for any sign of how the killer got into the church. Shawn has found Cassie, accusing her of making Tony and Rex proud now that someone is dead.

Cassie apologizes to Shawn, referring to the deceased as his grandmother. Shawn catches Cassie on the fact that he never mentioned that it was his grandmother. Shawn vows to make her and Rex pay.

Father Jansen performs last rites on Caroline. John blames himself for leaving the church but Marlena insists that Bo and Roman being there should have been enough protection. Marlena suggests that Caroline could have died of natural causes but when that theory is dismissed, Marlena suggests voodoo death.

Victor lights a candle at the altar. Bo accuses him of praying to save his own soul. Victor denies the allegation, declaring that he could never have harmed Caroline. Bo questions Victor as to why he has been hanging around Caroline this past week and is still there now. Bo blames himself for letting Victor stay, declaring that he is not part of the family and not welcome here. Victor hangs his head and leaves.

Brady hears Nicole calling his name and comes back from his fantasy. Brady throws the envelope of pictures back at Nicole, who notices that the pictures are out of order. Brady is uneasy as Nicole shows him the pictures again, asking which is his favorite.

The police are covering the crime scene as everyone discusses their theories. Bo checks his PDA and determines that Caroline was murdered the same time the killer said she would be. John offers his condolences to Bo and Roman and offers to question Sami and Kate. He goes to leave as Marlena stops him with her reservations about Sami being questioned. John declares that the only person Sami loves is Sami before turning and leaving the church. Marlena, shocked, just stares after him.

Sami argues with Kate about going to Victor and telling him that she broke their deal. Sami vows that she has a lot more in store for Kate and goes to leave but Kate steps in to block her. Kate tries to convince Sami that she doesn’t have the power over Roman that she thinks she does. Sami is still convinced that Roman and Marlena will get back together but Kate just scoffs at the idea. Kate points out that even Roman has moved on and accepted the fact that John is now married to Marlena. Sami vows that no one is going to stand in her way, not even Caroline just as John comes into the Pub and overhears Sami. Kate explains Sami’s last comment about wanting Caroline to keep her opinions to herself and John explains that that wouldn’t be a problem since Caroline is dead.

Marlena fills Roman in on having talked to the coroner. Marlena asks Roman if she should go be with everyone at the Pub. Roman likes the idea and Marlena offers to call Carrie. Marlena shares her first memories of her relationship with Caroline to Roman. Marlena offers her assistance if needed, much to Roman’s appreciation and she leaves.

Brady gets angry with Nicole for making him believe that she was Victor’s little victim. Nicole counters with that Brady is realizing that his feelings are deeper than he thought. Brady storms out of the room as Nicole vows that he’ll be back.

Cassie denies having hurt anyone Shawn knows. Shawn questions Cassie about returning to the scene of the crime but Cassie claims she came back to get her scarf. Shawn gets into Cassie’s face to try and get her to admit that she killed Caroline. Mimi comes up to pull Shawn off of Cassie.

Sami is upset over Caroline’s death. John doesn’t buy that Sami is really upset. Lucas, Kate, and Sami all claim that they’ve been at the Brady Pub all this time. John questions Sami about why she spoke badly of Caroline when John arrived. Sami portrays herself as the suffering relative when John yells at her to stop making this all about her and threatens to make a scene by hauling her down to the station. Marlena comes into the Pub at that moment and overhears John.

Hope comes in to tell Bo that the crime scene is secure and that they should leave for the Pub now. Bo is having a hard time dealing with Caroline’s death and asks Hope to leave him alone. Hope goes over to Roman to tell him that she heard that Kate will be stopping at the Pub on the way back from the grave site. Roman has reservations about running to Kate since she is a suspect.

Sami spots Marlena and rushes over to her to try and get Marlena to defend her to John. Marlena comforts her, asking her to go wash her face so she can talk to John alone. John calls Sami’s behavior a performance but Marlena lays into John about his approach. John claims he is trying to ignore the personal aspect of this but Marlena says that that can’t be helped. John points out that he has been the one to spend the most time parenting Sami and for a time thought Caroline was his mother. John questions Marlena about making excuses for Sami and Marlena turns it on John, pointing out that John always made excuses for Brady. John and Marlena hug as they try not to fight as Sami watches from across the room.

Victor returns home where Nicole lays into him about Caroline’s death. Nicole questions whether Victor killed her. Victor ignores her and helps himself to a drink. Nicole declares that between being with Victor and being dead, Caroline got the better end of the deal. Victor smashes the glass against the table, walks over to Nicole and grabs her around her neck.

Brady rushes in and pulls Victor off of Nicole. Victor vows to kill Nicole if he ever sees her face again before storming out of the room.

Mimi defends Rex to Shawn. Shawn tells Mimi about how Maggie probably gave Caroline clues about the killer’s identity before she died. Mimi begs Shawn to give Rex a chance.

Bo stands over Caroline’s body as he laments about what he’ll do without her. The coroner comes to zip up Caroline’s body bag but Bo stops him.

Brady accuses Nicole of provoking Victor. Nicole claims that Victor has always been a madman.

Roman has arrived at the Pub and Kate offers her condolences. Sami laments to Marlena that Roman has no one to turn to for comfort as she urges Marlena to go be with him. Roman tells Marlena, Kate, and Sami about having called Kim and Kayla. Marlena offers Roman a sympathetic hug. Kate steps away and watches Sami as Sami takes pleasure in this sight.

Shawn vows to Cassie that killing Caroline is a declaration of war and vows to have the Bradys wipe the DiMeras off the face of the Earth.

Bo cries as he tells Caroline about how great a life she had with her family. He turns to Hope to tell her that if he is worthy to be her husband, he owes that to Caroline. Bo leans in close to Caroline as he tells her he loves her and kisses her forehead before bidding her a tearful goodbye. The coroner zips up the body bag as Hope tries to comfort Bo. Bo walks away from her to go back into the church to promise to God that Caroline was one of the all time greats. He then promises to Caroline that he will avenge her death. Hope vows to Bo that they will build a case against the killer so tight that no judge will ever let this maniac loose. Bo threatens that that can only happen if the killer lives long enough to see a judge.

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