Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/14/03

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/14/03

By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita

Cassie paces at the police station as she has a flashback to Rex’s message to her about doing whatever it takes to prove his innocence. Shawn follows closely behind, pondering why she is acting so nervous. Mimi comes up behind Shawn to suggest that Cassie is acting nervous because he is following her.

Cassie arrives at Rex’s cell to confirm if he really wants her to kill someone. Rex urgently insists that Cassie give him her PDA.

The priest comes up to Mickey to deliver the message that Alice wishes to see him. Jennifer offers to join him but Mickey refuses the offer and leaves. Jennifer worries about how Mickey will deal with Maggie’s death as Lexie offers her kind words of support. Sami approaches them to offer her condolences.

Shawn Sr. and Caroline lament about how sad today is and how hard it is to see the children of the deceased suffering.

Nicole arrives at the church and greets Victor. Victor questions Nicole’s reason for attending the funeral. Nicole claims that she came to show the people of Salem that she isn’t a killer, that she’s here to mourn the dead, and to show support for her husband.

Celeste arrives with Theo when she is overcome by a vision of a long solitary walk into the church where she sees a 4th coffin. Celeste cleans off the nameplate to reveal Caroline Brady’s name, only to pull back her handkerchief to find blood on it. Roman steps up and greets Celeste. Celeste reveals that someone Roman loves very much will die.

Bo and Hope watch on Bo’s PDA as the question mark beneath the 4th casket disappears, only to be replaced by Caroline’s name.

Roman questions Celeste about what she just declared, chalking up her announcement to imagination. Celeste explains that what she saw was a premonition and explains to him what she saw. She explains that she can’t recall who it was but knows that it was someone that Roman will grieve for forever. Celeste suddenly remembers and announces that Caroline will die today. Roman advises Celeste to go inside the church and be with Lexie. Celeste leaves as Lucas walks up. Roman questions Lucas about Kate’s whereabouts as he warns that the killer may strike again.

Jennifer and Lexie try to convince Sami to leave. Sami defends her reason to be here as Lexie orders her to leave. Sami insults Lexie and Jennifer, claiming that Jack and Abe are better off in heaven then with them. Caroline overhears this and yells at Sami for her words.

Rex has outlined everything that he needs Cassie to do in her PDA. He hands it back to her as Cassie asks if there could be any other way.

Shawn begins to approach Rex’s cell but Mimi stops him. She urges him to stop acting like he is a cop and let it go. Shawn confides in Mimi that Caroline may be the next victim as they quickly hide so Cassie doesn’t see them as she leaves. Shawn asks Mimi to go to Rex and use a recording pen to document Rex saying something incriminating.

Hope and Bo talk about what they saw on Bo’s PDA. They worry that if they don’t find the killer, Caroline has less than an hour to live.

Caroline apologizes to Lexie and Jennifer about Sami before pulling Sami away from them. Sami claims that she solely went over to give her condolences but Caroline sternly tells her that everything is not about Sami all the time. Caroline leaves her parting words that Sami needs to learn to put herself in other people’s shoes.

Celeste arrives and greets Lexie and Jennifer. Jennifer commends Celeste for wanting to comfort her daughter before leaving. Celeste tries to get Lexie to come to the church nursery with her to see Alice but Lexie correctly guesses that Celeste has had another premonition. Lexie inquires about it and Celeste confides that another life will be taken today.

Roman rejoins Hope and Bo in the church lobby. Bo fills Roman in on the message he received on his PDA. Roman at first dismisses the thought of another murder until Bo confirms that the target named in the message was Caroline. Caroline comes up behind them at that moment and overhears this. She is shocked as she questions why she has to be the next victim.

Jennifer thanks Jo and Vern for taking care of Abby. Jo tries to get Abby to stay with Jennifer while they go talk with Shawn Sr. Abby refuses but Jennifer insists that she stay. Abby still insists that Jennifer is at fault, no matter what Jennifer tells her. Abby runs from Jennifer.

Celeste tells Lexie about her vision and seeing the 4th coffin.

Victor warns Nicole not to make a mockery of his family’s grief. Nicole threatens to kill Caroline if he does and Victor counters by threatening to kill her first.

Bo tells Caroline about the message he received. Caroline wonders what she could have done to make someone want to end her life. Hope and Roman assure Caroline that they will stay with her and protect her. Bo shares Shawn’s theory about Rex and Roman wants to call off the funeral. Caroline insists that they stay and honor their friends. Bo wants to call in more officers but Caroline refuses, solely asking that they don’t tell Shawn Sr.

Shawn follows Cassie to the pier. He gets a phone call and it is Belle calling to offer her condolences about Maggie. Belle wants to get on the next plane to come home but Shawn orders her to stay there. Cassie overhears Shawn and calls out to ask if anyone is there.

Hope leads Caroline to a seat in the church as the music ends. Roman and Bo enter the church and stand in the back as Father Jansen opens the service with a prayer. The services are interrupted by the news that a new arrangement was ordered with instructions for it to be delivered during the service. They bring the arrangement in and place it in front of the altar. The black cloth covering it is lifted to reveal the dark wreath with a black ribbon across it that says, “Rest In Peace Caroline Brady.”

Roman orders everyone to calm down as Bo questions the deliveryman. The deliveryman answers that they received an anonymous envelope with cash. Bo points out that Caroline is sitting right there very much alive and orders the deliveryman to leave. Bo rushes over to apologize to Lexie, Jennifer, and Mickey.

Victor accuses Nicole of having something to do with the arrangement.

Sami excuses herself from Will and Lucas and leaves.

Roman informs Shawn Sr. and Caroline that he is sending them home with police escorts. Caroline objects to the extra protection for she vows not to hide like a prisoner. Bo and Shawn Sr. try to convince Caroline to listen to Roman. Caroline is adamant about going on with the funeral and burying her friends.

Mimi approaches Rex’s cell. Rex pulls her close for a kiss. Rex warns that the next few days are about to get wilder.

Father Jansen apologizes for the interruption of the arrangement and Mickey lets him know that Lexie, Jennifer, and he have agreed to proceed with the funeral. Father Jensen returns to the podium as he begins the services. Bo and Hope watch Bo’s PDA for more signs from the killer as the clock ticks down. Alice notices the candle on the altar flicker and Celeste wonders why they have to suffer like this. Alice warns that death is near.

Belle still wants to come home but Shawn tries to convince her otherwise. Shawn watches as Cassie paces at the pier, checking her watch. Belle makes up a story about sleeping with another guy to check if Shawn was listening. Belle asks about what Shawn is doing and Shawn fills her in on their theory about Rex wanting Cassie to kill someone.

Hope steps up to say a few words in praise of Jack. Hope introduces Seth Caldwell as someone who has something to tell them all, especially Jennifer and Abby. Seth steps up to the podium to tell the story about receiving Jack’s corneas that helped Seth regain his sight. Jennifer whispers her thanks to Seth as Abby, in tears, reaches for Jennifer.

Roman rejoins Bo and fills him in on how the officer assigned to the perimeter of the church reports that everything is quiet. Bo anxiously wonders what will happen when time runs out.

Mimi questions Rex’s choice of words. Rex relays his theory of someone else having to die while he is in jail to Mimi. Mimi gets angry with Rex, accusing him of being a killer. She turns to go but Rex grabs her, warning her not to or she’ll be sorry.

Cassie makes plans to only wait a few more minutes before leaving. Shawn fills Belle in on all the latest happenings in the serial killer case. Shawn is ending his phone call with Belle when he looks up and sees some shockingly bright lights.

Roman takes the podium to share some good words about Abe. Jennifer steps up next to share her remembrances about Maggie. Jennifer steps down to take her seat as Father Jensen begins to read from the 23rd Psalm. Suddenly the lights go out, and a wind blows the candles out. Roman rushes down the aisle and Bo rushes up the aisle as they rush to check on Caroline and to try and find the source of the lights going out. Celeste stands up and screams.

Belle anxiously asks Shawn what is going on. Shawn explains that suddenly everything is dark like someone flipped a switch. Cassie begins to head up the steps and away from the pier so Shawn quickly ends his phone call before heading after her.

Mimi orders Rex to let go of her, eventually calming down and explaining that she overreacted. Mimi asks Rex if he is telling her everything she knows about the killings; asking Rex if Cassie or Tony are going to kill someone else while he is in jail. Rex pulls Mimi close for another kiss. Mimi accidentally drops the recording pen and Rex asks what it is.

The lights come back on in the church and everyone notices that there is now a fourth casket. Lexie confirms with Celeste that this is exactly like she saw in her vision. Roman questions Father Jensen about the casket, asking if there is a body in there. Caroline wants to look inside the casket but Shawn Sr. refuses to let her. Jennifer notices the similar nameplate on the 4th casket. Sami wants to get Will out of there but Lucas refuses to leave. Mickey takes a handkerchief and clears the dust away from the nameplate to reveal Caroline’s name. When Mickey looks at the handkerchief, he notices the blood on it. Caroline orders the casket to be opened. Lucas takes Abby and Will outside. Father Jensen removes the flower arrangement from the top and Roman and Mickey lift up the casket’s lid. Inside they find a skeleton holding a sign that says “Caroline Brady, you will rest in peace.”

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